We Can Love Again


The couple wished they could have recorded their boys' reactions to the new- it was priceless.

"What do you mean a girl?" Henry asked, looking absolutely horrified at both of his parents. "You said the baby could be a boy!"

"I know, I know..." Robin told him gently, "there was just a slight mistake, that's all. It's hard getting a good picture of the baby."

Roland sat next to him, but he seemed more confused than anything else. Regina wondered if the five year old even knew what was going on.

"How can you tell the difference between boys and girls momma?" He asked suddenly, tilting his head to the side.

As his parents silently battled one another to see who had to answer the question, Henry opened his mouth.

"Roland, girls don't have..." He glanced down at his lap.

The boy responded by letting out a slight "oh," and remained quiet for the next few minutes.

"So," Regina began, trying to get off of the awkward moment, "how are you guys feeling about this?"

Her twelve year old simply shrugged. "I guess it's okay... I've never thought about having a little sister before."

She couldn't help but laugh dryly. "Well, I've never thought about this either. It's a... Surprise to everyone."

Slipping his arm around her, Robin studied their two boys for a minute.

"Now- what does this little blinking envelope on my screen mean?" He asked, holding out his phone towards them. Henry suppressed a smug smile, something his mother strictly told him not to do.

"It means you got a text message- we've been over this, Dad." Henry told him, taking the phone from his hand and checking the message.

"It's from Ruby. She says that, in all caps, 'I would love to help Regina out with baby shopping', followed by like, twenty exclamation points. Then she says, 'I can't believe your having a baby girl', with... A lot of exclamation points."

Neither of them could hold back a smile when they heard that text. Typical Ruby.

Handing the phone back to Robin, Henry gave both his parents a look.

"Are you going to make us go with you to shop?" He asked, a hint of resent in his voice.

On the other hand, Roland seemed happy with the idea. "Yay! I wanna shop for the baby with you Mommy!"

Regina seemed absolutely relieved after his positive remark. "I'm making everyone else come with us to help Henry, I think you can too."

Then, turning to Robin, her expression changed to a concerned one. "What are we going to do with all the things we've bought already?"

He thought about it for a moment. "Hopefully the store will take them back and pay us the money it all was worth," he said, hoping what he said was correct.

"It's called a return honey, and I'm not sure if they'll do it. But, I was the mayor, so... I'll persuade them."

Shooting her a sly smile, Robin set to work on typing Ruby a message back.

"Are we meeting the Charmings at the store or what?" Henry asked, finally opening up to the idea. Although he didn't want to spend his weekend shopping for his baby sister, the boy figured at the least he would be able to spend more time with his family.

"That's the plan," Robin said, ruffling his hair, "we should probably head over there now, don't you think Regina?"

Nodding, she grabbed her keys. "And no you are not driving. Maybe someday, but not today."

Robin rolled his eyes, picking up Roland and starting off towards the black Mercedes.

"So Mom, what kind of stuff do little girls need?" Henry couldn't help but ask, having no past experience with baby girls before.

Regina helped Robin get Roland properly in his car seat and started up the Mercedes. It was then she realized how cramped the five of them would be in her small car- it was definitely not made for small children.

"Well, I'm not entirely sure myself," she admitted as they began the drive, "generally girls' things are pink colored, but to tell you the truth I don't really like it. I was thinking lots of purple actually, but whatever works. After all, she'll be a little princess." Regina couldn't help bit smile at her last words.

"What about your mommy momma?" Roland's small voice sounded from behind her, "what did she do when you were a little baby?"

Robin watched as her expression changed immediately- she was unsure of herself.

"Well, I wouldn't remember, now would I?" She attempted to say, though the words came out flat. "Besides, we never really... Talked about that kind of stuff."

She didn't realize how much she missed not having a normal mother until then. Someone she could go to share her excitement over expecting a baby girl. Normal mothers care for their children, normal mothers love their children...

Regina fought to keep the tears out of her eyes.

"That's alright, because Mommy has the two best kids in the world to help her out," Robin came to her aid, setting his hand on her arm to comfort her.

Henry never knew Cora. He only remembered what his mother had told her when she threatened to come through the portal- She'll hurt you. And I can't risk her hurting you.

"Yeah Mom, I'll help you. Roland too." He suddenly felt bad for his negativity towards the new news about his sibling.

His little brother didn't seem to know what was going on, so he followed Henry's example and agreed with him.

The store was pretty full when they got there. But, as usual, all the baby things were left untouched from when Regina last visited. Robin had talked Happy into refunding all three hundred dollars worth of boy clothes (he wouldn't let his fiancé handle that one), and thankfully, the entire family met them there, right on time.

"Is it true Regina, are you having a little girl?" Snow asked, her smile bright and wide.

Before she could answer, Ruby came up from behind and nearly tackle hugged her to death. "I knew it! I knew you were going to have a girl! I mean, no offense to boys, but they're not nearly as much fun as girls are!"

Henry made a face at her.

"Think about all the pink! All the princess stuff!" Ruby was more than ready to dive into the shopping.

"And baby girls... Like pink?" Killian asked, looking confused as he glanced over all the rows of baby merchandise. "I really have no idea why I'm here. Charming forced me to come."

"Because Snow forced me to go," David clarified, "and I wasn't about to go baby shopping without more guys going- not that I don't want to shop for your baby, Regina." He quickly added, flashing her a fast smile.

"Well... Thank you for coming. I have no idea where Will or Neal are, but we can start without them." Clasping her hands together, she gave them all a serious look. "We have just less than three weeks to turn our spare bedroom into a nursery. So I thought we could all split up and look for different things. Don't worry about the expenses, I'll cover all of that."

Even though some were more willing than others, everyone opted to get assigned a few items around the store. Regina split them in pairs of two, skillfully putting together those who knew what they were doing and those who didn't have a clue.

It was a time like this she wished Tinkerbell was still around. She would be ecstatic for her, eager to help... But not as enthusiastic as Ruby. She did care for the girl, but sometimes she wore her out with all her energy. Tink had proved to be a really good friend to her; she had saved her life. Regina just hoped she was happy.

"So... Babies really are this small?" Killian inquired, picking up a pair of light pink socks with his good hand.

"Of course they are!" Ruby told him, "they're small and innocent, unable to fend for themselves. But they sure do look cute."

She took the socks from him and set it on top of the growing pile in the cart, a smug smile on her face.

"Who knows, maybe you and Emma could-"

"Nope, never happening." He intervened, "having Henry and Roland around is good enough for me."

Ruby rolled her eyes at the pirate as she reached for a pack of wipes. "Well Regina will need lots of babysitters after the baby comes. I've seen you interact with Roland, I know you care about him; Henry too. I know you'll adjust to the baby after some time."

Killian still found it hard to believe that the queen of the Enchanted Forest could possibly have found love again, to have such a family. He still didn't know if he were indeed part of that family, or Emma, or Ruby. But it was nice to have everyone not at each other's throats, that he knew. That baby would give everyone the love and joy they needed to completely move on from their pasts.

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