We Can Love Again

A Bright, Sunny Day

It took a good forty five minutes for every one of the merry men to clear out of the house. Robin seemed to be relieved when they finally gone.

"Now you know what life is like every time we go on a raid like that," he said, blowing a sigh of relief, the first time he had to breathe in about eighteen hours.

"Sounds exciting," Regina smiled, grabbing a cloth to start cleaning up the kitchen. Before she could wet it, though, she felt a hand stop her.

"No no no, you made all that food, let me clean all this up."

Regina gave him a look, but surrendered the cloth to him.

Emma couldn't stop stealing glances towards the two; the flirting between then was so inconspicuous- nobody could deny it.

"Okay you two, I think I'm ready to head back to the motel," Emma said, standing up to start searching for Henry, who had vanished with Roland after they had both cleaned off their plates.

"Oh, before you go," Robin started, catching the blonde's attention before she began down the hallway, "would you mind taking my son with you? I have something... Planned for Regina and this afternoon."

Regina turned around to face him, an intrigued expression on her face. "Like what?"

He simply grinned. "It's a surprise."

Emma rolled her eyes. They were so cute it was almost nauseating.

"Fine, I'll take him for a few hours. You two have... Fun." She said, tossing a smile towards Regina when he wasn't looking. "Henry, Roland, let's go!"

Seconds later, the two boys came bounding down towards the kitchen.

"You're gonna stay with Henry and me for a while, okay?"

The boy exchanged glances between his dad and the blonde woman before nodding. "Can we do something fun?"

Emma laughed. "Yeah, of course!"

"Dad promised he would take me to see the giants while they're still here!" The twelve year old exclaimed, remembering what Neal had told him.

Honestly, she had forgotten about that. "If you promise to stay with him the whole time." She told him.

Henry seemed victorious as he started for the door, Roland following him like a shadow.

"Now you be good Roland, listen to Emma!" Robin shouted to him right before they excited the house. The door then shut, leaving Regina and Robin alone in the house.

"I swear," he said to her, "he's never been this excited about being with other people before."

"Well Henry's an easy kid to get along with," she smiled back, watching him scrub the greasy pan, "how are you going to tell me where we're going?"

Robin didn't give a reply; instead, he opened up one of the cupboards overhead and pulled out a large wicker basket, one Regina immediately knew was used for picnics.

"We're going on a picnic?"

Rolling his eyes, Robin began walking around the kitchen, finding a brown loaf of bread, two glass jars (one filled with peanut butter, the other with jelly) and two white plates.

"We need to work on your patience skills," he said, matter of factly, "but yes, I'm taking you to someplace special."

"You do know I could just use-"

"Nope, don't use the M word," Robin interjected, "from now until we get back, you're not gonna use any magic."

Regina crossed her arms, knowing there was no sense in arguing with him. "Do you want me to help make the sandwiches?"

The man gave her a look as he cut the bread into thin strips. "If you make all my food for me, how am I going to learn?"

Hearing this, Regina pulled herself up on the counter so she was sitting on top of it. "Okay then, I'll observe you."

"You like peanut butter and jelly, right?"

She smiled back at him. "It's only my favorite kind of sandwich."


Robin got to work on covering all four pieces of bread, half with peanut butter and the other half with grape jelly. He slabbed the pieces together and put them inside the basket.

"How'd I do?"

Setting herself back on the floor, Regina observed both the sandwiches. "I think you did good," she told him, "you have my approval."

Robin let out a relieved expression. "That means so much." Then, he walked over to the icebox and pulled out a small canister. "Do you like sweet tea?"

Regina nodded, and he set it in the basket.

"That's about it, you ready to head out?"

"Are we going to take the horses?"

She followed him towards the door as the question hung in the air.

"We would, but it's not that far of a walk. Besides, you said you liked waking, right?"

He opened the door, letting in the warm spring air. "Using my own words against me, huh?" Regina asked playfully, walking though the door as he held it for her.

"That's alright, it's such a beautiful day anyways."

When Regina realized she was still wearing what she had work to bed, she quickly snapped her fingers and switched into a bright yellow sundress before he could notice.

They walked in a comfortable silence for a few minutes. The sunlight felt wonderful on her skin, she always loved being outside. Soon, they came upon a small lake that glistened against the intense sunlight, looking absolutely stunning.

