We Can Love Again

Happy, Right?

That night was one of the happiest days of her life. Brightness- that was the only thing term Regina could use describe the reunion with her son as. Everything was happy; she had other things she and to worry about, but those things didn't matter at that moment. There were lots of hugs, lots of tears, and lots of smiles.

"Well he seems perfectly fine," Whale concluded, running one last test on him, "and he remembers everything- can you tell me what you remember about that night?"

The boy concentrated hard in his bed, surrounded by his mother, his father, and his older brother. They were all quiet as they nervously awaited his answer.

"Will was at the house, and... And..." To everyone's surprise, Roland's eyes glossed over with tears as he gave Regina a quivering look. "I was bad Mommy. I did something bad."

Her heart melted inside it her as she wrapped her arms around his small body. "It's okay... It's okay. I forgive you."

It was probably well past midnight. Doctor Whale had quickly come over when he got the call from Regina saying that the five year old had finally woken up. He had been gone for a week, and it had been the longest week of everyone's life. The entire town had been nervously awaiting news on the most talked about family in the realm, all wondering of the wedding was going to go through or not.

"Can we go home?" Roland asked, his voice still groggy. He felt strange; it was impossible to wrap his mind around being asleep for a whole entire week.

Whale chuckled. "Soon, don't worry. I think you should let your family get some rest tonight."

Sleep was the last thing on Robin's mind- his son was back with them. He couldn't've been happier. But still, remorse found its way into the tender moment as the outlaw thought about how difficult it would be to tell his little son about what happened to Will.

"Can I have some pancakes then?" Roland piped up, "I'm hungry."

The four of them laughed lightheartedly. "I think that can be arranged," Regina smiled, glancing towards Whale for conformation. Opening her hand, she used magic to make a stack of two pancakes appear on a plate, with extra whipped cream on top. "Now eat it slow. You've been through a lot."

The boy grabbed a fork and began to dig in.

"You know, your friend Alex stopped by to see you a while ago," Henry began, "she gave you those balloons. Lots of people have even asking about you."

Roland grinned as he glanced up at the balloons- they were his favorite colors.

"And now that you're back with us, your mother and I will be married by the end of the week. I sent a tweet out saying that the wedding was officially happening on the 18th." Robin said with a smile, causing Regina to laugh. She still didn't understand how he had picked up technology so much quicker than she had. Nobody would guess that Robin Hood was once a thief who traveled the forest of an enchanted realm, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. She wouldn't have him any other way.

"We have a lot of work to do for it," Regina sighed, taking a delight in watching her son scarf down his pancakes against her wishes. "But we'll get it done. It will be the happiest day of our lives."

Robin slung his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. Now that he was back, everything was going to be okay.

For the first time in a week, going home actually meant going home. Whale had officially given Roland permission to leave the hospital in the morning; they were all ready to leave. Roland was still faint on his feet, though. He was given medication to help him sleep at night, and was instructed to keep the bandage around his head on until the wedding. Other than that, Roland was a free boy. He was happy to be home; to have his room back, to see his puppy again... it was all more than he ever wanted.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Henry asked, in their first moment alone together. Seeing his brother out and about was slightly weird, almost like seeing a ghost come alive again. He may have only been gone a week, but it was the longest week of his life.

"Yeah, my head hurts a little but I'm okay," the little boy said, plopping on his bed and looking up at Henry with a lopsided smile.

His brother couldn't help but laugh. "I still can't believe you're okay. You looked dead when that bottle hit you. There was so much blood..."

The happiness in the room quickly became sucked out like a vacuum. Roland wasn't stupid, he knew something bad happened while he was gone. He could see it in his mother's eyes, undeniably, something awful had happened.

"What happened?"

There were too many answers for that question. Confused, Henry went over to sit next him on the bed. Their parents were busy dragging wedding decorations around the house, so he predicted they had about ten minutes before one of them went up to check on Roland. He was going to find out anyways, so why not now?

"Roland... Will is the reason you got hurt. I found out why he was so mad. Ruby broke up with him. He's kind of a mess... But Mom won't let him come over anymore. We can't do anything with him, either. She's staying mad at him; and I am too... But I know he didn't mean it."

