Teaching in the Future

The Traitor

Chapter 14: The Traitor

After Christmas, classes were scheduled again. Voldemort had been attacking and the Ministry was slowly beginning to open its eyes. However, people like Fudge and Percy still refused to believe that he-who-must-not-be-named was back.

"Today, we'll be having a very important lesson." James Potter A.K.A. Professor Jamie said. "Now, does everyone have their animal?"

"Yes Professor." The fifth year Gryffindors chimed.

"You guys should have had this when you were younger. Now, who can tell me what an animagus is? Mr. Potter."

"An animagus is a wizard who can transform his or herself into an animal at will." Harry said with a grin

"Very good. Five point to Gryffindor." James said as he went behind the desk where a big, black, dog was laying.

"Now class, sometimes, death eaters could use the talent of being an animagus for evil purposes. Such as to spy on secret meetings. If you ever come across a suspicious looking animal, you tap it with your wand like this." James said as he demonstrated.

The black dog then turned into Sirius A.K.A. Professor Procyon.

"Ta da." Sirius said.

"Sometimes," James continued "people become unregistered animagi. That is why it is necessary to use this. Now tap your animal."

Everyone tapped there animal. Hedwig and Pig were certified owls. Crookshanks was a certified cat (See Notes on Profile). Trevor was a certified toad. However, this one poor boy had an animagi rat (See Notes on Profile).

"H-Hi" the animagus said before scampering towards a rat hole. Just before he transformed,

"Stupefy!" James shouted before the rat could transform.

"Get Dumbledore quickly." James told Sirius.

"No need. I was just passing by." Dumbledore said entering the classroom followed by Fudge, Percy, Remus, McGonagall, Lily, and another big black dog.

"Ah Professor. I was just teaching the students about how to tell animagi from regular animals and it seems we have a spy in our mist." James said reviving the stunned traitor he once called his friend.

"Pettigrew?" Fudge asked.

"H-Hello M-Minister." Peter Pettigrew stuttered after recovering.

Lily looked towards Harry and was shocked to see the look of hatred on her son's face. It seemed it was taking all of his self-control not to use an unforgivable on him.

"I believe we should go to my office and offer some vertiserum."

"I don't think so." Pettigrew said before turning into a rat. However, the black dog pounced on him catching Wormtail's tail.

"You are not getting away this time." Harry said shocking everyone with the hatred in his voice. "You WILL pay for what you did to my parents." He added picking up the rat.

"Class Dismissed." James announced.

Harry carried the traitor by the tail holding him at arms length while pointing his wand at the rat.


In Dumbledore's office,

After administering three drops of vertiserum, provided by Dumbledore himself, Peter was put under interrogation.

"What is your name?"

"Peter Pettigrew."

"How? Pettigrew is dead."

"No. When Sirius cornered me, I cut off my figure and blew up the street and those muggles. I then escaped as a rat."

"So you're an unregistered animagus?"


"Why did Black laugh?"

"He was astounded how my time as a Marauder really did help my confidence. He could believe that I outwitted him for once."

"You said Black cornered you. Why did he go after you if he betrayed the Potters?"

"He didn't. We switched the tasks of Secret Keeper. Sirius thought that Voldemort would think that he was the secret keeper and go after him. It was supposed to be the perfect plan. Nobody would suspect me to be the only person who knew where Lily, James, and Harry were hiding."

"Yet, you betrayed your friends."




"You do realize that Voldemort will never give it to you." (That was Dumbledore)

"You're wrong Professor. I helped bring the Dark Lord back. I was the one who found him and cared for him. I was the one who sacrificed my flesh so that he may return. I was the one who drained the blood from his enemy, Harry Potter."

Harry then went up to Pettigrew and lifted up the left sleeve. Sure enough, there was a skull with a snake coming out of its mouth.

"I think we have enough proof that Sirius Black is innocent." Harry told the minister.

"Yes. Of course. He will need to be tried first of course. And since we can't find him…"

"I'm here." Older Sirius said after he transformed in the shadows.

"WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?" Fudge asked in shock

"I went to this school. I know these halls like the back of my hand. And I've had plenty of time to memorize my hand. Not much to look at in Azkaban." he said half jokingly

Everyone starred at him in surprise at the half joke

"Catch you later, Harry." Sirius said following Dumbledore to the fireplace.

After Fudge, Percy, Dumbledore, Remus, Peter, and Sirius left, Lily and James turned to their son.

"Are you alright?" James asked.

"Yeah. Just glad to know Sirius will be free."

"In the classroom, you said "this time." What other time was there?" Lily asked.

"I can explain." Ron stepped up.

"Where did you come from?" Harry asked.

"'Mione, Neville, and I have been here the whole time Mate. Anyways, Pettigrew was Scabbers. When Sirius first came during our third year, he and Professor Lupin tried to kill Pettigrew. Harry stopped them by saying that his parents wouldn't want them to become murderers. However, that night was a full moon. Pettigrew used this to his advantage and escaped."

"You have had a rough life. I'm sorry." James told Harry as Lily hugged him.

"It's not your fault"


A few hours later, the floo network was activated and Sirius (older) came tumbling out.

"What happened?" Harry asked.

"Oh. Nothing much. Just given some vertiserum, Peter's first class order of Merlin, and a pardon."

"You're FREE?"

Sirius nodded as everyone cheered.

"What about Pettigrew?" Neville asked.

"He was given a kiss." Sirius said solemly.

Everyone quieted down.

"He deserved it." Harry said.

"He was a good friend in school." James explained.

"Where did we go wrong?" Remus said from behind Sirius.

"When did you come in?" Sirius asked after jumping out of his skin (figure of speech.)

"Just at "He was a good friend in school". " Remus told him.

"Yeah." Younger Sirius agreed. "He was always our guinea pig for new pranks."

"Well, not any more." James said.

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