We Can Love Again

Brother to Brother

The black and white ball rolled swiftly across the grass, which was slowly fading into a brownish color due to the season change. Will charged after the soccer ball, though he wasn't able to catch it before it rolled right on past him.

"I see you haven't gotten any better since you were eight," Robin remarked, a smirk on his face as Will scooped up the ball with his hands, throwing it back to him irritably. His brother caught it easily.

"Oh come on, you know this was never my thing." He retorted, as Robin set the soccer ball back down and kicked it towards him again; this time Will kicked it back with full force.

"And what is your thing, chasing after women?"

Will gave him a look. "Hey, that's not a bad thing. Not all of us like the old ball and chain relationship."

"I don't know what you're talking about- I'm happy with Regina." Robin grunted as he shot the ball sharply to Will's left, smiling a bit when he dove unsuccessfully for it.

"Well you better be, I mean, you're having another kid with her after all." Will brushed the dirt off his jeans, trying to catch his breath.

"I am happy. Bet you'd want to have a million kids with your true love, once you find one that is."

It was irritating how little Robin had changed in Will's eyes from when he had last seen him. He didn't know about everything that had happened to him; everything with Alice, everything with Anastasia... None of it. But the same went with Robin and his life- Will didn't know who Roland's biological mother was.

"I suppose so. But I think Henry and Roland are enough for me. I still don't know about this baby."

He missed the soccer ball again. It was beginning to feel redundant.

"Oh, so now you don't like my child? He isn't even born yet!" Robin was so taken aback, Will actually made a shot.

Will wanted to ask him how they both could possibly have another one, but he decided against it.

"No, three is just too many to keep track of," he teased, giving his brother a slap on the back.

"You should really get the father of the year award Robin."

The man gave him a look. "Do they give those out in this land?"

Will had to stop himself from laughing. "Don't worry, I'll make you one."

The shopping outlets were always crowded, no matter what day of the week it was. But, not the baby section- those were hardly untouched in their little town of Storybrooke. And that meant that practically everything was left for the queen's pleasure. Everything from the tiniest little caps to soothers and blankets. It was all open for her picking, and Regina loved it.

"You gotta get these for him!" Ruby held another onesie in her hands. She had (of course) jumped at the invitation of joining her for baby shopping. Ruby had even forced Emma to come with them, even though she swore babies weren't her thing. She missed the opportunity of shopping for the arrival her son, based on the fact that she was in jail.

"That's so cute!" Regina beamed, as Ruby added it to the collection. She was beginning to get quite obsessed with trucks and race cars.

"Hey Regina, does Robin know how to drive yet?" Emma jeered, knowing she didn't know she saw them on the road the previous day.

That answer was debatable. "He's getting... Better- as in I think he won't kill anyone. He's just so stubborn, ever since he found out Killian driving. How are you two doing, by the way?"

The blonde simply shrugged her shoulders. "He's still being an ass about it. Both of them are. It's so immature, but I can't do anything about it."

She tossed a few giant package of diapers into their shopping cart.

"Hey, I'm sorry. Things will change eventually; I mean, they have to." She attempted, smiling a bit for comfort.

Meanwhile, Ruby continued placing things in the cart- practically everything she saw. Normally, Regina would've found it nettlesome, but she was grateful for all her help. It was a goal of hers to get most, if not all, of the nursery done with before Christmas came. The deadline was getting closer, as well as getting colder. Her baby would be born in the blink of an eye, and she wanted to be ready.

"You've been thinking of names?" Emma asked, her attention turned to a package of hard plastic bottles.

Regina bit down on her lip as she checked out an array of pale blue blankets. "Not really, Robin and I haven't started discussing anything."

Ruby's expression revealed that she was appalled by what she had heard.

"What?! No names? Regina, are you crazy?"

She flushed a bit. "I've even busy Ruby! We both have. Do you know how hard it is to sleep with a dog yapping downstairs at five in the morning?"

"Yeah, I do," Ruby gave her a sarcastic look, taking the bottles out of Emma's hand and throwing them in the cart. She didn't even wait to hear the blonde's sour protests before reaching for some formula packets that lined the top shelf.

Regina couldn't help but sigh. Her baby would be born into the best, most complicated family he could ever ask for.

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