We Can Love Again

Our Little Secret

She had never been so tired before in her life. Even though Regina said wanted to stay in bed all day, she knew that obviously wouldn't happen. Life went on; even if she weren't ready for it to.

Henry and Roland went off to the park, leaving Regina alone in her house. She almost forgot about Will being there.

"Well well well, look who's finally awake." He said, sitting on the couch and flipping through channels on the tv.

Regina rolled her eyes. Today really was not the day for him to mess with her.

"I've had... Things to do," she replied defensively, pulling her bathrobe closer to her. As she glanced at the clock, she surprised herself when she saw how late it was. Her stomach felt like it was tied up in knots; the air felt thick, so much that it was a struggle to breathe. Regina didn't want to deal with Will, or anything for that matter.

"Are you okay?" She heard Will ask, making her blink a few times to get her mind into focus.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Regina muttered irritably.

Will gave her a look. "You sure? Because you've seem... Spacey."

Irritation filled her view; she despised him and his witty sarcasm, everything about him suddenly made her want to throw him out onto the streets. Her mind burned with hatred and profanities she wanted to scream towards him- but she couldn't manage to get a single word out.

The next thing she remembered was falling through the air, slipping into numbness for a split second before her hands caught herself on the countertop.Regina was able to get her breathing back to a steady pace as she forced herself back up into an uptight position. She prayed Will didn't notice.

"Sit down Regina, before you kill yourself." He told her, standing up and walking over to her. Obviously she wasn't as subtle as she had thought.

"I'm fine," she repeated, jerking her hand away as he tried to reach for it.

"You're pale as a ghost, you're not fine." Will persisted coldly, grabbing hold of her arm and dragging her in the direction of the living room. She could tell he was ticked off; that only made her more angry inside.

"I can take care of myself, thank you very much." Regina muttered, finally surrendering and stopping her struggle.

"When's the last time you had anything to eat?" Will snapped at her, sending her defensiveness immediately.

Regina scowled back up at him, refusing to let him have the upper hand. Unfortunately, Will Scarlett was smarter than he originally led on.

"Since Saturday?" He answered for her, "four days ago? Yeah Regina, I think you can take care of yourself just fine."

"That's my business, not yours!" She shouted back at him, suddenly feeling as degraded as a small child. "Since when do you care about how I'm doing?"

Will couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Because you're killing your baby! You think it's okay to just stop eating? Just because you're feeling sorry for yourself?"

"That's my business!" She repeated again, her stomach aching.

"Do you want that baby?" Will asked, his voice calming a bit.

Her eyes blazed with fury. "What kind of question is that?!"

"A yes or no one." He said, sticking his hands in his back pockets.

Regina took a deep breath. "Yes, I do."

"Then quit acting like a idiot and rethink this whole depression thing- no child deserves to die before it has a chance to live."

"It's not depression!" She told him, her voice weakening. "It... Gives me something else to think about."

Sighing, Will started for the kitchen in search for something to give her. After rummaging through the pantry for a moment, he pulled out a package of instant noodles and started boiling them over the stovetop.

"I thought you couldn't cook," Regina said to him nonchalantly.

"I have surprises here and there." He replied, grabbing a few slices of bread Roland had left out and walking back over to her. "But you gotta eat something."

Regina scowled at him again. "You can't force me to do anything."

Sitting down next to her, Will thought out the options in his head. "Well if you don't I'll have to call Dr. Whale and tell him-"

"No," she interrupted, "tell anyone and I swear I'll make you regret it."

Will rolled his eyes. "There has to be something that'll get you to listen to me." He felt like he was having a conversation with an abstinent child. "I'll answer any questions you have about me if you eat these three pieces of bread, how about that."

He could sense a flicker of light go off in her eyes as soon as he said this.

"Using secrets to get what you want," Regina muttered, "not bad."

She reluctantly took the bread from him and tore off a piece, sticking it in her mouth.

"So why isn't your last name the same as Robin's?" She began, "it doesn't make any sense."

Will prepared himself for the questions. He hated answering them (especially honestly) but he knew it had to be done sooner or later.

"I did originally, but when I wound up in Wonderland and got a position as the knave of hearts they changed it."

Regina didn't realize how hungry she really was until she finally began eating again. Now that she did, she found that she couldn't stop.

"Knave of hearts... Sounds professional." She mused, almost smiling.

"Nah, wasn't that hard of a job."

Then, Regina realized something. "Wait, did you serve the Queen of Hearts then?"

He nodded. Regina couldnt keep the surprise off her face. "Oh my God, the Queen of Hearts is- was, my mother! You served after my mother for who knows how long?"

Will raised his eyebrows. "She was your mom? How can that be- you two aren't alike at all!"

His words surprised her. All her life, people had been telling her that she was exactly like the woman who had ruined her.

"Well it's true," she said, "I sent her there actually, because I was so fed up with her and the things she did to me."

He still looked stunned. "Wow. I'll add that to the 'confusing things I know about the evil queen' list."

Regina laughed slightly. There were many more things he could put in that category.

She took another bite. "So how'd you end up in Wonderland in the first place?"Will looked down at his hands. This was the question he had been dreading.

"I might as well just start from the beginning," he said, having to remember himself what happened all those years ago.

"So we had a pretty normal family back then, with Robin. He's about four years older than me, always messed with me like a brother should. But when I was eight, our mother died. It wasn't that 'she got sick' type deal either; she was down at the river one day, and a storm came in out of nowhere. Just like that- she drowned before anyone could find her." He watched Regina's face fall slightly. Little did he know she knew exactly how fragile life could be.

