We Can Love Again

Happy Endings

There was a loud banging at their door. Regina, Emma, and David both glanced up in surprise, not knowing who on earth the person on the other side could be. David got up and opened the door, surprised to see who it was.

"Robin?" Regina asked in disbelief, seeing the man breathing hard, as if he had just finished a run. "What are you doing here- did you... Run all the way here?"

Charming let the other man through. Robin walked over to Regina, seeming exasperated and rather desperate.

"Yeah... I did."


Regina stood up to face him, suddenly growing concerned. "Is Roland okay?"

"He is. That's not why I'm here." Robin put his hands on her shoulders while both Emma and David tried not to stare continually at them.

"I'm here because I realized something."

Regina raised her eyebrows at him, wondering why he was acting so upfront with her.

"Regina, I can't cook. Like, at all." Robin breathed out, seeming absolutely relieved to get it out of his system.

Regina paused for a second, not sure if she heard him right. Then she let out a laugh, covering her hands over her mouth.

"Did- did you run all the way here... To tell me you can't cook?!"

Her sides quickly began aching from the laughter; she wasn't used to laughing that much.

Robin nodded, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her in for a short kiss. "Can you come and cook something for me and Roland? Please?"

Their faces were inches apart from one another as he spoke. Regina let out another chuckle.

"Actually, Snow and Henry went out to get something for us- you're welcome to join in if you want."

"Between you and me, you're cooking is probably way better than anything bought in the village."

Regina grinned back at him. "What do you suppose we do then?"

"You're coming with me and you're not leaving until I say so."

Shrugging, Regina looked back towards Emma. "If Henry asks, tell him-"

"I think he'll know where you'll be," Emma said sarcastically, cutting her sentence off.

Regina took his hand and soon they both disappeared, leaving David alone with Emma, who both seemed to be at a loss of words with one another.

"Seriously, what would you do without me?" The brunette asked as she entered his house, "you're absolutely pathetic."

"Regina you're back!" Roland yelled, racing towards her. "I'm hungry and daddy burnt the oats!"

She looked over towards the stove, where the pot was; it filled with a blackened mess and carried the stench of fire. "You... Burnt oats, hm?"

The expression on his face was timeless. "It was just a simple mishap, that's all."

"...absolutely pathetic."

Regina strode over to the kitchen, taking no hesitation to get rid of the oats. "What do you want to eat Roland?"

She already knew the answer; they were guys, they wanted meat. Henry always begged for bacon and sausage in the mornings, he absolutely lived for that stuff. It was unhealthy in all ways possible, but even Regina had to admit it tasted good.


Cooking wasn't something she felt like laboring over at the moment, so she simply waved her hand over a plate and filled it with four steaming sausages. Roland immediately reached his arm over to get one, but Regina grabbed the plate before he could.

"Sit up at the table first," she instructed, right before Robin reached behind her and snatched one. She scowled as he took a bite out of it, giving him a light punch on the shoulder as he gave her a successful grin.

"At least Roland listens to me," Regina set the plate down on the table, and helped the boy into his chair, Robin following.

"We can have breakfast like normal, civilized people, it's not that hard."

She created a pitcher of orange juice and poured Roland a glass. They are in silence for a moment before a question came to her mind.

"What do you guys do when I'm here?"

Roland swallowed his food quickly and replied right before Robin could. "We talk about you."

Regina gave Robin a surprised look. "You talk about me?"

"Well, not really..." He said back, trying to dull it down.

"What do you boys say about me?" She directed the question towards Roland because she knew he wouldn't lie to her.

The four year old flashed her a devious smile. "It's a secret."

The question still remained in her mind, but they all continued to eat in a peaceful silence after that. Once Roland finished off his plate, he took it over to the sink and dropped it in.

"Daddy, can I go play over at Parker's house?" He asked, causing Robin to glance over at him.

"Uh, sure, just be careful on the way over there." He said, Roland already waiting at the front door.

"Bye Roland!" Regina called after him as the door closed behind him.

"So you let him walk over there by himself?" She asked Robin, "isn't it far?"

"It's a straight shot, he's done it before," he replied, "Roland doesn't do many things with his friend Parker anymore."

Regina could see that happening. Roland was a pretty shy boy; he kept to himself a lot.

"So... what are we going to do then?"

Considering the fact that they were alone, their choices were pretty vast. He simply smiled towards her.

They were both on the couch; Regina was pressed up against the side with Robin leaning on her slightly as his lips touched hers, his hands placed behind on her back.

Regina honestly didn't know how it happened so fast. She felt such a weird feeling when he touched her, it was like a drug and she couldn't stop taking it. The only thing that stopped them was the need for air.

Suddenly, Regina was very glad Roland left for a play date.

"I really like kissing you." She muttered, silenced seconds later with another kiss.

"Me too." Robin replied, "mostly because you're so good at it."

He was starting to loose his control on her; he really couldn't help himself. He moved his hands from behind her and found hers, gently leaning back as he stood on his feet. Her back met up with the wall as he blindly lead her across the living room, his hands tight around her waist. Somehow they both stumbled into his bedroom, the frame of the bed causing Regina to fall back onto it. He made sure not to put his full weight on her as he kissed down her neck, soon pulling back to look into her eyes for permission.

Regina responded by reaching for the back of his shirt, pulling it over his head after some tugging.

This was her happy ending- and she wasn't going to let anybody take it away from her again.

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