We Can Love Again


Their house was dead silent by the time they returned home. Henry was still finishing out his time over at Emma's. Roland had begged his parents to let him stay with his bother so they could watch a movie. There was still daylight outside, but both Regina and Robin were both exhausted after such a long day.

"I think I'm just going to head to bed," Regina told him, starting up the stairs.

"Are you sure?" Robin asked, concern showing in his eyes, "it's only six thirty."

She shrugged. "The baby's been kicking me all day. I just... Need a nap."

"Alright. I'll start on the dishes and clean up a bit." Robin sighed, sensing the discomfort in her face.

So Regina traveled upstairs and dressed in more comfortable clothes and got into bed. She was completely drained, that was the truth. Her baby moving around so much inside of her left her body sore. But mostly, it had been her sour conversation with Rumplestiltskin that made her slightly depressed. A thousand questions ran across her mind as her fear of the dark one resurfaced; the man she hadn't been able to get rid of, even after she had found her happiness with Robin. What if he did something to her baby boy?

She recalled the time he had tried ruining her relationship with Robin- for a little while, she had let him get the best of her. Although she knew nothing could separate their love, magic was capable of anything. If her soulmate got ripped from her like Daniel did... She didn't know what she would do. Just thinking about it made her feel sick.

About an hour later, Robin finished with the cleaning and made his way to their bedroom, trying to figure out why she was so down. Thanksgiving was supposed to be a happy day, not whatever this was. Throughout the entire meal, Regina had kept to herself and picked at her food. He knew her too well to believe she was simply tired.

He changed his clothes and slipped into the bed, immediately feeling her warmth. Regina shifted beside him so she was facing him.

"Did I wake you?" Robin asked softly, brushing the hair away from her face.

She shook her head. "You don't have to check up on me; I'm fine."

"You are so stubborn, you know that?" He could see her defensive expression, though the room was mostly dark. "Something has to be up, you're never this down. You're my fiancé, I know you better than anyone else."

Regina sighed, knowing he was right. Sitting up on the bed, she bound her hand with his. "It's... Rumple. He was talking to Roland and I- I realized how much of a threat he is to our family. I remembered all the things he made me do and... I'm just scared."

Robin squeezed her hand tenderly. "I know you and him had a past, but you can't afford to think like this. You were really stressed before I came back, I get that. But our baby is only getting bigger- you have to let it go."

She closed her eyes for a few long seconds. "I know... I just- just can't."

Hearing this, Robin sat up and moved so he was sitting behind her. "Well, that's what I'm for- let me help."

Regina could feel his hands bringing up her shirt. She allowed him to pull it over her head; instantly, his strong hands were caressing the back of her neck.

"Just relax... Don't think about it. Think about our baby instead."

It seemed so simple. His hands felt amazing on her skin; she didn't realize how tense she was.

"Well I took the girls out to help with baby shopping the other day, it was pretty fun. We got a lot of clothes and stuff. Do you think we could paint the walls?"Robin moved his hands farther down her back, causing her to let out an involuntary moan.

"Sure, anything you want. Just as long as our son is happy in it."

She grimaced slightly when he reached the small of her back, her muscles extremely tense. "Harder," she commanded, breathing out the air she was holding in.

Robin smiled, pressing his thumbs harder into her skin. "Your wish is my command, M'Lady."

It felt blissful to feel such love from him; all her thoughts about Rumple were long gone. She never wanted him to stop.

"Now- close your eyes... Think about our child. I want him to have your eyes, so every time I look down at him I'll think of you."

"What's so great about my eyes? They're brown." Regina muttered.

"No, they're like... Warm melted chocolate. You're so beautiful, what did I do to deserve you?"

She let out a small laugh, thinking about how incorrect he was about that one; ever since she began to get bigger, Regina felt less and less attractive about herself. Of course she loved her baby, but she knew she was loosing her edge.

"I just hope our baby looks more like you than me. Well, maybe he can look a bit like me... Henry of course looks nothing like me. Roland looks a lot like you, but absolutely nothing like me. I guess it would be nice to have one child actually look like me."

Robin couldn't stop himself from leaning forward and pressing his lips against her shoulder.

"I just can't wait to meet him..." She breathed, "so he can stop kicking me. I swear, my ankles are already starting to swell. Emma was right, pregnancy is a bitch."

He had to force himself to take a breath. "You know it'll be worth it when we both hold our baby in our arms."

Regina let out another groan, partially from pleasure and partially from stress.

"You just... Don't understand. You don't have to carry a baby inside of you."

Peppering kisses along her neck, Robin let his hands wander across the swell of her abdomen.

"I'm here for support, that's what guys are supposed to be there for."

His fiancé simply rolled her eyes. "You are my support Robin. I wouldn't be able to have this baby without you right by my side. You're my lionheart, remember? I really do love you."

She couldn't wait to marry him. Then all of her dreams would truly become a reality.

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