We Can Love Again

Sunday Afternoon

A series of delicious smells wafted upstairs, acting like an alarm clock for Regina's newest member of the family. Glancing at the time, Will saw it was just after ten. On normal circumstances, he would have stayed in bed for another hour or so. But the man knew he was already in hot water with the queen, so he decided to see how she was doing. Will didn't know why, but he still felt bad for making her cry. She was supposed to be uptight and heartless; seeing her that broken down made him rethink the effect Robin had on her.

"Morning, Regina." He said, attempting to be cheerful. To his surprise, though, she seemed back to her usual self as she tended to a couple eggs frying on the stovetop.

"You're up late." Regina said, keeping her eyes down on the pan.

Will sat down at the table with Henry and Roland. "I know. Sorry, still adjusting with your ten thousand commandments and all."

Regina grabbed a few plates and presented her boys with breakfast.

"So what do you want to do today?" She asked, sitting down and pouring herself a glass of juice.

"We finally got Will's Playstation to work mom," Henry said, "I wanna play some of his games."

Will was still in shock Regina was acting so calm. It was so odd- just a few hours ago she was freaking out about Robin being gone for so long. If he didn't know any better, he wouldn't have thought the mirror incident had even happened.

"You set it up to my tv without asking?" Regina asked, speaking to Will as if he were one of her kids.

He avoided eye contact with her. "I didn't think you'd mind."

She rolled her eyes. "We usually take Sundays easy, gives us time to relax and do things together as a family."

"Then that gives us some time to play some video games," Will smirked, before taking a big bite of his food.

"I let Henry play an hour a day, I mean, he has better things he can do with his time than sit around in front of a tv."

"You don't know what you're missing," he grinned.

Regina sighed. "Don't you have... I don't know, friends? Maybe you could do something else in place of polluting my kids' minds."

He shrugged. "All the friends I have either want money from me or want to kill me."

"I want Will to stay so we can play!" Roland said, his smile bright.

"I can teach you how to play too, if you want..." Will told Regina, finishing off his plate and sending her a dubious smile.

"I don't even want to know what kind of games you have," Regina muttered, leaning back in her chair. Will noticed she had hardly touched her breakfast.

Once Henry was finished with his food, he and Will went to the tv and agreed on a racecar game (mostly because Will didn't want to get chewed out for anything she deemed inappropriate).

Regina eventually came over to watch them; Roland sat in her lap and begged her to let him play. After about twenty minutes, the doorbell rang. Putting the boy down, she went to the door and opened it up.

"David? What are you... doing here?"

Prince Charming was at her doorstep. He looked skittish, like he was on the run from somebody.

"You gotta help me," he started, "Snow is driving me insane!"

Hearing this, Regina almost burst into laughter. The seriousness in his voice made it sound like his wife was out to get him.

"Why? What's she doing?" She asked, trying to keep a straight face.

"She's going crazy! All she wants to do is eat! Snow sent me for more chocolate, but I really just need a break from her- are you busy?"

"Not really, the boys are just playing a video game. Won't Snow get anxious when you don't come back with her chocolate?"

David shook his head. "I don't care. Her hormones will be the death of me, I swear! You don't act all crazy, do you?"

Regina allowed him in and chuckled. "I don't think so, but I have been hanging around Ruby for the past couple days."

He followed her into the living room. "David's hiding him his wife here for a little while." She announced.

Once he caught sight of Will, Charming seemed confused. "What is he doing here?"

Will gave him a sideways glance. "Oh, hey David."

"Long story- but he's Robin's long lost brother."

"What? Regina, I've arrested this guy three times! And that was just when I was filling in for Emma!"

She sighed. "Look, I'm not entirely happy about it either, but it can't do anything about it."

"Are you playing Death Race?" David asked, walking over to his grandson and ruffling his hair.

"Yeah, Will is still beating me at it though." Henry grumbled, avoiding Will's jeering facial expression.

"I'm playing after you, and I'm going to take you down." Charming told Will, watching them play.

