Teaching in the Future


Chapter 8: Trixy

Christmas break came quickly. The term was halfway over, and the three professors were working on their Auror training. After stunning Sirius, James realized something.

"I'm hungry." He said to his wife and friend.

"Enervate. James. It's 1:00 in the morning."

"We'll just go down to the kitchen." Sirius told Lily. "We'll see you later."

"Just stay out of trouble."


"We still need to prank Snape." Sirius pointed out.

"We have the rest of the year. Let's do it near the end. Kind of a "Let's leave with a bang.""

"Not bad Prongs."

Just then, they reached the portrait of the bowl of fruit. James tickled the pear and it opened to reveal that they were not alone.


"Mr. Harry Potter! Dobby is very much pleased to sees you again. What can Dobby get Mr. Harry Potter sir?"

"Just a light snack, Dobby." Harry said to the house elf.

"Right away Mr. Harry Potter Sir."

"It's slavery." Hermione said.

Ron turned around and noticed the two professors at the entrance to the kitchen.

"Uh Harry? Did you check the you-know-what?"

"The what?" Harry said before turning around and noticing the two men. "Oh."

"It's ok." Sirius said as Hermione turned and paled. "We used to sneak to the kitchens too."

"Kids after my own heart." James added.

"What can Trixy get you sirs." Another house elf said as it came up to the two professors.

"Some Butterbeer and some pumkin pie please." James told the elf.

"Right away sirs. Begging you pardon sirs, but yous remind Trixy of someones."

"Well, it has been awhile. We used to come to the kitchens about as often as those Marauders." Sirius said with a smirk.

"Not that often." James told his friend after recognizing the elf.

After the elf left, the professors took a couple of seats next to the kids.

"So. We noticed that one was really close to you." James said to his future son.

"Yeah. That was Dobby. He used to work for the Malfoys, but he was let go thanks to me."

"That poor elf." James said.

"He "saved" my life many times between my second year and my fourth year." Harry added. "He means well though."

"Here Mr. Harry Potter sir." The elf named Dobby said bringing practically a feast for the boy and his friends.

"I hate to think of his idea for a feast if that's his idea of a light snack." Sirius whispered to James.

"Here sirs." Trixy said handing James and Sirius a couple of Butterbeers and two slices of pumkin pie each. "Sirs must forgive Dobby. He likes Mr. Harry Potter because Harry Potter saved Dobby from evil masters. Dobby can not get through head that Trixy is to serve Harry Potter."

"Really?" Harry said overhearing Trixy.

"Oh yes Master Potter. Trixy belonged to Master Harry's Grandparents: Master Charles and Mistress Elizabeth. Then Trixy served Master James and Mistress Lily. Trixy also served Mistress Jennifer for a while before she was killed. Trixy was then to serve Master Harry, but Trixy was not allowed to because of Muggle relatives. Dumbledore then give Trixy home until Master Harry is of age."

"Who's Jennifer?" Ron asked.

"Shes was Master Harry's Aunt Sir." Trixy explained

"You knew my Grandparents?" Harry asked the house elf while Hermione's eyes were widening.

"Oh yes Young Master Harry. Master Charles and Mistress Elizabeth were nice masters to Trixy. Whenever Trixy would not feel well, Mistress Elizabeth would tend to Trixy and make Trixy feel all better. Mistress Elizabeth did not like to see Trixy suffer. At times, she would make Mistress Jennifer, Master James, and Master Sirius help Trixy with chores to keep them out of trouble. Master James and Mistress Jennifer was just as nice. When Mistress Lily came home from the long assignment, Master James helped Trixy when Mistress Lily rested. Mistress Jennifer even dated Master Sirius before she died after you was born. Mistress Lily even let Trixy hold you Master Harry."

At that, Harry blushed and Sirius paled at the knowledge his girlfriend would be dead soon.

"Yous is very much like Master James. Not just in looks. Master James was also very kind to Trixy and other house elves. Even those with evil Masters."

"Thanks Trixy." Harry told the House Elf

"Yous is much welcome Master Harry. If yous need anything, just let Trixy knows."

"Alright. Bye Trixy." The kids said after they finished eating.

"We'll walk you back until we get to the classroom." The professors said. "Great story Trixy. That is too true about James." Sirius added.

"Oh yes. Trixy misses Master James and Mistress Lily. Trixy even misses Master Sirius."

"Trixy? Do you believe Sirius kill my parents?" Harry asked.

"Oh no Master Harry. Trixy was in the room when the switch was made. But nobody listens to house elves Master Harry. So Trixy couldn't do anything to help Master Sirius. Trixy is sorry sir."

"It's alright Trixy. I understand. Nobody will believe you when you are right. I've been there and done that." Harry told the house elf.

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