We Can Love Again

Old Ties

She was grateful Emma was willing to babysit on such short notice. As much as she wanted to get back home to her kids after the appointment with Doctor Whale, Regina needed some time to herself. And what better place to do that then at Granny's, the only real place to go on such a quick notice.

Granny still gave her an odd look when she entered, but took her order of a small chocolate shake and disappeared back into the kitchen without another word. Regina thought she deserved something, a small congratulations to herself for the positive baby news.

She thought about what Emma had told her, that everyone would eventually find out. As much as she wanted everyone to like her, Regina didn't want rumors to start flooding in about everything that had happened to her. But that's what people did, create rumors.

Granny set the glass down on the counter while Regina opened her purse for a couple dollars.

"Nope, this one's on the house."

"Really?" Regina said, smiling a bit. "Thank you."

"There's something... Off about you," Granny said, "I don't know what it is... but it looks like you need some cheering up."

Was it really that obvious?

"Thank you." Regina said again, sticking her straw in and swirling it around.

Granny was so perplexed by this new person she seemed to be. It wasn't right; she hated this woman, the evil queen had made her life miserable. But there Regina was, right in front of her, sipping a chocolate shake in her diner.

She got out her phone and checked her emails, somewhat relieved to see that Belle had sent her a couple forwards considering an addition to the public library and zoning laws. Despite it being a lot of work, she missed being in charge of things.

"Regina, surprise to see you here!" Snow said as soon as she walked through the door. Regina turned around to face her and sent her a small smile.

"I thought I'd escape for a little bit," she told her as her stepdaughter took a seat next to her.

"I've been trying to get a hold of you, but I don't think I have your number." Snow said, glancing down at her milkshake.

Regina then realized how awkward this whole ordeal was- for a while she had forgotten everything she and Snow had been through in the past. And now, she wanted her cellphone number.

"I wanted to congratulate you on the great news!" Her smile couldn't have been bigger.

"Oh... Thank you Snow," Regina said slowly, surprised she knew so quickly.

That Swan couldn't keep her mouth shut.

She gave her a quick hug, looking ready to burst with excitement.

"Guess what?" Snow didn't even wait for a response. "I'm pregnant too!"

Regina's eyes widened. "What? Are you serious?"

Her stepdaughter nodded; she couldn't help but hug her again.

"So my stepdaughter is pregnant the exact same time as I am... Weird." She muttered, lightly hugging her back.

"David must be excited," Regina smiled, "I know Henry and Roland are."

"Storybrooke will be full of so many babies!"

"Babies?" Came Ruby's voice, from behind the counter, "did I just hear the word babies?"

Regina braced herself for some screaming.

"Snow you're pregnant? Oh my God!" The brunette practically jumped the counter to tackle her in an embrace.

"And so is Regina!" Snow exclaimed, immediately putting her on the spot.Ruby turned towards her, baffled at first, but soon melting into her usual charismatic smile.

"That's amazing! Two babies at the same time?!"

Regina was taken aback when she threw her arms around her neck. She had never really gotten to know Ruby very well over the years, last time she check the girl was nineteen and struggling with her werewolf problem.

"Belle told me you're letting her stay the mayor," Ruby said, "I think that's awesome of you to do that for her. She's been a pretty good leader for the past few months."

Before Regina had the chance to say anything in response, the girl continued on.

"I'd really love to hear what happened with you over in the Enchanted Forest- oh, and since you're not mayor anymore, you don't need to dress all fancy. How about I take you shopping tomorrow! You'll need maternity clothes too- both of you. I already promised Snow we'd go on Saturday."

Regina had to take a second to process what she was rambling about. "Uh, well I guess I could use some new clothes..."

"Great! I'll pick you up tomorrow!" Ruby just about squealed, just as Granny yelled something back at her from inside the kitchen. "I gotta go. I'm so excited!"

She gave Snow one last hug before disappearing into the kitchen. When she was gone, Regina and Snow exchanged looks.

"She can be... Quite enthusiastic sometimes," Snow smirked.

"I just don't know how I feel about her getting behind the wheel of a car," Regina replied smugly, turning her attention back to her milkshake.

Then she thought for a moment. Maybe repairing her relationship with Snow would be a good thing. Why not, after all, they were both pregnant.

"Hey, why don't you stay a while," Regina said, "I'll buy you a milkshake- on the house."

Her stepdaughter gave her a look. "Really?"

She nodded. "Yeah. A... Congratulations to us- for our babies."

Smiling, Snow set her purse down on the counter. "Sure. Why not."

It was early in the morning, and it was already getting suffocatingly hot. But Robin was never the type of guy to complain, so he trudged on down the deserted dirt road that almost seemed endless. While trying to sort out all the instructions Rumple had given him, he thought about his family. He thought about what Roland would do in this new realm he was in. No matter how different it he perceived it to be, Robin knew Regina would do a good job making him feel at home. He just hoped she would be treated alright by everyone else in Storybrooke; he knew how hard she struggled with fitting in with everything that happened in the past.

Why couldn't they all see her the way he did?

Robin sighed. He didn't feel like himself anymore, not since she had gone. He just wanted to hold her in his arms again and tell her that everything was going to be okay. The way she smiled, the feel of her touch, the sound of her voice... He missed it all.

He was slowly approaching a small town; the small buildings and houses could be seen from where Robin was at. Towns like these dotted the fields that went on forever and ever, and he had only been to a few of them in his lifetime.

When he made it to those small buildings, all he wanted to do was find somewhere to rest. Who knew walking could be so tiring. A few people were milling about, but not many. Robin wiped the sweat off his forehead as he came across a stone well in the middle of the courtyard. He dove his hands into the cool water and wiped his face, feeling absolutely drained of all energy. Water had never tasted so good.

"You're not from around here, are you?" A voice from beside him said, causing him to look up.

"I'm on a... Business trip," he said, giving the woman beside him a sideways glance.

"Wait, you're Robin Hood!"

His face scrunched up in confusion. "How'd you know that?"

Instead of a reply, he was answered by a stinging slap to the face.

"You're a bastard," she spat towards him, taking the bucket of water in her hands and walking away briskly.

Robin simply stood there and lightly touched his fingers to the right side of his face.

It was proving to be quite an interesting journey.

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