We Can Love Again

Simple Things

Regina loved her child more than anything. Unfortunately, the price of having her as a part of their family was all of her time, as well as her energy. It didn't matter what time of day it was; she was always exhausted. Caroline was awake for what seemed like the entire night, either hungry or needing another diaper change. Regina expected this, for that was how she spent her nights during Henry's first few months of infancy, but she had forgotten how much of a toll it took on her body. She hardly ever left the house, even when her friends begged her to. With Robin at work and the boys at school, Regina was alone for the most part, sparing the times Ruby, Snow, or Tinkerbell visited her.

"Are you sure you're not tired?" Regina asked her daughter soothingly, feeling her eyes grow heavy as she gently rubbed circles around her small back. It was just about four in the morning, and it was Regina's night to care for her when Caroline's crying could be heard through the baby monitor.

"You've had such a big day, why can't you sleep in the night so your momma can sleep?"

It didn't seem to matter what she said to her- she simply wouldn't close her eyes. Before she could say anything else in hope it persuade her, Regina felt her consciousness slipping away. Next thing she knew, she was faced with a blinding white sunlight.

Robin had his phone out, a small smile on his face as he took a picture of his sleeping fiancé in the rocking chair, still holding their daughter against her chest.

"Hard night?" He asked, gently taking Caroline in his arms and setting her back in her crib as she continued to sleep.

Regina rubbed her eyes and groaned, feeling a shooting pain from her neck.

"Does she go to sleep when you feed her?" She asked, not holding back on her sarcasm.

Robin rolled his eyes, helping her up out of the chair. "Sometimes. I think she's just stubborn, just like her mother."

"Ha ha. You're hilarious, thief." She muttered, glancing up at the clock up on the wall. "I missed seeing the boys before school again, didn't I?" She asked dryly, feeling a sadness begin to form inside of her. It seemed she couldn't go a day without missing them in the mornings.

"It's okay, I got them breakfast. Henry's learning how to make pancakes all by himself. Won't be long before he'll be able to get Roland ready without our help." He said with a smile, in hope of cheering her up.

"And I hardly get any time with you before you leave for work," Regina muttered, slowly wrapping her arms around him.

Robin gently rested his chin on the top of her head. "I know. Think about how I feel; I have to be away from my beautiful fiancé and our daughter."

Truth be told, Regina didn't feel very beautiful. She felt thoroughly worn out, both on the inside and the outside. She couldn't possibly believe Robin found her overworked mommy self attractive.

"Speaking of which, you should eat something before you go," she said, knowing Caroline would probably be awake in a matter of minutes. She was beginning to come to know her baby's sleeping schedule. Sometimes she could be completely out for hours, and other times she would wake at the slightest sound.

"I can take care of her honey, you need sleep."

She sighed, glancing up at him with an optimistic smile. "Can't. I haven't made up any bottles since Wednesday."

He sighed, bending his neck down to kiss her nose gently.

"I'll make you your favorites then. Bacon, eggs, some sausage-"

"Whoa there, I need to loose weight not gain more. I have to fit in a wedding dress somehow," Regina joked, "I'll take an apple and an omelet, if you have time to make one."

Then, as if on queue, Caroline began to cry, causing her to turn around towards the crib.

"I'll make you one, don't worry," Robin promised, as he watched her take their daughter in her arms. "And get ready for an amazing sleep tonight, because I'll be there for Caroline all night."

Those words couldn't have made her happier. He traveled downstairs, leaving Regina and Caroline alone in the nursery.

Though she was completely worn down to just about nothing, she took all the pleasure in the world as she watched her nuzzle her breast. After feeding her, Regina set her back down on her changing table, where she slowly but surely undid her onesie and changed her diaper again. She was getting quicker at it too, despite her daughter's usual way of not cooperating with things.

Regina then realized that she had misplaced her bottle of lotion- it was always in one of the baskets under the table. She sighed heavily, beginning to search the nursery for it. When she couldn't find it, the former mayor turned back towards the changing table in defeat, only to come face to face with the pink bottle.

Regina nearly jumped back. It was floating in the air. When she found herself breathing again, she hesitantly began to reach for it, with confusion written all over her face. Right before her fingers grasped the bottle, it disappeared in purple smoke. Regina whipped her head around back towards her baby, hearing something drop on the table. The lotion was right at her feet.

Her face paled; for a moment all she could hear was the sound of her own breathing. She stared at her tiny little baby in complete shock for a couple of long, excruciating seconds before she bolted out if the room, taking off downstairs towards.

Only one thing was on her mind- she had to get Robin.

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