We Can Love Again

Now or Never

There was a pounding at her door. Emma glanced at her clock- it was nine o'clock on a Saturday morning. Completely unacceptable. But the pounding didn't stop, so the blonde grudgingly rolled out of bed and started for the door.

When she opened it, Emma couldn't say she was surprised.

"What do you want Regina? It's early."

The woman on the other side of the door looked flustered, her mind in four different places at once. It took her a moment to respond. She took a breath, clenched her fists, and gave her a straightway glance.

"I'm pregnant."

Before Emma could say anything, Regina pushed past her and walked into the apartment.

"You're... Wow." Emma scowled, trying to process the information. Regina paced up and down the hallways.

"Let's sit down. You're making me nervous just looking at you."

Regina eventually sat down next to the blonde; the stress was eating her alive.

"What did Robin say when he found out?"

"I... I never got to tell him." She sighed, "it kind of happened when everything was getting crazy."

"Oh," Emma said, "well how far along are you?"

"Um, five weeks, maybe? I'm not really sure."

"Well you need to know. Have you been to a doctor yet?"

Regina simply shook her head. "I don't know what to do Emma! I really don't!"

"I was pregnant twelve years ago, but I still remember how it felt. So here's what you have to do- tell Roland and Henry first, then call Doctor Whale and set up an appointment. Have you been sick at all?"

"Not really... But I've only been back for three days."

"Well I remember what my doctor told me- he said stress is really bad for the baby."

"The past two weeks of my life have been nothing but stress!" Regina sighed, ready to pull her hair out. "How am I supposed to tell a four year old that I'm pregnant?"

"You just have to do it," Emma shrugged, "it's not like you can hide it forever. Regina, I'll be honest- pregnancy is a bitch. You always feel fat, everything pisses you off, and you puke a lot. But you get a baby out of it in the end, so in retrospect it isn't that bad."

"I guess it just doesn't seem real," Regina muttered, "the fact that Robbin's baby is inside of me. Kind of freaks me out actually."

"Well imagine how I felt," Emma said dryly. "But really Regina, you're going to be okay. In all honesty, I'm pretty jealous of you. You got one hell of a guy who loves you, Henry- well half of Henry- Roland, and now this baby. That sounds pretty good to me."

Regina managed a small smile. "Yeah, but you don't have to worry about if he's safe or not." She thought for a moment before going on. "His... His Merry Men all turned on him and handed him over to Rumplestiltskin. He tried to execute me in front of my own people, and then he forced us through a portal- Robin proposed, too. It all happened so fast..."

Her eyes soon filled with tears as the emotions raged inside of her. The terror came back despite how hard she tried to shove it down.

Emma couldn't believe what she was hearing. She rubbed her back to try and comfort her.

"They both want to know what happened to him... What am I supposed to say, he's going to be okay?"

There wasn't an answer, Emma couldn't provide one for her. Telling her that everything was going to be okay just wasn't going to help.

"I'm really sorry I'm venting to you about all this," Regina said, using her fingers to wipe away the tears that had begun to form in the corner of her eyes. "I just needed to tell someone. Thanks for the help."

Emma gave her a dubious smile. "I'm always here to help out my pregnant grandmother."

"Oh give it a rest Swan," Regina said, rolling her eyes.

"Well tell me how Henry and Roland take the news, should be... Interesting."

Regina nodded. "Here goes nothing, I guess."

Emma followed her to the door and opened it for her. "Word travels fast in a small town. People talk, everyone will find out eventually."

Regina sighed, knowing she was right. "I got some time until then."

She wasn't so sure about that. But Emma smiled and waved goodbye anyways, still wondering how on earth the evil queen of all people could get pregnant.

Reluctantly, Regina drove back to the house. She let Henry babysit Roland for the half hour she was gone, despite how nervous it made her feel to leave her four year old with a twelve year old. Roland was slowly beginning to understand the overall concept of the new realm, but he had a lot to learn. Simple things like a hot stove or a wet floor could end very badly for such a young boy.

Pulling into the driveway, she got out and reentered her house. Roland was excited to see her again, as she knew he would. He really didn't like to be away from her.

"What did you two do while I was gone?"

Henry shrugged. "Nothing much. I got him some cereal and then we just watched tv."

Regina gave him a look. "You know how I feel about you watching too much tv. There's a lot of other things you guys can do."

