Teaching in the Future


Chapter 17: Results

Harry spent one more summer with Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. The past had not changed yet. Harry was beginning to wonder if it did change. He left to go visit the Weasleys about halfway through the summer and they took him to King's Cross.

"Don't worry Harry. I'm sure something happened differently." Hermione tried to console him.

Just then, the compartment started spinning.

"What the bloody hell was that?" Ron asked when the spinning stopped.

"I don't know. But for some reason I have two different types of memories. Some are foggy though"

"Me too."

"So do I."

"Hey. Sirius' mirror is gone"


When the Hogwarts Express pulled into the station, Hagrid led the first years into the boats and the upper years went to the carriages.

"I'm telling you guys. The past changed." Harry said.

"I know. I'm sure seeing someone involved will trigger the new memories." Hermione told him.

The upper class students walked into Great Hall. In a way, it was like déjà vu. Harry, Ron, and Hermione checked out the teacher's table. They looked for new faces which would be the DADA teacher. What they saw shocked them and triggered their new memories.

James' sister, Jennifer, was put under the charm that Lily and James were under when Harry was born. James was her secret keeper. During that time, she found out how to brew a potion that would bring people back from the dead. She never died (much to Sirius' delight). Lily and James went on and sacrificed themselves for Harry. Pettigrew was captured by Moody and was put on trial with vertiserum. Because he was guilty, he suffered from the kiss again. Harry was given to his godfather and aunt who gave the potion to his parents. Harry's parents, still in hiding, decided to raise him as a muggle to keep him away from the attention seekers while still presumed dead. Sirius and Jennifer told wizards that they were raising Harry and refused to let him grow up spoiled. Hence the raised by aunt and uncle (Sirius and Jennifer later married). Voldemort never rose back. In fact, Harry destroyed him when Crouch Jr. tried to resurrect him Harry's fourth year by using a spell that was passed down from Gryffindor taught by his father. Other than that, and a few howlers from his aunt, uncle, and parents, (and also the whole "Sirius Black escape from Azkaban" ordeal) everything remained the same

The scene that triggered the new order of events was explained after the sorting was:

"Welcome back to another year of Hogwarts. First years must be aware, as well as a few other students, that the Forbidden Forest is strictly forbidden. I'm sure everyone is dying to know who the new defense teacher will be. They will be none other that James and Lily Potter."

Everyone clapped except the Slytherins.

"So that's what happened." Harry said

Just then, James' mirror went off.

"Yes Sirius."

"Just thought you'd like to know that Jen's discovered a cure for lycanthropy. Remus tested it and it worked."

"That's great. Did you hear that Lils?"

Lily nodded. "Remus is cured. Jen was always good at potions."

Everyone in the Great Hall heared and cheered. (Again, except the Slytherins).

Hermione thought a moment and then smirked at Harry.


"Do you remember what happened last year?"

"You mean when my parents were "dead" but they came from the past last year?"

She nodded.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Happy late birthday." She said smirking handing him a large present.

"Hermione. You already got me a present."

"Just open it mate." Ron said excitedly.

Harry opened the gift.

Harry and Ron groaned.


"Now. I have a few more things to say before dinner. Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus." Dumbledore told the residents of the castle.

Just then, the food magically appeared on the table.

"What does THAT mean?" Ron asked.

"It means: Never tickle a sleeping dragon." Hermione told him.

"How do you know that?" Harry asked.

"It's our school motto. Honestly. When will you two read Hogwarts: a History?"

"When my parents come back from the dead, Remus is no longer a werewolf, and Sirius is free" Harry stated.

End Flashback.

"Let's see. Your parents are alive, Remus is cured, and Sirius is free." Hermione explained as Harry starred at the very thick copy of Hogwarts: A History.

"But Hermione, if this is the way things turned out, then his parents were never dead." Ron said.

"Actually Ron," Nearly-Headless-Nick said overhearing them, "they did die, but Harry's aunt, Jennifer Potter, found a potion to bring back the dead. She destroyed the recipe though to prevent Voldemort from ever returning."

"I can't believe the Potters are alive." Pavarti whispered.

"Harry must be so happy." Lavender whispered back

"Hey Neville, no offence, but how are your parents?" Harry asked curious.

"Why would I be offended? They're just fine. They're happy I got 10 OWLs." Neville answered.

Hermione smirked.

"I'll start tonight." Harry sighed. "I swear I should have added when Snape becomes a great friend to the Marauders"

The End

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