We Can Love Again


She couldn't believe it had only been two weeks since her child had come into her life. Having Caroline truly did change her life for the better; when she thought her heart couldn't take anymore happiness, she proved herself wrong. The thought of having a family, a man to marry, three children... None of that had crossed her mind when she ran away from that pub those many years ago.

"So- I heard someone was taking my place as the most powerful person in this town," Emma remarked, gathering the child in her arms, "well I got news for you- it will be hard to become more powerful than me."

Regina raised an eyebrow, watching her hold her daughter as she leaned back in the rocking chair. "Face it Emma- being the product of a queen and an outlaw is way better than having Snow and Charming as parents."

The blonde hated to admit it, but she was right. Regina had all the perfect traits in a human being- combining them with Robin, Caroline was practically invincible.

"Did Henry take his gameboy with him to Neal's place?"

"Yeah. He's been hooked on it lately- there's no way he would leave it." Emma replied, rubbing small circles over the baby's back. "I told Ruby to run by Tinkerbell's room and bring her along. She felt like she needed her own place, which I can't blame her for- the apartment is so overcrowded."

Yawning again, Regina nodded. "Yeah it is. You should really think about getting your own place- I mean, you're thirty two and you live with your parents."

She was about to tell her about Killian's proposition on moving in with him, but before she could, the door to the nursery opened, revealing Roland in his Spider-Man pajamas, his hair flying in a thousand different directions. His puppy was in his arms, squirming in attempt to get away.

"Momma, I'm hungry," he grumbled, seeming to disregard the fact that Emma was right beside him.

His mother watched him as he rubbed his eyes, not feeling up to cooking anything.

"How about a bagel," She proposed, taking a deep breath and channeling her magic. Before the boy had a chance to approve or disapprove of her breakfast choice, a steamy, cream cheese covered bagel appeared in her hands, resting on a red colored plate.

"Wow, you got your magic back?!" Both Emma and Roland seemed to say at once, their eyes full of amazement.

Regina smiled brightly, holding out the plate towards her son. "It was easy too, just had to jumpstart the magic I have inside of me. I forgot how easy it makes things," she said, her voice soon drowned out by Jupiter's continued struggle to free herself from her owner's arms.

"Put that poor dog down before she bites you," Regina ordered, waving the plate out in front of her, "and eat this at the table. When Ruby and Tinkerbell show up, let them in and tell them we're upstairs, okay?"

Roland grudgingly set the puppy down and watched her scamper out the door.

"Okay," he replied in a small voice, taking the plate and heading downstairs.

Emma glanced back down at Caroline, who was beginning to doze off in her arms.

"I just can't believe she actually has magic," she began, "she's such a tiny little thing. Aren't you afraid she'll conjure up a dragon or something?"

Getting up, Regina put a hand on her shoulder. "You read too many of Henry's comic books. She'll be fine once Rumple makes her something to prevent her from using it until she's ready to learn. Maybe he could make it into some cute little earrings, or a rattle."

"That makes me feel a thousand times better," the blonde admitted, personally believing that their entire town could blow up at any minute of the day.

Just then, loud voices could be heard from outside the nursery. Both women turned their heads to see Tinkerbell and Ruby walk in, already involved in a conversation of their own.

"So what, fairies in the Enchanted Forest are like nuns, you can't date at all?"

Tink sighed irritably. "For the last time, guy fairies exist too!"

"But are they cute?" Ruby asked, as if it were the most important question ever asked.

"Is that all that matters to you?"

"Guys, guys," Regina said, putting her hands up in order to silence them, "this isn't high school, we don't need to gossip about boys."

Tink gave her friend a pointed look, seeming just about done with the werewolf.

"So, uh, you two have met then?" Emma asked, exchanging a glance between both women. They seemed ready to kill one another.

"Yes, yes I have," Ruby answered, rolling her eyes jeeringly, "Caroline looks so adorable in that color- she needs to wear red more often."

Regina stepped forward and gave her a quick hug. "She's a baby, idiot."

She then did the same thing to Tinkerbell, who seemed to warm up once the topic of conversation was off of her.

"How has it been staying at your own place? Granny is going to run out of rooms to sell soon if more people keep on traveling realms."

"Oh, it's been quite the experience," she said, not really wanting to bring up the date, "everyone's been so nice. And the food is fantastic."

