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Best Friend

She was woken up by her phone buzzing loudly beside their bed. Regina was drained of virtually all of her energy; nothing seemed worthy enough for her to get out of bed anymore. Robin had left earlier in the morning for work, but even then she had no intentions of getting up. The baby was officially starting to take over her life.

"Hello?" Regina asked into the phone, finding it hard to even open her eyes to the bright, sun enhanced room.

She was met with her dear friend's cheer filled voice. "Regina! Remember when I told you that you need a baby shower?"

Regina tried thinking back, but she ended up drawing a blank. "Baby shower? We never talked about that." She responded bluntly, just about to hang up. Before she did, she heard something off on Ruby's end- a door slamming shut. "Ruby... Where are you?"

"We did too talk about it!" She retorted, "Regina you are seven months pregnant- you're getting a baby shower."

Just as she finished her sentence, her bedroom door opened, revealing Ruby dressed in her white parka and red high heels, holding her cell phone up to her ear.

Regina gave her friend a sour look. "Ruby! What the hell?"

"What are you doing still in bed?" She asked, sticking her phone back in her pocket, "we have a big day today."

"No, I'm staying in bed. I feel like absolute shit." Regina grumbled back at her.

"Someone's especially cheerful this morning," Ruby said, taking off her coat and climbing onto the bed. "You remember when I made you that Instagram account?"

Of course she remembered. The younger woman had convinced her that everyone on the planet earth had an Instagram account, and that she simply couldn't go another day without having one for herself.

"Sure. You didn't post anything on there, did you?"

Regina's phone was out in a flash. While she didn't know how to work the program, she was now thankful she had taken the time to download it. To her dismay, Ruby did post something- an invite to a baby shower on the second of January- that day.

"You didn't..." She began, her voice trailing off weakly.

"You've gotten so many followers though!" Ruby said, in an attempt to cheer her up, "and why wouldn't they? You're fabulous."

Regina glared towards her. "You told people to come to my house today without telling me? I don't even want a baby shower- I've gotten way too many things already!"

"I didn't tell you because I knew you'd get mad!" Ruby told her, "everything will work out though. We got a few hours. Will agreed to watch the kids, it'll all work out."

Regina's head felt like it was about to explode- she was about to be the center of a party- another party- in a matter of hours.

"What... Are people supposed to show up and give me things for the baby?"

Ruby couldn't help but smile. "Yes, and to talk about baby stuff, and just... Talk. My car is filled to the brim with decorations, so let's get going!"

Though she was still mad, Regina surrendered and finally got out of her bed, following her down the stairs. Ruby was right about her car being full of decorations. She had gotten balloons, lots and lots of balloons.

"You're crazy, you know that right?" Regina asked, tossing her a glance as she watched her begin to unload the car.

"Of course I know that," Ruby beamed, "but what would you do without me? Everyone needs a best friend in their life."

Regina was so surprised by her words, she stopped what she was doing to look at her, eyes slightly in awe. It was such a specific choice of words, best friend. She supposed they did deserve the title, it just never crossed her mind before.

"Yes, I suppose everyone does."

All the anger that had encompassed her just minutes before had completely vanished, with no trace left behind. Perhaps a baby shower wouldn't be such a bad thing after all.

"You do so much to help me out Ruby, how am I ever supposed to repay you?"Handing her a bouquet of balloons, she smiled. "Well, you could name your baby after me. Just kidding- as long as her and I get lots of play dates in the future, I'll be fine."

Regina laughed as they both started back towards the house. "Oh we'll probably need it. Taking care of three kids in the same house... It'll be interesting to say the least. Never thought I would say this, but it's pretty nice to have Emma take Henry every other week. I struggled for years to try and find more time with him, and now it feels like we have all the time in the world. Funny, isn't it?"

The balloons were then released in the family room, soaring through the air until they hit the ceiling. Henry and Roland had both come down the stairs to see what their mother was up to.

"What's up Ruby, throwing another party?" Henry asked, eyeing the balloons suspiciously.

She smiled down at him, picking up his little brother and placing a kiss on his cheek. "Yup! I'm throwing your mom a baby shower- a party for the baby."

Roland wiped the lipstick off his check and gave her a look. "But the baby isn't here yet!"

Setting him back down, she laughed slightly. "That's the point! We're all just getting ready for her to come. Anyways, while this is going on here, I thought you boys would be happier if you spent the day with Will."

Both boys lit up. "That would be awesome! It's better than hanging around a bunch of girls all day- no offense."

"You'll change your mind about that someday," Ruby told them, "but I'll take you over there. While I'm gone, you better make yourself look presentable." She directed the order towards Regina, who raised her hands up defensively.

"Yes ma'am. You boys be good over there, you promise?"

They both nodded fervently. What good boys she had. Ruby left with the both of them, and Regina attempted to find something reasonable to wear out of her wide range of maternity clothes. Whatever Ruby had planned for the baby shower was going to be interesting; she knew that for a fact.

