We Can Love Again

Where Shall We Go?

Another month had passed by. Everything made its way into a normal and regular routine for the blended family- Henry and Roland got along for the most part, and all of them enjoyed each other's company. Robin finished Henry's bed after a couple weeks of hard work; they had managed to cram it in Roland's room, a adjacent to the four year old's bed.

Regina never thought she could find a place where she truly belonged- not until she discovered Robin's little hovel of a house in the middle of nowhere. The massive white house she had shared with her son had always made her feel lonely; it was almost as if it reflected her emptiness inside.

Over the past fifteen weeks, Regina realized something- it didn't matter were she was, what mattered were the people she was with. Robin, Henry, Roland, they were all her home. Always and Forever.

"It's just so weird," Robin stated, a concerned expression on his face as he helped Roland cut up his sausage. "Nobody has contacted me for weeks- Sam, Christopher, Mark, Alan, Winston, even John! None of them has come by."

Regina thought for a moment. It was quite odd, one of them was almost always at their house talking to Robin about something.

"Honey, maybe they all just need some time off for a little while."

It was evident he was stressed out about the ordeal. "But they would have told me. I went over to John's house a couple days ago to ask him about it, but it's almost like he isn't home anymore." He placed his elbows on the wooden table and rubbed his eyes. Regina put a hand on his shoulder to try and console him.

"I'm sure things will work out soon, sometimes you just need to let time pass by before things get better."

Maybe she was right.

"In the meantime, we desperately need some more groceries," Regina said, changing the subject. "I'll head down to the village in a little bit."

"I'll come with you after I get dressed," Robin said.

"You really need to take it easy today, you're far too stressed out," she told him, "I can make it there by myself."

He sighed. "We've been over this Regina, you can't chance the fact that people might recognize you."

"You don't have to worry, I'll be fine." Regina gestured to the pale blue dress she was wearing. "Would the Evil Queen be caught dead in this?"

Obvious answer. Still, he didn't feel secure about sending her out alone.

"Robin... Please?"

He could never say no to the face she was giving him. "Fine," Robin said, rolling his eyes, "just take Roland with you."

Regina let out a triumphant smile as she leaned over to give him a quick kiss.

"Thank you!"

"Just don't be too long," Robin said, turning to Henry. "You want to go with them?"

The twelve year old shook his head as he picked at his breakfast. "Shopping is boring. I wanted to do some target practice later on."

Regina gave her son a light kiss on the cheek. "You be good, okay?"

Henry nodded. "Love you Mom."

"I love you too." She replied with a smile, pulling Roland's chair back so he could get out. "You ready to go?"

The four year old nodded as Regina fetched her purse.

"Okay, well, we'll be back soon. You boys have fun." She said, taking Roland's hand in hers as they both made their way towards the door.

Both Regina and Roland had a nice, peaceful walk across the fields to the village. The days had become long and sunny in the Enchanted Forest, summertime was in full swing.

"Mommy, when will Henry go back to his other mommy?" Roland asked, the memory of Emma and the rest of the Charming family beginning to fade from his mind.Regina didn't want to think about that. The day was coming up quickly, the day she would have to send her son back to Storybrooke. She wanted more then anything to keep him forever, but she promised Emma.

"We'll have to think about it soon," Regina told him.

"Will we go back with him?" He asked innocently, watching his step as they entered through the village gates.

"I... I don't know. We'll have to talk it over with daddy."

Roland knew she didn't like talking about Henry going away, so he ended the conversation with a soft "okay".

The village was always her favorite place to go as a child. Everything was always happy, animated with the hustle and bustle of all the villagers. There was always something to do, something fun to look at. When her mother took her, she always made sure that everyone there knew they were royalty. Whereas when her dad took her, none of that mattered. She felt, even for a brief time, that she was a villager just like everyone else.

"So Roland, where shall we go?"

Smiling, the boy pointed towards a stand filled with assorted fruit. "Blueberries! They're so yummy!"

Regina laughed, agreeing with him a hundred percent. They both picked out many different kinds of fruits and vegetables, her bag filling quickly. Surprisingly, nobody gave her weird looks. She was officially one of them, she didn't even have to try and hide it.

Money wasn't an issue for them; it was just another perk to having magic. Soon, Roland was dragging their second bad of groceries behind him in an attempt to keep up with his mother. The heat was coming down on them in full force, making Regina regret not putting sunblock on her child's fair skin.

"Is there anything else we need?" She asked, though she didn't want to carry anything else.

Roland shook his head. "It's hot. We should go home."

"Well, then I guess we should head back."

That was, until she caught sight of some beaded jewelry displayed at one of the shops. Regina couldn't help herself; the only thing she missed about being queen was having as many jewels and dresses as she pleased. She stopped to examine one that was decorated with green and purple beads.

"Pretty, isn't it?"

Regina looked up to face a smiling older woman.

"Oh yes, these are absolutely gorgeous." She said kindly, setting the bracelet carefully back down. "But I'm just looking."

Before she could walk off, the woman caught her lightly by the arm.

"I'm also a fortune teller," she said, "I'll tell you what- I'll give you one free reading. A pretty girl such as yourself should know at least some of her future."

Regina contemplated it for a moment as Roland tugged on her arm. "Mom... Let's go!"

She shushed him quickly and turned back to the woman.

"I really should get back home, but thank you for the offer."

"No, I insist!" The woman persisted, showing no signs of letting up. Sighing, Regina knew she wasn't going to win.

"I guess so..." She offered her right hand to her.

The old woman took it and rubbed her thumbs over the surface of here palm. Regina had never been to a fortune teller before, she had no idea how it was supposed to work.

She studied the woman for a few long seconds, watching her face flex with different emotions, beginning to feel anxious.

"You were once a very troubled girl because of the way your mother treated you." She began, causing a surprised look on Regina's face to show.

"Your mother... Forced you to do things, horrible things. But you have lots of love in you." She paused and smiled. "You're happy now. You have someone in your life, someone you love very much."

Regina couldn't help but smile.

"And the new addition to your family will bring you more joy- but be warned, there is-"

"Wait... New addition?" Regina asked, wearing a confused expression. "Our house isn't really big enough for more changes to it."

The woman let out a soft laugh. "No dear, I meant a different kind of addition- I meant a baby."

Regina raised her eyebrows at the word. "Baby?" She chuckled, "Roland is almost five, he's not a baby."

"Well I know that," the woman replied, "there's a baby inside of you."

"But I'm- I'm not pregnant." Regina told her defensively, feeling her other hand clench irritably. Her mind raced with a thousand worries at once. "I would know... Right?"

"There's no challenging the power of a fortune teller, dear."

Regina scowled. "No, you're wrong."

Pulling her hand away, she reached for Roland's hand to her side.

"Thanks for the free palm reading, but we really need to be on our way." She said in an agitated tone, hauling the heavy bag of food over her shoulder as she and her four year old walked away briskly.

"Mommy, what's wrong?" He asked, quite intimidated by the hard expression on her pale face.

"Nothing," she answered quickly, trying to calm herself down, "we're just going to head home now."

Roland fought to keep up with her fast pace. "But what did she say to you?"

He was answered with nothing but silence.

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