The three of them knew she meant it seriously, but the words came out so humorous they had to stifle their smiles.

"I know- way better here than from the Enchanted Forest. Do you guys want to sit down somewhere? We can go downstairs, but Caroline will probably need me again here soon so-"

"We can stay in here, no big deal." Ruby reassured, setting her purse on the ground and lowering herself to the carpet, sitting cross legged and staring up a the rest of them like what she had just did was completely normal.

Regina shrugged, and followed her example. Emma and Tink did the same, though Emma took extra care considering the fact that she was still holding Regina's child.

The four of them were all plopped on the floor of Caroline's nursery, all cross legged and in a circle like a bunch of schoolgirls.

"I can't believe we're finally doing this," Ruby began, obviously taking charge in the group, "I've been planning for forever now- and you're finally willing to talk about it!"

Regina loved seeing her so enthusiastic. "Let's take it really slow though, okay? I don't need to be overwhelmed right now."

Ruby clasped her hands together- this was her time to shine. "I just can't believe you guys are finally getting married- it just seems like you two are already married- this wedding will be huge!"

"No no, I was thinking more of a smaller, low key type wedding," Regina corrected, already knowing asking her to come over was a mistake.

"You were the evil queen that ruled over everyone here, that everyone hated, and now you're getting married to an archer- people are going to show up." Emma told her bluntly.

She sighed- the savior had a point.

"For the colors, I was thinking something... bold and audacious, like red and black."

"Now wait just a second," Tink interrupted, "Regina's proved everyone that she's changed, so she should have colors that represent her inner self, like blue and purple."

Ruby shot her a glance. "No, Regina is bold- that's her personality. She has a backbone; she's not all wishy washy."

Due to the sudden turn in the conversation, Regina's eyes widened, and she felt heat rise in her cheeks. She glanced nervously towards Emma, who gave her the exact same glance back in return.

"I've known Regina for a lot longer than you have, I know what she wants."

Ruby let out a dry laugh. "Well if you think she's going to go for pathetic colors, then you hardly know her."

Taking a sharp intake of breath, Regina closed her eyes. "Guys! I didn't invite you over so the two of you could yell at each other over something so stupid!"

Her outburst silenced their bickering, though both of their faces were still amaze with anger.

"It's not stupid, the main colors are very important-"

"We'll figure it out later, okay? I know myself more than any of you do- I'll pick the colors."

During the ordeal, Caroline had become restless, on the verge of tears. Emma tried as best as she could to calm her down, but it didn't seem to do any good.

"Right..." Tinkerbell said, her voice trailing off.

"Sorry." Ruby confessed, brushing her hair off her face. "Let's talk about the dress then. What size are you planning on getting to by the wedding?"

Regina sighed, finding it hard to focus on anything other than her daughter's fussing. "I would say a four. But to get there, I'm going to have to loose all this baby weight by June."

"You've got three months to worry about that, you'll be fine." Ruby reassured, just as Regina took her daughter back in her arms.

She didn't seem so sure. The former mayor wasn't the best at working out on a regular basis- horseback riding had been her exercise for so many years she didn't know what else to do.

"Well, how do you guys stay in shape? Maybe I could tag along with one of you guys."

The three women exchanged glances with one another. "All of the fairies have to take a day off the week to fly a certain distance- I doubt you can accompany me on that though." Tinkerbell began, "I'm more tough than people think I am."

Regina let out a small smile. "Unless you can make me fly again, I don't think that one will work. But thanks for the offer."

Emma then clasped her hands together. "We have weights in the back of the apartment. I convinced Mart Margret to work out with me every Tuesday night after I get back from work."

"Right now I need all the help I can get," Regina told her, no sympathy in her voice.

"I just plug in my headphones and listen to Bon Jovi while I run outside." Ruby finished with a shrug, causing heads to turn towards her.

"You're the fittest person I know!" Emma told her, "you're that thin and you just run outside?"

"Just run outside?" The werewolf repeated, seeming dumbstruck, "it's hard work! Especially when it gets hot- which isn't a problem yet. So what do you say, have I got you sold?"

Regina considered it for a moment, glancing down at Caroline as if to as for her approval.

"I suppose I could try it out. Should I bring my music?"

Releasing a spirited laugh, Ruby nodded. "I'm going to make sure you're ready for this wedding, because it will be the best wedding in the history of fairytale weddings."

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