Roland seemed stunned beside him, his pale face drained of all emotions. "No... No." His voice was so small, Roland could barely hear himself. "Will can't be gone forever! That's not fair!"

"Aren't you a least a little bit mad at him? Scared, even? I never knew alcohol could make someone that twisted."

Of course he was scared of him inside. True fear had shocked through him in jolted waves as he yelled at him across the whirlwind of chairs, plates, and papers. But he loved his uncle very much; they had many moments together in the past that made him smile. For a girl as sweet and bold as Ruby, it astonished him their relationship didn't work out.

"Yeah, but Henry... Mommy and Daddy getting married is supposed to be the happiest day ever! It won't be that if Will isn't there! We can't have a happy ending like this!"

Sighing heavily, Henry put a hand on his shoulder. "There's nothing we can do... I tried!"

The child shook his head determinedly. "No! You stopped believing!"

"You have to be realistic, Roland!" Henry commented back, "whenever Mom makes her mind up, it stays that way. We just have to make due with what we have."

Suddenly, the five year old wished he were back in his coma, away from all the horrible things that awaited him back in the real world. He didn't want his parents to get married like this. He just wanted to be happy.

Before Roland could speak again, the doorbell went off downstairs, the noise bringing immediate attention to Henry.

"Look Roland, we can't talk about this anymore, I have a friend coming over." He said, getting up and starting down the hallway. His little brother followed him in anger and disgust, just about to jump out of his skin when he saw who was standing on the other side of the door. It was a girl; one with long blonde hair and a bright smile.

"Oh, hi Roland. Is your head feeling any better?"

The boy was so taken aback he didn't know what to say- he had turned so shy he couldn't find any words to say. So he nodded faintly, Henry rolling his eyes at his deer in the headlights look.

"You wanna see my room?" He asked politely, almost with a slight tentativeness.

"Sure," Paige smiled, following him upstairs. Roland's feet remained planted to the floor beneath him, close to tears. He knew his parents were around the house somewhere, completely in the mindset of their wedding. But he didn't care about that; he was about to give them a piece of his mind.

"Daddy!" Roland hollered down the hallway, searching through every room for either his mother or father. It was strange; he had never felt so alone and confused before in his life. Here he was, awake from a coma, and his parents wanted to stow him away in fear of him overexerting himself. But Roland felt fine physically... It was his emotions that we're bringing him down.

At his last spot to look, the boy opened the door to the garage to reveal something he wasn't expecting at all. His father was standing in the middle of the open garage, with Killian's arms on his shoulders. It took Roland a second to understand what was going on- they were dancing. Or trying to, anyways.

"Daddy?" He asked, his mouth hanging open in shock, "what are you doing?"

Robin turned around to see his son standing at the door; he could only imagine what he could be thinking.

"Roland, you're supposed to be resting!"

Killian smirked. "I think he wanted to see his father fail at dancing."

"Hey! I'm not failing."

"Tell that to my feet, mate."

Walking over to him, Robin put a hand on his son's shoulder. "What's up?"

Roland's throat tightened suddenly. "Um... Where's Mommy?"

"She was sorting out table cards in the office, last time I checked. You look upset... Is everything okay, are you feeling well?"

The five year old was certainly not okay. But he couldn't tell him that; not then.

"Yeah... I can try on my tux soon if you want me to." He said, trying to keep himself looking positive. "And Henry has a girl over."

Robin's eyes widened slightly. "What? Without me knowing?"

Behind them, Killian laughed. "Look at the little Romeo go! We could go check up on them, see how they're doing."

Robin smirked. "Sounds like a great idea. We could invite his new friend to the wedding, if he hasn't already."

A second later, they were off towards Henry's room.

Inhaling a breath, Roland turned around and started for the office. His mother was at the computer, printing out name cards and gluing them to colorful pieces of paper. Not saying a word, the boy simply crawled onto her lap and burst into tears. Regina held him securely, a concerned look on her face.

"Roland, what's wrong? You're supposed to be taking it easy." She asked, resting his head under the sham for her chin. "You're back home, you should be happy!"

He couldn't find any words to say. As Henry put it, there weren't any words he could say. His uncle was gone forever, and there was nothing he could do about it.

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