We Can Love Again

Love Conquers All

Emma Swan was on her way home from work. She had a million things on her mind, and none of them were things she wanted to deal with at the moment. Her parents had gone to a movie the previous night; they were still fast asleep back at the apartment. It was going to be a slow and painful journey, but they were slowly mending, one day at a time.

From deep inside her pocket, her phone buzzed. Emma slowed to a stop at the pathetic traffic all signal hanging above small intersection and worked on pulling out her phone. She swore while doing so; Emma would have to work on fixing her swearing problem. It was a text from Killian, wondering when they both had time to begin gathering things for Roland's birthday. When Emma turned her attention back to the road, she nearly had a heart attack when suddenly, out of nowhere, a man in rugged clothes, clearly not from the realm they were in, stood in the middle of the road, glancing around dubiously at the new sights around. He stuck out like a sore thumb, but Emma could've recognized Regina's soulmate anywhere.

"R-Robin?!" Emma yelled, hurriedly putting her car in park and getting out and racing towards the man.

Was this really happening? Robin Hood in Storybrooke; she never thought she would see the day.

"Shit, it really is you!" She exclaimed, examining him carefully inch by inch.

He looked extremely tired, with tattered clothes and dirt smudged over his skin. His beard had become thicker and his features more hollow. But he was still there in front of her, alive, still the Robin she had gotten to know to a more personal level than just Regina's boyfriend.

"Emma! It's amazing to see you again!" He replied, his warm smile returning to the blonde all the memories she had obtained while in the Enchanted Forest. Emma couldn't help but throw her arms around his neck, still in shock that he was there; Roland's father, Henry's father, Regina's true love...

Everything was going to be okay.

Robin gratefully returned the hug, an excited glow swirling about his eyes.

"Do you know where I could find-"

"Your children? Regina?" Emma finished for him, so exasperated she could barely speak. "Roland and Henry are both in school right now. It's really close to here too, just take a left here and go down a few blocks- do you want me to drive you there?"

The man shook his head, unable to keep a grin off his face. "I've got it. You just make sure Regina stays at the house until I get there, okay? I want this to be perfect."

The blonde raised her hand to her temple, giving him a salute and a wink before Robin turned around and bolted right down the middle of the street.

Everything around him just didn't make sense. Iron carriages without horses pulling them? Grass confined to simple squares in front of houses? He felt like a child in a candy shop.

Eventually, Robin made it to the front doors of the school- it was big, and he soon wondered why Regina would let their kids be there all by themselves. He was hounded by the front office workers, ordering him to wear a badge indicating he was a 'visitor' when he told them he had to see his kids.

Robin wasn't listening when they told him directions to the preschool wing; he got lost very quickly, and had to ask a couple people milling about for help.

"Roland? Roland Mills? Why he's in that classroom three doors down."

Robin responded by a hasty nod and eyed the door wondrously, already hearing the muffled sounds of children at play. Was his son among them?

His hand curled around the strange metal knob, realizing the fate that would determine the rest of his life was just beyond that simple wooden door. All he had to was open it and walk through.

A million little faces came to greet him, all looking extremely content with what they were doing. Robin's eyes scanned the sea of unfamiliarity, soon aching for his son, his precious little boy that had been his one true companion throughout all the hardship in his life.

He caught sight of a little boy sitting behind a table, a crayon clutched in his tiny hand as he made colorful marks on the white piece of paper in front of him.He remembered when Roland would draw things for him.

The boy's face had frozen over with an undetermined expression as he raised his eyes in response to the door being opened. Rapidly, though, his reaction transformed into a gleeful smile.


All the other children simply watched in confusion as he darted across the room, flinging himself into his father's waiting arms.

"Daddy! Daddy!" His little voice cracked with each word; he buried his face into his dirtied cotton shirt, taking it all back in.

"Hey there buddy... I've missed you." Robin was surprised he could get all those words out. His eyes had become blurry with tears. "You've gotten taller since I've last seen you."

Roland clung to him with all his might. Their house, their small cottage house with two bedrooms and a tattered old couch; riding Nightshade and Weston hours on end into the beautiful sunsets; going to the villages, where everybody loved his daddy.

It all seemed real again.

"I knew you would come back," Roland's soft voice spoke to him, "I knew it."

Robin held tightly to his son's shoulders, gazing into his eyes and seeing nothing but belief.

"I'm never going anywhere again; I promise."

After a brief talk with his teacher (leaving her more confused than ever), Robin took Roland's hand and let him lead him to where Henry was, on the other side of the school. Their footsteps were light and quick, the reality of it all still not seeming true.

Robin wondered how Henry had been; he hoped he didn't have to take care of Regina all by himself. He was a strong boy, but even he needed help and support.

"Henry has school with the rest of the big kids!" Roland told him, pointing towards an already open door to their right. Robin smiled- he was so ready to see him again.

"Go in and get him," he told the boy, who nodded and immediately dashed into the room.

Henry's sixth grade science class was in the middle of having a lesson, but that didn't stop his four year old brother.

"Henry Henry! You have to come with me right now!" He shouted, grabbing hold of his arm and pulling him up to his feet.

Henry gave him an odd look, but the urgency in his voice couldn't be denied.

"O-okay, I'll come in tomorrow morning for the stuff I'll miss, Mr. Olson." He stammered as Roland tugged him back towards the door.

Once he got outside, he was greeted by a strikingly familiar face, one he doubted he would ever see again.

"Dad?!" He almost shouted, completely stunned and frozen in place.

