We Can Love Again

He Really Loves You

The house was still in a complete disarray. But, for once, Regina didn't care. She was more interested in spending time with her family- cleaning could come later.

"Why couldn't Will stay the night?" Roland asked, a saddened look on his face. He had woken up to his uncle gone.

His mother hummed softly as she ran her fingers through his hair in an attempt to make it more presentable. "He's been busy lately. I think you forget he's an adult who actually has a life- somewhat of a life."

Those were two words he would have never used to describe Will Scarlett. "Well I wanted him to stay." The five year old replied stoutly, much to his mother's amusement.

"He'll be back soon," she told him, taking his hand and leading him downstairs. Henry and Robin were both engaged in a new video game they got as one of their presents.

"Hey Mom, do you want to play with us?" Henry asked, holding out another controller in her direction. Her internal response was a definite no, but then she didn't see why not. None of them had any real plans for the day, nor did any of them want any.

"You know, I'm really excited about that pass to the stables," she said, sitting herself on the carpet floor.

Neither of them took their eyes off the screen as they spoke. "I'm glad, but you can't really ride any horses until the baby is born."

Regina shot him a glare. "Well I know that, just gives me something to look forward to."

The memory of Daniel going absolutely mad in the stables still ran fresh in Henry's mind- it was terrifying, seeing his steadfast mother so broken. He supposed it was progress, her finally wanting to go back. Horses were a part of her; seeing that go would be disappointing.

"I still want to get better at riding," he told her, only building Regina's excitement, "and Roland can learn, and one day, the baby can learn too. Have you thought of any names yet?"

Regina was so concentrated on the video game, she only halfway heard him. "Your father and I want to make the name a surprise, so you and Roland will have to wait."

Both of their boys let out a disappointed simultaneous groan. "Why?"

Robin and Regina both took delight in their children's misery. "Because, it's more fun that way." She hoped by saying this, they wouldn't find out that they were still in a rut for name choices. The name had to be perfect, and neither of them were going to stop until they found that perfect name for their little princess.

Regina had been so focused on convincing Henry and Roland that she wasn't paying attention to the game out in front of her. In her mental absence, her fiancé's character had strategically snuck his way behind her, sticking a sword into her character's back and resulting in the section of her screen to turn black.

"Robin! Did you just stab me?!" Regina asked, her mouth slightly open in shock as she turned her inquisitive eyes towards him.

He simply shrugged. "That's the point of the game, sweetheart."

That sent her over the edge. "Well you shouldn't be able to kill people in a game like this! The objective of the game is to defeat the dragon, not to kill one another-"

"Mom, It's okay to kill people from time to time- in video games." He ignored the aghast look his mother was giving him and continued. "Like, what if the Wicked Witch of the West appeared in the game? You'd have to kill her then."

Rolling her eyes, Regina put down her controller and joined Roland on the couch.

"Whatever. I'll get you back one day, Robin."

He took that threat to heart, smiling slyly as he continued to play with his son.Roland had stolen her phone in her absence, and was playing one of his games while sprawled out on the couch.

"Hey buddy, can I see my phone for a moment?" She asked, gently pulling it away from his hands. He reluctantly let it go. Going through her messages, she saw Ruby had texted her a few times.

Did Robin give you anything else for Christmas?

Regina blatantly ignored the ten winky faces beside the text as she quickly took a picture of her hand and sending it to her. It didn't even take her a minute to reply.

Oh my God! That's amazing! Regina, he really loves you!

She couldn't help but smile. On any normal circumstance, she would've taken every opportunity to tell Ruby that she was wrong, that she could be perfectly happy on her own without looking weak. The old Regina could never possibly show weakness. But Cora was so horribly wrong about that statement- love wasn't only strength, it was also the foundation of happiness, the one thing that had transformed her from an audacious evil queen to a caring mother.

I know.

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