We Can Love Again

Glimmer of Hope

Will was both excited and nervous to start his first official babysitting gig with his two newfound nephews. Excited because he wanted to get to know his brother's children, but nervous, considering the fact that he had never really been around children before. Not since he was one.

"Are you sure you have everything down?" Regina asked, concern resonating from her voice.

Will played it off like he knew what he was doing. "Yeah, sure- feed them and entertain them. Got it."

"I don't want you cooking anything, I'm pretty sure you'll burn my house down. There's some ice cream in the fridge of they get hungry. But I should only be gone two hours at most."

To him, she was taking things way too far. How little confidence did she have in him? She was only going to another doctor's appointment, not leaving the country.

"Will you just get out of here already? I can handle two kids just fine."

Regina gave him a look, but didn't say anything for a reply. Roland and Henry both hugged her goodbye, and she once again drilled all the safety procedures and emergency numbers into their minds.

"Have fun with Will," she told them, waiting until the man was out of range before whispering, "if he does anything stupid, you tell me when I get back."

"Yeah yeah, I will." Henry said, putting his arm around Roland, "what happens at your doctor appointments anyways?"

Regina shrugged. "It's just to make sure the baby is healthy. Now, I really should be going. Will, I'm trusting you with my kids, don't you dare mess this up-"

"I got it! Now go!" He said impatiently, practically pushing her out the door.

Once she was officially gone, Will was greeted by four pairs of anxious eyes.

"So. What do you guys want to do?"

They both shrugged.

Will didn't think babysitting would be that tough.

"I could use help unpacking my stuff, you guys wanna help?"

And that's how the first half hour went. Henry and Roland would rip open the boxes and handed the contents to Will, who quickly found a place in the room for every single item. It didn't take much to realize that the man didn't have a lot of things. The things he did have all looked out of place, like he acquired all his items at completely different places.

"You have a lot of magazines," Henry said, beginning to file through the large stack that took up most of the space in the box.

"Don't look at those!" Will quickly leaned over and grabbed the box from him. "They're... Special."

The boy gave him a look. "They're motorcycles, what's so special about those?"

Will took the stack and placed them on the top shelf of his closet. "What kind of guy are you, not liking motorcycles?"

"I like them Will!" Roland chipped in, even though he wasn't sure what they were exactly.

"See, Roland's on my side." Will told him sarcastically, before gently taking out his outdated Playstation gaming system.

"I like video games though!" Henry said, "can we play some?"

"Oh look at you being rebellious. We're pretty much done with my junk, I guess we could pick out something to play. I got Call of Duty three and four, Grand Theft Auto, and a couple zombie slaying ones."

Henry looked blank. "Do you... Have any Mario Games?"

Will almost laughed, but then he realized he was serious. "Never really got into those." He gathered the games and the Playstation in his arms and started for the door. "I can teach you how to play. Pretty easy."

Henry nodded.

"I want some ice cream!" Roland declared as he followed them downstairs.

"Ice cream sounds awesome," Will said, handing the video games to Henry and starting for the fridge.

Roland followed him, and climbed up on the counter to get a bowl from the cabinet. When he came back down though, the last step on the chair was missed, sending the boy down on his back so he was gazing up at the ceiling. Tears were already forming in his eyes by the time Will glanced over towards him.

Within seconds, Roland was emitting small sobs as he lay on the floor. Will exchanged looks with Henry, who silently begged him to take care of it; but he had no idea what to do, so he shot him the exact same look.

"Oh come on, you just have to hold him until he stops crying." Henry sighed, surrendering and walking over towards the crying boy. "Take notes."

He got down on his knees and heaved him up so he could hold him in his arms, rubbing his back comfortingly and rocked him back and forth.

"He likes to be held," Henry started as Roland continued to cry, "if you do it long enough he'll stop."

"Does he... Do this a lot? Cry?"

"He's four." Henry muttered, cradling his head. "You're okay... You're okay."

"I want mommy!" Roland sobbed, burying his face in Henry's shirt.

"He always wants her when he's sad. If you remind him that mom isn't here, he'll get even more upset."