Regina thought of David as an old friend; he was nice to her, nicer than the other residents of Storybrooke. She smiled when Roland went over to him and plopped down in his lap. David fiddled with his small hands, making the boy laugh. Regina took her phone out and snuck a few pictures of them as they watched Henry and Will's cars race neck and neck on the television screen.

Then, the doorbell went off again. Regina let out an irritated groan; she had no intention of getting up again to answer the door.

"It's open!" She shouted, over the sound of screeching tires. The person behind the door obeyed, and soon footsteps were heard across the hallway.

"Neal? Why are you here?" Regina asked, once she saw who the person was.

He held up his phone. "David texted me and said he was over here playing video games."

"What, Emma's busy?" Regina asked, sarcasm playfully showing in her voice.

Neal's expression fell slightly. "She's... Out- again."

"...With Killian." She finished for him, knowing all too well.

Instead of responding, he came over to the living room and sat down next to David and Roland.

"Whatever. I want to hang out more with Henry anyways."

The boy smiled. "You're playing against me next time dad."

"You're getting good at this," Will muttered, "I think I might have to switch off easy next time so I can keep winning."

Sticking his tongue out at him, he laid down on his stomach and concentrated hard on the game.

Regina's rule of an hour of video games a day was completely abolished. They had all been glued to the game for just about three hours; the five boys exchanged turns playing against one another- Will even dragged Regina into playing a few rounds. He regretted it quickly, because she was quite good at it.

"It's all just simple logic," she told him, a proud smile on her face, "you just have to know how to crush your opponents."

"You're just full of surprises," David noted, giving her a playful nudge.

Regina shrugged. "I've watched Henry play for years. And when he's gone at school and I'm bored, I go through his games."

"Mom!" Henry groaned, "that's why it kept skipping so many levels."

Regina shrugged defensively. "What? I just couldn't leave Peach stranded in that castle! A princess doesn't deserve that!"

David and Neal both laughed. "We need to come over and crash at your house more often."

"Can I move in?" Neal asked, "this place really beats my apartment at Granny's."

Regina chuckled. "Sorry, but I've got no rooms left."

"Moving in was probably the best decision I've ever made," Will told them, sounding fairy pleased with himself.

"It's only been three days, I can still change my mind."

He gave her a look. "But you wouldn't do that to your brother, now would you?"

Before she could come up with a reply, she heard the door open again.

"Hey, I brought lunch!" Ruby called, carrying a few boxes in her arms. Everyone looked up in sudden interest as they spotted all the food.

"You never told me you were having a party Regina!"

"It's not a party, these guys are currently hiding out from their problems." Regina said defensively.

Ruby set the boxes down on her table and gazed around at the group of people sitting around the television. "Looks like a party to me," she counteracted, "good thing I brought lots of food."

Will put his controller down. "Thank goodness, I'm starving."

Everyone could attest to that. The video game was abandoned, and they all crowded around the table, breaking open boxes containing sandwiches and french fries. Regina smiled towards Ruby, accepting her quick hug.

"Thank you for doing all this," she said, "it's hard cooking for three boys all the time."

Ruby then glanced over her shoulder to get a better look at Will.

"That's the guy that's staying with you now?" She asked, eyebrows slightly raised.

Regina could sense the undertone in her voice. "He's my brother Ruby! Well- technically."

"Well does that mean I can't-"

She whacked her arm. "No! No way."

"I can't even talk to him?" Ruby asked, almost pouting.

"Don't even look at him. Seriously, he's not worth your time." Regina lowered her voice, taking a seat down at the table.

Rolling her eyes, Ruby grabbed some food and placed it on her plate.

"You're so bossy."

Regina smiled back at her.

Henry slowly ate his sandwich as he observed everyone around him. His dad was talking to David about going on some fishing trip, and his uncle was trying to get Roland to eat his meatballs in one whole bite. Even his mother was having a pleasant conversation with Ruby, the waitress of all people. He realized that this was what Sunday afternoons were supposed to be about, spending time with family. And what a wonderful family he had.

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