Robin had his arms around him in an instant. "I'm here, you don't have to worry about anything anymore."

Tears pricked the corners of his eyes as he held him tighter. "You... You were gone for four months."

"I know, I know." Robin hushed him, "I promise I'll never go anywhere without you guys ever again."

To his relief, Henry let out a small smile. "I really missed you, Dad."

Robin stood up, holding Roland's hand on one side and Henry's on the other.

"Trust me, I missed you more," he replied, "now what do you say we go see your mother."

They couldn't agree more. The three of them started down the sidewalk, hand in hand, minutes away from making everything perfect once again.

At the house, Regina couldn't seem to catch a break. She was flustered, trying to do just about a thousand things at once with no luck at all. Belle wanted her to finish reading through more papers for her, Roland's laundry was scattered all across her living room, and, to top it off, Will was being of no help whatsoever. Instead, he was engaged in another one of his violent video games, not even giving a second glance when the phone rang over in the kitchen.

Regina rolled her eyes and set her laptop down irritably when she saw he wasn't going to budge. When she noticed the caller ID belonged to the elementary school, it only made her more irritable.

"What? What do mean someone took my kids out of school? Who would do that?" She snapped, fear quickly gripping her senses.

"I really don't know Miss Mills, a man just-"

She was getting another call.

"What do you want Emma? I'm kind of in the middle of something at the moment! Do you know anything about-"

"Look out your window," the blonde told her calmly, trying to suppress a smile as she rested against the side of her yellow bug that was parked on the opposite side of the street adjacent to Regina's big white house.

"Why? Roland and Henry are missing and I don't-"

"Regina! Go to the window in front of you and look outside!"

She scowled. "How the hell do you know where I am right now?"

"If you don't do it I'll get in there and-"

"Fine! I'm going to the damn window!" Regina surrendered bitterly, yanking the blinds up and out of her way as she peered outside at her front lawn.

Everything was completely normal, except for the fact that a man in dirt covered clothes was standing in the center of her view, holding both her kids' hands in his own. She could only stare back in a paralyzed shock. Was she dreaming?

Her heart told her no, so she followed her instincts and races towards the door.

"He's back!" Regina yelled towards Will, "he's really back!"

She opened the door, and there was the love of her life- a peasant in her mother's eyes, but a treasure beyond any cost in hers. With him, she needed no darkness to accompany her. No, never again.

"Robin!" She cried out towards him, making the man instantly melt inside. She was his happy ending, the one thing he couldn't possibly live without. He loved her, and she loved him.

Gently, he let go of both of his son's hands and felt her body fall into his, feeling her again, her same warm skin and tender heartbeat that he had been craving for the months they had been apart. He wrapped his arms around her securely and held her as she began to cry.

Then he realized something odd was pressing against his abdomen. Having never felt it before, Robin glanced down between them. He was not expecting what he saw.


She both smiled and nodded at the same time through watery eyes.

"I'm- I'm sorry I didn't tell you right when I found out... I was just so nervous-"

Her plea was silenced by his lips on hers. He kissed her with everything he had, all the passion that had been stored up throughout all those painful weeks alone, without seeing her beautiful face every morning when he awoke.

"We're... We're having a baby?" Robin asked tentatively, keeping his arms securely around her as he gazed into her eyes.

"We're having a baby." Regina answered, smiling as he rested his forehead against hers.

"Well what do we have here, the lovebirds are reunited once again." Will's enthusiastic voice sounded behind them, coming down the front steps with a smile on his face.

When Robin saw the man in front of them, he tensed his grip on Regina.

"Will Scarlett? Regina, what is he doing inside your house?"

She gave him a reassuring look. This was the time for all the secrets to be released.

"Robin, you have to trust me. Do you have a younger brother?"

She wasn't offended by him never telling her about him, she just wanted things to be content between them. After all, they deserved it.

His eyes never left Will's. "I did once, but that was a long time ago. What does this have to do with this guy? Do you know what he's done?"

"Actually, yes." Regina responded calmly, "I do. Robin, how can you not recognize your own brother?"

Robin left her side and examined the man more closely.

"No, this isn't possible..." He muttered, realizing he had strikingly familiar blue eyes, ones that made him recall a memory of an eight year old boy he had once known.

Will rolled his eyes. "Well it took you long enough; I was genuinely offended you didn't get this epiphany when I joined your little Merry Men group."

Then, Robin just about burst into laughter as he put two and two together.

"Seriously Robin, I don't get it," Regina told him, "I love you, but how could you no remember him?"

"Because the eight year old William I knew was just about the chubbiest boy in our village, that's why!"

That reply made Will's face flush slightly. "I wasn't that bad!"

Robin forced his laugh down to a slight chuckle. "Yes you were, you were absolutely horrible at playing soccer- but look at you now! I couldn't even recognize you!"

It was so odd seeing his brother again, especially since he didn't seem angry with him for how things ended the last time they met. Robin still was the boy he used to know long ago, except for the fact that he was in love with the girl of his dreams.

"So... About what happened in Malificent's castle..." He began hesitantly, nervous to hear his reaction.

Robin simply shook his head. "That doesn't matter anymore. You're back, that's all I could ever ask for."

To his surprise, his brother wrapped his arms around him and gave him a pat on the back. The scene made Regina practically melt inside.

"I get to see my family again, my brother back, and a baby, all in the same day."

He smiled, gazing about the faces he loved with all of his heart.

They were all going to be okay.

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