Will watched carefully as the twelve year old tactically handled the situation.

"Hey Roland, I'll get you some ice cream if you stop crying."

That got his attention. Roland sniffed and wiped away the tears on his face with the back of his hand.

"See? Doesn't hurt anymore, does it."

He shook his head.

"Be more careful next time." Henry said, ruffling his hair before standing him up.

Will blew out a sigh of relief as he grabbed a tub of rocky road from the freezer. He hated crying- didn't want anything to do with it.

"You're doing it next time," Henry told him, scooping out a bowl for his brother.

"Does he cry often?"

"Roland falls a lot, he can be really clumsy sometimes."

The four year old seemed fine as he shoveled ice cream into his mouth. Henry managed to unwind a bit with his bowl. Soon, an hour had passed. Will wasn't as nervous as he originally was about babysitting.

"Let's get the Playststion set up!" Henry said, setting his bowl down in the sink.

"Let's do it." Will agreed, before catching Roland's chocolate covered face. He laughed slightly and got up to grab a washcloth. Roland wiggled around as Will smothered his face with the washcloth.

It took the rest of their time together without Regina to properly set up the gaming system. Will wasn't the best with technology, but he and Henry figured it out eventually. They had just finished plugging everything in before Regina came back.

Roland shot up like a rocket and took off towards the door when he heard her come in. It amused Will how much the boy longed for his mother.

"Did you have fun with Will?" Regina asked as he ran into her arms, "did he break any rules?"

Roland shook his head. "We had ice cream!"

She kissed his cheek and started fixing his hair.

"So, how's Robin Jr. doing?" Will asked, sending her a wry smile.

"Fine, I just started my seventh week. Whale did say something to me though..."

She straightened up her composure and took a quick breath. "He said I can't use magic- at least while I'm pregnant. It could affect... Robin Jr. And none of us wants that."

"So you're defenseless against my sarcasm now," Will smirked, "awesome. I'll have to thank that baby one day."

Regina rolled her eyes. "Ha ha. So that magic mirror- can you get it to work?"

"Now? Sure, I guess. I can do the magic, don't worry sis."

"What mirror?" Henry asked, confusion written all over his face.

Regina couldn't hide the excited smile on her face. "Will has a way to communicate between realms, which means-"

"We can talk to dad?!" Henry finished for her, practically jumping with enthusiasm.

Regina nodded. Roland didn't know what was going on, but he knew it was something good.

"I'll go get it." Will told them, heading upstairs.

"Where do you think he is? How do you think he'll get back?"

"Hold on!" Regina smiled, "we'll know soon enough. We just have to be patient."

She took hold of his hand, and the three of them went for the couch. Will joined them after a minute, waving the mirror around victoriously.

"You can do magic?" Regina asked him as he came and plopped himself down next to them.

"Somewhat," Will told her, "takes too much effort to practice though."

"Oh yes. Magic is so difficult." She said, rolling her eyes. Even though she loved the fact that she was expecting a child, Regina couldn't help but miss using magic.

Her eyes widened with excitement as the mirror began to glimmer with a blue light.

"How does it work?" Henry asked, watching the mirror intently.

"I can ask the mirror to see anyone I want to." Taking a deep breath, he held the sides tightly. "Show me Robin Hood."

All four of them seemed to collectively hold their breath as the image wavered.

"Here you go, your majesty." Will handed her the mirror with a smile.

Regina's mind was racing; it didn't seem real, it almost seemed too easy to reach him after a month of being apart. But there he was, Robin, her man, her lover, right before her eyes.

"Robin?! Oh my God!" Regina almost shouted in her house, staring in shock at her fiancé. The picture was dark; little did she know he was looking down at his family's image in a puddle on the side of the road.

"Regina?!" He shouted back at her, his expression as if he had just seen a ghost. "How...?!"

"Doesn't matter!" She told him, her eyes filling with tears. "You're alive! You're- you're okay!"

"Dad! When are you coming here?!"

Robin couldn't keep a smile off his face. "I've missed you all so much!"