"So this is the special place," Regina set down the basket, gazing around the scene with a slight smile. On the far side, rocks piled high on top of each other, creating a picture so perfect it was like it was almost unreal. A few trees were scattered here and there, providing shade from the sunlight.

"Yup, here it is," Robin breathed out in a sigh.

They both took a seat down under one of the trees, the grass feeling nice and cool beneath them. Robin began taking out the sandwiches, handing Regina hers before pouring the both of them tea from the canister.

"This is so nice," Regina said, "thanks for bringing me out here."

They were sitting side by side, their hands almost touching.

"No problem, I thought I'd share it with you."

Regina took a bite of her sandwich and nodded in approval. "I forgot how good the jelly is from here," she said, savoring the taste.

Soon, both sandwiches were eaten and the canister of tea was completely drained. Regina leaned back on her arms, thinking about how perfect everything was. Not just the scenery, but the fact that Robin went through all this trouble just for her. He continued to make her happy, that alone had been enough to keep her from killing anyone while back in the Enchanted Forest- first time that ever happened. Regina was sure he said something back in reply, but she knew she wasn't paying attention. His face was perfectly captured in the sunlight, making something stir up inside of her. In that moment, nothing else mattered, nothing else mattered except... him.

Slowly leaning forward, Regina's lips met with his, taking the man off guard for a second. His hands incoherently went to her sides as he pulled her closer to him so she was almost sitting in his lap.

Everything around them seemed to fade away. Robin couldn't think straight; he was kissing the most beautiful woman he could never dream of.Regina let out a small moan as he pushed his tongue through her mouth. She couldn't handle the taste of his lips, the way her emotions inside felt like electricity coursing through her veins. The hem of her dress began trailing higher and higher up her thighs as Robin's hands slid down past her hips so they were gripping them tightly.

Once Regina realized what was happening, she broke the kiss and backed away slightly from him, trying to get her breathing back under control.

"Sorry," she said softly, "I... I think we should slow things down a bit."

Robin took his hands off her and gave her an apologetic look. "Yeah, of course. I'm sorry."

"No no- it's me," Regina admitted, "the only relationships I've ever gotten into were all were all rushed into- except for my first one, Daniel." The brunette stumbled over her words- she didn't want him to hate her. "I guess... I want to get to know you better."

Thankfully, Robin smiled back at her. "Whatever works for you; after all, you are the queen."

That was true. "How about we play twenty questions- I'll ask you a question, and then you ask me a different one."

"Okay, ask me a question then."

Regina thought for a moment before looking back into his kind, brown eyes. "What's your favorite color?"

"That's an easy one," Robin said with a smile, "red. It's always been my favorite. What's yours?"

"You can't ask me the same question, it's against the rules!"

Robin gave her a look. "It happens to be my question too."

Rolling her eyes, Regina surrendered. "Blue, like the color of the sky." She paused for a moment, debating whether or not to ask the next question she had in mind.

"Did you used to come here with your wife?"

"Is that your next question?"

Regina nodded, really curious as to what he had to say.

"Yeah, I did." He said simply.

Regina really couldn't help but feel a tinge of jealousy inside of her. Also, the words from the letter wouldn't leave her alone, the secret was beginning to drive her insane.

"I read your letter." She blurted out, before he would ask her a question. Robin paused and gave her a confused look.

"The one from her... It was sitting out and I read it."

Biting her bottom lip nervously, she waited anxiously for him to say something.

"Oh. That letter." He said slowly.

"I'm so sorry." Honestly, she was. She knew it was a mistake reading it; if he had read something Daniel had given her, she knew she wouldn't be thrilled.

"It's okay," he finally said, "sometimes I forget to put them away."

Regina looked perplexed. "So... You're not mad at me?"

To her surprise, Robin chuckled. "Hey, you told me. That's all that matters."

It both annoyed her and relieved get he was so calm about everything.

"Now... Favorite animal- besides horses, of course."

Regina couldn't help but smile. "Umm... Dogs, I guess? I really don't know."

"Dogs are my favorite animal," he replied, "Roland's been begging me for one ever since his third birthday."

So, things continued to remain happy and content in that moment; there was the lake, the picnic, and an amazing man sitting beside her under the shade of the tree.

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