Everyone had showed up, and she wasn't surprised to the slightest bit. They all brought presents with them too, along with happy smiles on their faces. It definitely felt like Christmas all over again.

"I'll be honest, I didn't really know about this whole thing until a few hours ago," Regina began, after everyone had sat down on the couch. "But thank you all for coming. I can't believe how supportive everyone's been with the pregnancy."

Regina swore to herself that she wouldn't get emotional at times like these. But she really did mean every word, and it meant so much to her.

"Of course we're here for you, who wouldn't be excited for the former mayor of Storybrooke's baby to come?" Belle asked, making Regina smile. The new mayor was dressed in a pair of demon jeans and a purple lace shirt; Regina hadn't seen her in casual clothes in such a long time.

"And we're family; that's what family does." Snow added, a twinkle in her eye.

Regina almost swore. So this was turning into one of those sappy girl parties. About a year ago, that was the biggest nightmare she could think of.

"I know this baby will have one amazing family when she's born," she was able to get out, quickly wiping away the tears as they came. The last thing she needed now was for everyone to form a group hug and cry- that almost made her sick.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Ruby asked, coming to her aid, "let's open some of these presents!"

Getting up, she took the first present out of Emma's hands- it was fairly big, and tied with a blue bow. Regina opened it up rather cautiously, finding about three DVDs inside.

"It's music for babies," Emma explained, "apparently, it makes the baby smarter when they listen to it. That's what it said on the internet at least."

Regina smiled, though inside she wanted to wanted to tell the blonde how stupid that proposition sounded. "Thank you Emma!"

Ruby took out her camera and snapped a shot of Regina with holding the DVDs in her lap. "Ruby! Really, what the hell?" She then took the notepad sitting next to her and jotted something down. "Oh, calm down. You are totally going to want to have these pictures later," Ruby rationalized, "and it helps to know who gave you what for the thank you cards."

The rest of the opening of presents went by quite smoothly. Snow got her five outfits, two blankets, and a stuffed horse. Regina couldn't believe it, but she was actually getting up to give Snow a tight embrace as the tears traveled down her face. Snow hugged back just as fiercely, "If it weren't for a horse, I never would have met you. I'm so happy your daughter is going to be privileged enough to have the woman who saved me all those years ago." Someone from the small crowd, let out 'awe', making Regina remember people were watching. She cleared her throat and pulled back, "Okay, what's next?"

Ruby simply smiled and handed her a small bag, "Last one is from Granny!" Regina grabbed it and started taking the tissue paper out. She started laughing, "What is this?"

Granny leaned back in her chair and folded her hands over her stomach. "That would be a breast pump. In other words, the best invention made for new mothers of this world. Start leaking, no worries, just go into the other room and bottle some milk. Simple as that." Despite herself, Regina started to blush at the older woman's reference to her breasts.

"Nothing to be ashamed of," she smiled at Regina and winked, "every mother goes through it."

She smiled back at her, "Well, thank you very much, Granny. I'm sure I will love it, especially when Robin doesn't have to wake me up to feed her in the middle of the night."

"Game time!" Ruby exclaimed. Regina and Emma rolled their eyes as Belle and Snow straightened in their seats. "Okay, I'm going to walk around with a tray of baby things and you will all take a nice look at it." She instructed, "Belle, pass one out to everyone, including yourself, a sheet of paper and a pen." As Belle passed out the supplies, Regina stretched her aching back and moaned at the relief she felt. Snow glanced at her.

"Are you okay? Do you need a heating pad or something?"

Regina smiled at the offer, "No, thank you, dear. I'm just a bit stiff from sitting in this chair. I'll be fine."

Ruby started walking around the room with the tray, making sure everyone got a good look. Once she had made one pass through, she walked to the next room with the tray and returned without it.

"Okay, write down everything you remember being on the tray. Whoever can remember the most will win title of 'Godmother'." Regina cut a sharp look to Ruby, who just laughed. "Calm down, I'm just joking. You win five free meals at Granny's." It was Granny's turn to cut a look to her granddaughter.

Instead of saying the first thought that came to her mind, her face relaxed, "Fine. Five meals on the house." Granny then got to writing down everything she could remember and even made up some things that could have possibly been on there. "Time's up! Pens down." Ruby retrieved the tray and started picking up item by item as everyone checked everything off that they had. "I got fourteen!" Belle exclaimed.

"I got six," Emma chuckled, "How many did you get, Mary Margret?" Snow finished counting,

"Sixteen." Ruby looked around at everyone, "Anyone get more than sixteen?"

Regina smirked while everyone else shook their head, "I got twenty-two." She looked to Granny, "It looks like I'll be getting five free hamburgers." She couldn't help but to feel a bit like the queen that she was when she succeeded in winning. Granny light-heartedly rolled her eyes, "Fine."

Robin didn't know what he was missing.

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