Regina quickly brushed a tear off her face and held her boys tighter. "What does Rumple want with you?"

Robin took a second to sort of his thoughts. He had a million things he wanted to ask her and his children, but he knew they needed to know the truth.

"He said he's loosing magic, and he needs me to find something he needs to get it back," he told them, "he says it's the only way to get back to Storyrbooke."

Regina's face darkened. "Rumple's... Running out of magic? Where is this something you have to get for him? Why can't he get it himself?"

"Regina, it really doesn't matter right now- the last time I saw you really wasn't the best of circumstances..."

Giving him a quick smile, she held up her hand and showed him the ring.

"It suits you!" Robin laughed, "as soon as I get home with you guys, we're going to be a family."

"I love you," Regina smiled.

"I love you more- all three of you, I miss you more than anything."

Will sat back and watched the three of them as they excitedly looked into his old mirror. The scene before him seemed too perfect- nauseating, really.

"Have you gotten into any fights with ogres yet dad?" Henry asked, "do you have to slay a dragon to get Rumple's magic back?"

Robin chuckled. "I sure hope not! Now are you and Roland in school? What do you two do all day in that realm?"

Henry shook his head. "It's summer! No school until next month!"

"There's a playground though!" Roland said, "and a swing! Will you push me on it when you come?"

Robin smiled. "Of course!"Regina bit her lip as she debated asking the question she really wanted to ask him; mostly because she was scared to know the answer.

"How... Long with this assignment of yours take?"

Robin's face fell slightly. He knew he needed to be honest with her.

"Two months... Maybe longer."

Regina's heart sank in her chest. Evidently, her pain, showed, because Robin immediately reassured her.

"I'll be back Regina, Rumple promised he'd provide a way back."

"But it's dangerous out there, Robin! What if you get hurt- what if there's a reason it's so difficult to save Rumple's magic?"

He sighed. "We just... Have to have hope, I guess."

"But I need you here!" Tears threatened to spill over again. "There's... Something I didn't tell you before we came here."

Robin seemed confused. "Huh? Regina I can't really hear you!"

"I'm pregnant!"

"What'd you say?"

"We're going to have a baby!" Regina shouted louder, desperately clutching the mirror in her hands as the image began to falter.

"Mommy what's happening to daddy?!" Roland demanded, watching his father disappear before his eyes.

"Robin!" Regina cried, now staring at a blank mirror. She stared at it in despair as seconds slowly crawled by, as if he were going to come back.

Neither Robin nor Henry could manage to say anything; there really wasn't much to be said. He was gone. Again.

"I'm- I'm sorry, it usually works." Will started, the stone silence beginning to gnaw at him in the worst way possible.

Regina didn't respond. Instead, she slowly set the mirror down and staring blankly into nothingness.

"Boys, go upstairs and get ready for bed." She said in a weakened voice. Roland didn't budge, but Henry slowly took his hand and lead him towards the staircase without a sound.

All that was left was Regina, Will, and a broken mirror. The light outside had been slowly sucked away, leaving nothing but blackness in its place.

"I'm really sorry..." Will began, shifting uncomfortably on the couch.

The woman then burst into tears, letting her head fall into her hands and emitting small, deafened sobs.

"Oh please don't cry," he muttered, hating himself inside for what he had done. Crying always made him wary; he didn't like it one bit.

"How could you be so insensitive?!" Regina demanded, bringing her head up to glare at him. "You said it would work and you lied to me! He won't be back for months!" She stopped caring about wiping her tears away; they ran in small rivers down her cheeks. "I- I can't have my baby without him! He has to be here!"

"Regina..." Will began, standing up to go sit by her, "he said he was coming back-"

"Don't touch me! Just leave me alone!" She got up and started for her bedroom, leaving him alone in the living room.

"I really am sorry!" He yelled towards her, following after her as she vanished behind her bedroom door.

He felt absolutely horrible; making an evil queen cry could possibly be the worst punishment one could ever face. Having no where else to go, Will trudged to his room and fell onto his bed.

Despite how much he tired tuning it out, her muffled cries could still be heard from down the hallway.

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