Teaching in the Future

Finding Out

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Chapter 9: Finding Out

"I can't believe you forgot to check it." Hermione whispered to Harry.

"I was hungry. I'm a boy. Thinking and hunger don't mix in guys Hermione." Harry defended himself.

"Oh. Pa-I mean Procyon. I forgot to tell you." James said.

"What would that be Jamie-boy?"

"If you're going to call me that, I won't tell."

"C'mon. Please." Sirius begged.

"Li-er Rose and I discussed it and figured you will have to clean up your act."

"Why?" Sirius asked astounded that he couldn't play anymore pranks.

"Don't want you to set a bad example for the baby."

"Oh. Wait. What baby?"

James looked between Harry and Sirius.

"Oh. Wait. SHE'S WHAT?"

"What's going on?" Ron asked.


When they got back to the classroom a few seconds later,

"DID YOU KNOW YOU'RE PREGNANT!" Sirius asked Lily excitedly.

"I should hope so." Lily answered amused. "I'm assuming Jam-ie told you?" she said as she realized the kids were there.

"Of course. He is going to be the godfather after all."

"I pity our child." Lily joked.

"Wait. Is it safe?" Sirius asked.

"Do you kids need a hall pass?" James asked the kids.

"No. We have this." Harry said pulling out the invisibility cloak.

"HARRY!" Ron and Hermione said in shock that he would reveal such an item.

"It's alright. I trust them." Harry said as they got underneath the cloak and left.

After locking the door, the 19, going on 20 year olds resumed their conversation.

"Is it safe to travel through time pregnant?" Sirius asked again.

"I'm sure it is Padfoot. Remember what Trixy said, that Lily came home pregnant?"

"And I think I heard Harry saying that Remus told him that I came home from a long assignment pregnant. Wait. Did you say Trixy?"

"Yeah. After we died, Dumbledore let Trixy work here until Harry is of age to own a house and a house elf to go along with it."

"I would like to see Trixy again. It's been, what, four months?"

"Actually, for Trixy, it would be 14 years and two months from what I found out." Sirius answered.

"What did you find out Padfoot?"

"That the murder happened on Halloween. When Harry was only a year old."

"He was that young?" Lily asked.

"Yeah. HEY! We have two Harrys now." Sirius realized.

"Where have you been?"

"Alohomora." A voice called from the hallway.

Just then the door opened to reveal the shocked and confused faces of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. For a few minutes the older trio looked about as shocked and confused as the kids did. That is until James and Sirius looked and saw what was in Harry's hand.

There, in Harry Potter's hand, was the activated Marauder's Map.


A/N: What? Did you think I was going to keep Harry in the dark? Also, I have a request for the readers. Earlier, I said I was making another Harry Potter fic (Read my Profile for details. It's called Sirius' Potion Mistake.). Anyways, in this fic, Harry might become an animagus. Should I let him? If so, what animal? I'm letting the readers decide

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