The twelve year old knew- he just hoped that the new version of his mother would be slightly less strict.

"Well can I take him to the park then?"

Regina took a deep breath. It was now or never.

"There's something I have to tell you first," she finally got out, watching his expression shift. "Let's sit down." Her two kids followed her over to the couch; they sat on either side of her.

Looking down at them, Regina couldn't believe how hard it was to get such a simple statement out. She couldn't bear to look at Roland's innocent little face.

"I'm... I'm pregnant."

Henry immediately furrowed his brow. He had heard the term before in school, but it wasn't something he expected his mother to tell him.

"Really? You're going to have a baby?" Henry asked, in absolute shock.

"Baby?" Roland scowled, absolutely confused, "where is it?"

Regina pointed at her stomach.

"How did a baby get in there?" He asked in disbelief, immediately afterwards. His mother froze; she wasn't ready to answer that one.

"Uh, well, your father and I love each other so much... That we're having a baby."

Thankfully, it seemed enough for the four year old. "Yay!"

"So we're gonna have a little brother or sister?" Henry asked, still slightly in shock.

Regina nodded, completely relieved to get it over with. Their family was growing bigger; it might have been small and broken, but it was still strong. She just wished Robin was there.

She felt so out of place as she walked into the hospital. It wasn't a place she was used to going to; it brought back negative memories of Henry having his near death experience. Everyone seemed to be preoccupied around her as she glanced around.

"Regina?" Came Doctor Whale's voice, "you wanted to see me?"

He figured she had contracted some sort of sickness while in the Enchanted Forest- it was the only thing he could come up with, since the queen hadn't once asked for an appointment with him.

"Yeah," she started, "it's... Um... I'm pregnant- pretty sure I am."

It didn't get any easier to say, even after two times.

Regina could see a flicker of surprise in his eyes.

" it was good of you to come by. Follow me, I'll get you checked out."

Even though he was a good doctor, Regina wished there were more than just one doctor in Storybrooke- she knew he had slept with Snow, making the endeavor even more awkward.

He gestured towards a chair on the side of the small room they had just entered. Regina sat down and stared up at him; Whale was holding a clipboard and a pen in his hands.

"I'll have you answer a few questions before we do any real tests on you."

Shrugging, Regina leaned back and crossed her legs.

"So who's the father? Or, rather, suspected father."

She gave him a pointed look. "Are you suggesting that I sleep around with men?"

"Regina- these questions are just precautionary."

He could tell she was defensive about the topic.

"His name is Robin, Robin Hood. He was part of the few that was unaffected by the curse."

Whale wrote the name at the top of the paper. "And have you been experiencing any symptoms at all? Vomiting, dizziness, fatigue..."

Regina let out a small laugh. "No, but my son has."

"Did you take a test?"

She nodded slowly, watching him as he scribbled down more notes into the paper. After answering a few more invasive questions, Whale took her to a neighboring room with lots of things she had never seen before. He instructed her to sit down on a high risen chair while he began messing with the computer.

"What are you going to do to me?" Regina asked warily, glancing around at all the interesting equipment.

Turning around to face her, Doctor Whale flipped a switch that lowered her down to a laying position. "We're going to take a look at your baby."

He told her to lift up her shirt, which she unenthusiastically did, and put a horribly cold gel over her bare stomach.

"Oh gosh, that's freezing." Regina couldn't help but gasp as soon as she felt it.

"Sorry, should've warned you," Whale said, "I don't really do a whole lot of these."

Boy, that's promising, she thought to herself.

He then ran something along the center of her stomach. "Look up at that screen right there," he told her, "let's see if we can get a good look at it."

She did; the picture on the screen was dark and fuzzy. It didn't seem possible to be able to look at babies before they were born, but then again, she had never been pregnant before.

"Hey, Regina I think I found it!" Whale said after a few minutes, "right there- the white part, right in the middle."

She saw it- it didn't even look like a baby, just a tiny white mass of some sort.

"That's it? That's my baby?" Regina couldn't believe it- she was looking right at her and Robin's baby.

Doctor Whale nodded. "It's still really early in the pregnancy, but it looks pretty strong and healthy."

She knew she could have easily lost it during the time she and her family were trapped in the run down warehouse. But she didn't. It was right there. What a strong baby indeed.

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