We Can Love Again

Change of Plans

"Seriously Robin, we can't be late again!"

It was almost eleven in the morning, yet the both of them had just barely woken up. Regina was irritated with herself for not getting up on time. They couldn't miss another chance at seeing their child. She was just about twenty three weeks now.

"I'm working on it," Robin muttered, a toothbrush sticking out of his mouth.

"Do you think the boys had fun over at the Charmings?" Regina asked as she attempted to put some makeup on. Despite them actually getting along, it still felt odd to think about her two kids being over at their apartment- and her being perfectly okay with it.

"Of course they had fun, Roland was going on and on about watching another Disney movie."

"Well, at least we didn't have to wake up to that dog barking," she said, grabbing his hand and leading him towards the stairs.

"I thought you were getting used to her!" Robin told her, pulling his shoes on as quickly as he could.

Regina gave him a look. "Never said I didn't, but Jupiter does bark all the time."

He couldn't argue with that.

"Hey- can I drive?"

Regina couldn't help but laugh in response as she grabbed her keys. "Never in a million years. Now come on, we're going to be late!"

They've been through this same routine over and over. Even though Robin had only been back for a month and a half, it was always such a nice thing to be able to go to those appointments together.

"Seriously though, shouldn't we start picking some names?" He asked, once the started off down the road.

Regina tossed him a sideways glance. "I guess... But we're going to need more time than the five minutes it'll take to get there."

"That's a start," he complied, resting his head against the headrest, "how about... Nathan?"

Regina bit her bottom lip as she registered the name. "Maybe. It's hard thinking of names... The only one I could come up with is Ethan."

"That's a great name! What're you talking about?"

Sighing, she pulled into the nearest parking space and turned off the car. "I don't know. This is our child we're talking about, he has to have a perfect name. But I suppose we have more time to think about all this. We made it just in time... Thank God."

Regina always hated how many questions Whale asked her. They were always so invasive she would rather melt down into a puddle than answer them. Robin promised her they were only for the greater good of their child, but she had never been good with interrogations like these. She didn't recall signing up for therapy when she found out she was pregnant.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Whale asked, sensing her discomfort, "nothing's unusual or hurting?"

Regina tried hard to fight the scowl that was forming on her face. "If something was wrong, don't you think I would already have talked to you about it? Now, can we see our baby?"

Robin tightened his grip around her shoulders, as if to tell her to stop talking. Thankfully, she took the bait.

"You always want to see your baby, Regina." Whale chuckled slightly to himself, flipping through her papers of information. "Well, everything looks like it's going normal, so do you two want to set yourselves up inside the ultrasound room?"

Seeing their baby made the antagonizing visit worth it. She knew it meant something special for Robin to see their child; it meant something special to her too, but her fiancé hadn't experienced technology and its benefits as long as she had.

After taking her blood pressure and measured around her abdomen, Whale got out a stethoscope and listened to the baby's heartbeat.

"Well, he sounds perfectly healthy," he concluded, although both parents obviously knew. "I scheduled another quick ultrasound to get more images; he's finally in a different position than last time."

Regina rested her head back and sighed. "I would hope he is. I feel him moving all the time."

Whale chuckled as he began to get the right equipment out. "That's completely normal; he's getting bigger and stronger with every day that passes by."

There it was again, the freezing cold gel. Regina had to keep reminding herself that it was all worth the wait. And it was. Seeing their little baby up on the monitor couldn't have made either of them happier. Robin held her hand, right by her side as usual.

"I can't believe how big he's getting," Robin said, unable to take his eyes off the sight of his unborn child, "now that I think about it, Nathan could really work for him."

"Let's not get too cocky," Regina smirked at him, "I still think since I'm the one carrying our baby, I should name him."

Robin rolled his eyes. "I'll fight for that name if I must. A man should have the honor of naming his own son, don't you think Whale?"

