We Can Love Again

The List

When she first woke up, Regina had to think about where she was. It still felt like a dream to her, being in Robin's arms for the entire night. She still found it hard to believe that he really wanted to be with her- he knew to some extent what she had done, yet he still let her stay.

Regina didn't want to ever leave, everything in that moment couldn't be more perfect. She felt a slight moment beneath her; she assumed that meant Robin was awake. Turning her head so she was facing him, she gave him a small smile.

"Morning," he said, his voice heavy with sleep.

"Morning." She replied, wanting nothing more than to spend the entire day like this.

Regina sat up and gazed around the room, noticing that it was already light outside. The house was still absolutely quiet, though- the boys were still fast asleep. On a normal day, Regina never let Henry sleep in past nine. But today, even she didn't feel like getting up. "Everyone else is still asleep," she said, "guess that means we have some times to ourselves."

"Guess it does," Robin smiled, keeping his eyes on her figure. The sunlight captured her body perfectly.

"What?" Regina asked, giving him a look.

"Nothing," he mused, "you're just absolutely gorgeous, that's all."

"Well you're not so bad yourself," she smirked, rolling her eyes. But the act didn't stay long, for the true insecurity began to show. Sighing, she faced the wall in front of them.

"Sometimes I don't feel gorgeous."

Immediately, Robin sat up and removed the covers from on top of him and started off towards his desk, fishing through the drawers rapidly.

"What are you doing?" Regina asked, watching him curiously.

Instead of replying, he pulled out a single white piece of paper and a pencil, crawling back onto the bed. He set the paper down on the blanket and flipped over so he was on his stomach. Regina watched him with ever growing wonder as he wrote her name at the top of the paper.

"I'm going to think of five things I love about you." Robin told her, a sly smile on his face.

He can't be serious, Regina thought to herself.

But, apparently, he was. "Number one- your smile. Always makes me happy."

Robin wrote it down right below her name. She could only stare at him in complete amazement, not believing what she was hearing from him.

"Secondly, I love your tiny adorable hands."

Regina let out a small laugh as he grabbed one of her hands and played with it for a moment. "Well it's not entirely fair, you have really big hands." She teased, watching him write that one down.

"No, everything about you is... Small."

It amazed him how different she was when he really got to know her. She had been the evil queen for years, a person of such great power, yet she was probably the most petite woman he had ever come across with.

"Oh, the next one is definitely your amazing cooking skills." Robin continued, the list growing longer on the page.

"We can't forget about that," Regina said sarcastically.

"Definitely not," he agreed, scribbling it down. "The fourth one is your magic- you're pretty damn sexy when you use it."

Regina couldn't help but laugh, completely overcome by the amount of love he was showing her. It was almost as if she were a teenager again, in a happy place where nothing else mattered.

"And last of all, I love how great a mother you are. It was no coincidence you're the one Roland ran into while in Neverland."

Nobody had ever told her that before. She had spent ten years raising her child all by herself, never once had anyone acknowledged her for it. Robin finished the sentence and handed the paper to her, his face glowing with appreciation.

"So you never forget what you're capable of."

Regina took it from him and studied his handwriting for a second, finding it hard to keep a smile off her face.

"Thank you." She leaned forward to capture his lips with hers, feeling the immediate rush inside of her that always followed.

"Anytime," he replied, catching a glance at her watch that was resting on the table behind her.

"I didn't realize it was so late." He sighed, reluctantly getting up again to get changed.

"Do you have somewhere you're supposed to be?" Regina asked, watching him fish through the closet for clean clothes, though she already had an idea.

"Meeting up with the merry men at ten thirty," he told her, "we're getting behind."

"What are you guys going to do?" She knew he was quite passionate about his merry men, but he never told her anything about what happened once they left.

"Well, we're thinking about heading down to the south villages. We're distributing food to the people there."

Letting out a sigh, Regina thought about all the people he was helping with his kindness and support. He was saving lives of villagers all across the Enchanted Forest- the villagers she didn't give a second glance towards when she spent her time as queen. She destroyed the land, and Robin was the one picking up the pieces. And here they were now.

"You know, I could help..." Regina started, though she already knew what would happen if she did. They would remember her, and then they would try to kill her- her reputation still had some improvements to be made.

"I know, but then who would be here to look after the kids?"

There was that problem too.

"Right," Regina said, "forgot about that. How long will you be gone for?"

Robin gave her a sympathetic look. "Probably by tonight. We'll probably do more planning afterwards."

"Well be safe, okay?"

He smiled. "Always. I... Better go say goodbye to Roland."

Starting towards the hallway, Robin closed the door softly behind him after giving one last look towards her. When he left, Regina glanced back down at the piece of paper, smiling widely as she did so. She folded it carefully in half and went over to the closet, placing it on top of her perfectly folded stack of clothes.

Robin quietly entered Roland's room, smiling fondly when he caught him sitting on the middle of the floor, stacking wooden blocks on top of one another.

"Hi daddy!" He said with a smile.

"Roland, I'm gonna go out again for the day. Will you be good for Regina?"

His face fell a bit, though he was used to him leaving. "Okay." He began putting his blocks back into the cloth sack they belonged in.

Robin was slightly surprised shut his son's reaction. He always got upset when he told him he was leaving; but now, he simply shrugged his shoulders and moved on. Regina was proving to have quite the impact on him.

"I'll be back tonight. You have fun." He leaned forward and kissed his temple lightly, standing up and exiting the room. Before Robin could make it past the front door, Henry's head popped up from behind the couch.

"Are you gonna do something with the merry men?" He asked, still half asleep.

"We've got a scheduler to keep up with," he responded with a smile, "I'll be gone pretty much for the rest of the day."

"Can I come with you?" The twelve year old asked, eagerness in his voice.Robin sighed. "Not this time. Maybe in the future, okay?"

Henry nodded slightly, watching him grab his now and leave through the door.

"You have fun, be good for your mother."

"I will," Henry said, just as the door closed behind the man. It was him, a former queen, and a four year old alone on a particularly sunny spring morning- anything could happen.

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