"Anyways, our dad couldn't stand living in our old house anymore. He got somewhat depressed, wasn't really himself. So he told us one day that we were going to move; packed our things in a few hours and had them all sitting outside. There was a ferry leaving for the west villages that day, the last one for a long while. When we got there, they wouldn't let us on because they said it was too full. But our father insisted, told the guy that if he didn't get out of the village we lived in he would go insane." Will's blue eyes stared down at the ground, alive with resurfaced anger. "He turned around to face us; he told Robin and I that he had to go, and that he would come back for us when he could. Then he set our things down beside us, including all of Mother's things, and left. We didn't have anywhere to go. Robin took my hand and started off towards the woods; he said we had to go but I didn't want to. I was scared... I believed with all my heart that he would come back around and take us back. Robin was really good at keeping me company though. He took me with him wandering around the town, looking for a job or a place to stay. Most people just laughed and shut the door in his face. I didn't know why; he was only twelve, but he could do a lot of things that our dad taught him. Anyways, we finally found a place to stay after a few weeks of being alone. It was this older couple who had lots of other kids- most of them were other kids with no parents. Things there were fine, Robin and I got by okay." Will took a second to laugh. "But I still thought he was coming back for us- the bloody idiot I was back then. Robin started getting irritated with me; he told me that we were going to be on our own forever. And then one day, he packed up our things and told me that we should go somewhere else, said there were more jobs farther down the river. It was about two years later. We got into this huge argument about leaving, and Robin eventually told me that I had a choice- to stay or go with him. And... I chose to stay."

Regina could smell the noodles burning. She got up to stir them.

"So you thought Robin abandoned you like your father did," she told him, begging him to continue.

"At first, yes. But he didn't completely leave me. He came back every few months and brought me some money and a thing or two from his so called adventures. He told me that he had met a few people who had this idea. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. He always seemed excited about it. But after a while of seeing his success, I realized that I had nothing. So when I was fifteen, I left the boarding house and went on my own, which was a stupid idea. I thought I could have a life like Robin's, but that didn't happen at all. I met up with the... Wrong crowd, I guess you could say. I was young, desperate for money... stupid. I got in a lot of trouble, but I didn't mind all too much. Then I met Anastasia."

Regina caught a small smile cross his face. "She was the nicest, most perfect girl I had ever met before in my life. She was a princess, actually, but her mother was strict. We got to talking some, and I got to know her and the things she had to go through with her mom and her sister. She got pretty depressed after their servant girl got married to Prince Thomas- Anastasia didn't think anyone would ever love her."

Regina gave him a sly look. "But you did, didn't you."

"Yeah, I did. I promised her that we could have a life together, free of any of the problems we had there- so we decided on a place where we could really be free. Wonderland. At first, living there was great. But then she met up with this king, and he put ideas in her head- he made her think she needed to be all powerful to get anywhere in life. So... She left me when she was offered the throne. That was the last I heard of her for a while, she became the Red Queen, got her own little army of guards, loyal followers..."

She couldn't help herself from laughing. "Red Queen... That's cute. Sounds so evil."

When she saw Will's face, however, she straightened her composure and forced down the smile on her face.

"She really changed. I didn't talk to her again until my friend Alice and I crossed paths with her while searching for her lost boyfriend."

"This Alice friend..." Regina shot him a coy grin, making him roll his eyes.

"Was she just a friend?"

"Yes," he shot back defensively, "we got really close. She's really the only friend I've ever had. One that stayed with me even though she knew what I'd done."

After pouring herself a cup of noodles, Regina grabbed a fork and sat down at the kitchen table. "I'm relieved you can at least make ramen noodles without any trouble," she teased.

"I do try;" Will muttered sarcastically, sitting down across from her.

"So you and Alice eventually found her lost lover?"

He nodded. "I convinced them to come to Storybrooke with me. Nothing ever happens in the Enchanted Forest anymore- except for Robin and his infamous Merry Men."

Regina sighed. "Well, not anymore. Nothing can be perfect forever."

Will then remembered what the boys told him his first day at the house. He figured she probably didn't want to talk about that.

"So what ever happened to Anastasia?"

Will looked back up at her. "She... Didn't make it. It made me mad; I didn't want to believe that she was still in there, but she was. She still had feelings for me, and whether I liked it or not, I still had feelings for her too. A man named Jafar killed her."

Regina had never felt true sympathy for the man until now. She realized then how similar they were.

"Hey, if it makes you feel any better... I don't think you're a bad guy."

Regina said, "do you want to know the main reason why I let you stay?""It wasn't for the mirror?"

"No, not the shitty old mirror," she chuckled, "it was because you remind me so much of how I am. I could tell you've been through a lot."

To her surprise, Will smiled. "Well same goes to you, I guess. I'll have to get you to talk one of these days."

"I don't crack that easily," she told him, setting the empty bowl back down on the table. "You said Robin didn't remember you when you saw him again?"

"Yeah, though I don't think I've changed that much since I was fifteen but... Maybe I have." His face fell slightly. "Do you think he'll be angry that I'm staying here?"

Regina sighed. "If he does, he'll have to go through me first. Besides, you're his brother. Family is always there for each other."

Will was more than relived when he saw her bowl empty in front of her. "You just take care of those kids, don't let them turn out like me."

"Will, you're not a bad person," Regina said, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think my kids really could use you in their lives."

He seemed surprised to hear that.

"Can we... Keep this eating thing between us?" She asked hesitantly.

Will reached over and took her empty bowl. "Sure. It'll be our little secret."

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