The doctor gave both of them a nonchalant look. "I'm a doctor, not a therapist. It would only be fair for me to remain neutral in this conversation. Now- I'm going to get these images processed... Don't kill each other before I come back."

Handing Regina a cloth, he headed for the door.

"You told me you'd behave!" Robin placed his hands on her shoulders, "we can't be arguing at a time like this."

Regina sighed as she wiped the gel off her stomach. "Hey, I'm trying! You know… hormones."

Chuckling, he turned his attention back to the frozen image of their child. "Be nice to Whale, he's trying."

He really was the only man in all the realms who could never calm her down so easily. Regina didn't know how he did it.

"I'm doing the best I can," she muttered, "Whale and I have a past, you know that."

Robin remembered what she had told him what seemed like forever ago. "Let's just be thankful for what we have. And that, my dear Regina, is a beautiful baby boy."

Then, Whale came back in the room. Neither of them could deny the uncertain look on his face.

"Is there something wrong?" She immediately asked, sensing the man's capricious mood.

In his hands were a stack of pictures from the ultrasound. The couple waited impatiently for him to answer.

"I reanalyzed these pictures, and I believe there's been a... Slight inaccuracy."

As presumed, Regina's eyes widened like saucers. "What? What do you mean? Is there something wrong with our baby?"

"No, nothing's wrong." He clarified immediately, wanting nothing but an angry queen on his hands.

"Then that's the inaccuracy?" Robin asked, just as tense as she was.

Taking a deep breath, he handed the photos to Regina. "You see... This is the first time your baby has been in a different position during an ultrasound," he began, "after giving these a closer look, I realized that something I thought was something... Was actually something else-"

"What the hell are you trying to say?" Regina snapped, disregarding everything her fiancé had just told her.

Whale looked flustered as he tried to find the words to say. "I think- I think he is actually a... She."

The words hung uncomfortably in the air between them. Regina simply stared back at him, so dumbfounded she didn't know what to say.

"What?" Her voice became dangerously low, her eyes piecing right into his.

"Well- I told you- the way the baby was positioned made it look like-"

"Are you telling me, that... you lied to us?" Regina growled, setting the pictures down so she could promptly grab hold of the collar of his shirt.

"I bought almost three hundred dollars worth of baby clothes last week- for a boy!"

"Regina-" Robin forced her to release her grip on the doctor. She was fuming.

"Sorry for that," he muttered, holding Regina back so she couldn't attack the poor man. "So it's true? You're positive we're having a girl instead of a boy?"

Whale nodded. "I am so sorry for the inconvenience, I really am. It's... Difficult to read ultrasounds sometimes."

"It's fine," Robin reassured, "you did nothing wrong. It'll just take time to adjust, that's all. I don't think Nathan will work for a name anymore..."

Regina gave him a baffled look as Whale dismissed them both. For some reason, he was annoyingly calm as they exited the hospital.

"What... What are we going to do?" She muttered, on the verge of tears.

"Regina... Everything's going to be okay-"

"No it won't! Robin, we already bought so many things! I... I don't know what to do!" Her voice broke as she laid her head on his chest, feeling absolutely defeated inside.

"We're going to be okay! You wanted a girl from the get go, remember that?" He asked tenderly, holding her securely in his arms as she began to cry.

"This is only a slight change in the plan, that's all. No matter what gender our child is, I still love her either way."

It was just too much to take in at once. Regina still couldn't believe it; she had been lied to- the incompetence of Doctor Whale had made her actually believe she was having a son.

"How... How are we going to get the nursery done by Christmas?" She asked feebly, wiping her eyes to rid the tears that glistened on her face.

Robin gave her his usual, confident smile. "We can get it done. I promise. Why don't we call up Ruby, Snow and Emma? Heck, tell Charming, Hook and Neal to come too. Whatever it takes- we'll get the nursery ready for our baby girl."

His words were a rush of comfort to her. Regina believed every single word he said.

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