Teaching in the Future


Chapter 3: Names

"Wow Albus, you haven't really changed!" Sirius pointed out

"It's very good to see you three again." Albus said grinning.

"So, you said that you would explain why we have to change our names." James told the Headmaster.

"So I did. Lily and James, you are both dead. Sirius, you are on the run."

The three 19 year olds stared at the Professor.


"Lily and James died bravely fighting against Voldemort himself. Sirius was blamed for their deaths."

"Did I?" Sirius asked bewildered at his fate.

"No. I found out just two years ago that you were innocent the whole time. However, without the real culprit, there is no way to prove your innocence. Minister Fudge had ordered the Kiss once you are found."

Lily, Sirius, and James paled.

"Wait a minute." Lily said after a few minutes of thinking. "Godfather on the run, Parents possibly dead, non biological uncle who is a werewolf, the child destined to defeat Voldemort wouldn't happen to be MY child would it?"

"How'd you know about Remus?" James and Sirius asked her.

"It was so obvious. Well, is it?"

"I'm afraid so Lily. He should be arriving on the train in a few hours." Dumbledore answered Lily's question about her child

"He? I have a son?" James starred at the Professor.




"Sorry Lils. Just excited."

"I believe you three should get situated with the rooms."

"Yes sir."


In the Defense Classroom,

After the new teachers changed there appearances, they still had a while before the feast began. Lily was now a blond. Sirius and James both had brown hair. They all kept their eye color.

"I can't believe you're dead." Sirius stated.

"Maybe we can change it. Dumbledore did say that it might happen."

"Let's not risk it." Lily said.

"But Lily. I want to be the one to teach my son how to fly. Not Madame Hooche."

"Maybe you do. Dumbledore didn't say how old your son was when you died. He could have been in Hogwarts when it happened."

"But Dumbledore said that Voldemort had been gone for 13 years. My son is at MOST 17. He would have to have been at a maximum age of 4 when we died." James pointed out

"How old were you when you first flew?" Lily asked


"Wait a minute. Did THE James Potter just do addition in his head?" Lily asked teasingly.

"Really cute Lil."

"You know, Dumbledore didn't tell us anything about him. Not his name, age, house, anything." Lily figured.

"We should figure out names." Sirius said.

"Wow Sirius. You actually sounded serious." James laughed while Lily groaned.

"Those Sirius/serious jokes are so first year."

"Just bringing up some memories to lighten the mood."

"I'll be Procyon White." Sirius said.

"Not bad. Same trend as your real name, but different enough." Lily said.

"What do you mean?" Sirius asked.

"I mean a star as your first name and a color as your last." Lily explained

"I was going for opposite of my own name, but it works."

"How about Rose as your first name Lil." James stated.

"Not bad. At least it's not Petunia." She said making a face.

"Now all we need is a name for Prongs and a last name for Mrs. Prongs."

"Why are your nicknames Prongs and Padfoot?" Lily asked. "I bet Moony is Remus' because of his condition."

"No reason. It was because of pranks on each other and the names kind of stuck." Sirius lied.

Lily didn't believe them, but decided to let it go.

"How about we all use White as our last name. You and Sirius are practically brothers anyways." She told her husband.

"That's a great idea." Sirius said.

"I like it. Now we have a reason to actually act like brothers." James agreed.

"Now we just need a first name for Jamie." Sirius said.

"I like it. Jamie White." Lily said.

"I knew that nickname would get me into trouble someday." James said.

"So it's settled." Sirius said as there was a knock on the door.

"Aloramora" Lily said pointing her wand towards the door.

"Thank you." Albus Dumbledore said coming into the room. "The Sorting and the Feast are about to start."

"Thanks Albus. We just came up with our names." James said.

"And those would be…"

"We decided to share the last name since I'm related through marriage and these two are practically brothers anyways." Lily explained.

"That will not be a problem."

"We are Procyon, Jamie, and Rose White." Sirius introduced himself and his "brother and sister-in-law".

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