We Can Love Again

All That Matters

When Robin arrived at the house, he was met by an array of pink balloons- pink everywhere, really. He couldn't have been more confused.

"What went on in here?"

Regina glanced up from her pile of presents to meet his eyes. "Ruby threw me a spur of the moment baby shower," she told him, gesturing towards the presents.

Sitting down next to her on the couch, Robin wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "And.. What's this?" He asked, picking up the present that was closest to her.

"That would be a breast pump," she said, earning a surprised look from her fiancé. "Granny got it for me- the baby has to get milk somehow."

He let out a laugh. "I suppose she does. So you were able to pull off this party without me?"

Regina nodded. "I don't know how we did it, but either way it was fun. We got so many new toys and clothes for her."

"That's amazing, we need all the help we can get. Where were the boys during all of this?"

Getting out her phone, she checked the messages she had gotten from Will. "They're over at the park now," Regina told him, "Will's still looking after them."

It was about four in the afternoon. Work had been fairly calm and easygoing for Robin, though he wanted nothing more than to come home to spend time with Regina and their kids.

"Well, it's a nice day today," he began, "why don't we head down to the park and see what they're up to?"

Regina sighed. "It's freezing outside Robin, why can't we just stay inside, where it's warm."

"Because you can't possibly stay cooped up in this house forever," he said back, almost instantly, "and it's nice and sunny out there."

He very well knew how self conscious she had gotten recently over her body.

"Who came to this baby shower, Ruby, Belle, Snow, and Emma, right? They're your friends, they don't care what you look like."

"There are still people that talk," Regina persisted, "people still give me looks. They make me feel dirty inside- I hate it."

The panic showing through her brown eyes made Robin pity her. "If they have anything to say about you, or our baby, they can talk to me about it. We're just like they are."

She shook her head, tears begging for release in her eyes. "But we're not like them; we can never be like everyone else. I've done too much for them to forgive me; I'm the evil queen who's pregnant with a common thief's baby, nothing will ever change that."

He was holding her more tightly then, scared she would simply give out at any moment.

"If they think that, then they're the villains," Robin said firmly, "they don't know the real you, the Regina I fell in love with. You've been nothing but kind to everyone, and that's all you can do. If they decide to like you or not, well, that's their decision."

Blinking away her tears, Regina closed her eyes and allowed herself to become completely encompassed by his arms. "I just wish it weren't so hard to be happy." She said simply.

"I know," Robin replied, running his fingers through her hair soothingly. "But we have each other, and our family, and our friends. That's enough."

Regina couldn't help but smile. He was completely right.

"I know what will make you feel better," he said, "spending time with our boys. They never fail to cheer you up."

Gently cupping the side of his face with her hand, her smile brightened. "You never fail to cheer me up Robin."

He placed a tender kiss on her forehead. "Good. Then I've done something right with my life."

They rested in each other's arms for a few moments, simply enjoying the silence.

"Did you call me a common thief?" Robin asked suddenly, causing Regina to giggle. "I'm not just any common thief, dear. I'm-"

"Robin of Locksley, I know." She finished for him, "guilty of stealing my heart."

Robin was right, it was a nice day. Though it was still early in the year, the sun was out, and the wind blew a gentle, cool breeze. Regina wore a light blue long sleeved shirt and a pair of black yoga pants- she couldn't bring herself to wear anything else. Sweatpants were her new favorite thing; they were the only article of clothing that didn't make her feel uncomfortable.

The park was completely empty, except for Will and two boys that were running around the perimeter of the swing set. When they saw their parents, they both smiled and took off towards them.

"How was your girl party?" Henry asked, just about out of breath as he came towards them.

Regina smiled. "It was fun. Emma gave me some DVDs that she claimed would make the baby smarter."

"I was wondering why she bought those," Henry replied, seeming relieved. Roland darted right into his father's arms, the knitted hat on his head lopsided due to his running frenzy.

"Glad you finally showed up," Will told the both of them, "I'm exhausted. These kids really tire me out; I don't know how you do it every day."

Regina gave him a pointed look. "I think a little exercise is good for you."

"Well I think you could use some exercise too," he shot back, earning a scowl from his sister.

"Hey, be nice." Robin interjected, "thank you for watching them Will. Ruby sure appreciates it."

Rolling his eyes, Will gave him a playful smack on the shoulder. "Well now that you're here, I can finally get back home."

With that, he was off towards his car, leaning Regina and Robin alone in the middle of the playground with their kids.

"Can you push me on the swing Daddy?" Roland asked in his innocent little voice.

Roland tightened his arms around his neck as his Dad nodded. "Sure buddy. Did you have fun with Will?"

"Yes!" He answered quickly, "we got to play with Charlie."

"That sounds very fun," Robin told him, setting him down gently on one of the swings. Henry claimed the one next to his brother and began to swing.

"You don't have to push me if you don't want to Mom." Henry said with a slight smile.

"I think I'm going to go sit down, my back is killing me." Regina said, giving her fiancé a sideways glance.

"Why don't you sit right here then," Robin told her, taking a break from pushing Roland to gesture towards the empty swing on the other side of him. Regina seemed a tad uncertain, but there was no way she could say no to him. It proved to be a challenge to fit her hips into the swing, but it did take a load off her back when she did so. Right after, she felt his hands on her sides as he pulled her back gently.

"No Robin don't-"

Before she could finish, he let go, and sent her gliding across the cool afternoon air. He then went back and forth between her and Roland, going back and forth, pushing them both.

"Did you know that I never learned how to swing?" She asked, having never actually tried before.

"That is so sad," Robin replied, honestly not believing what he had heard. "Even Roland's learning, aren't you?" He asked, an excited "yes!" coming from his five year old quickly.

"I missed the boat on that one I guess," she said, "but at least I have a fiancé who will gladly push me."

Robin smiled. "Right you are. But seriously, if our five year old can do it, I'm pretty sure you can. It's all about how you move your legs and push yourself forward- once you got that, gravity does the rest. You just enjoy the ride."

Regina did begin to take delight in the activity as she go higher; it was nice to feel carefree, light as a feather, with no worries weighing her down. She felt like she could reach out and touch the sun if she desired to. The thought of Robin teaching their daughter how to swing only made her happier- she was going to have such a nice life. That was the one thing she wanted more than anything to give to her. And thanks to Robin, it was now possible.

The sound of Roland's shrieking filled the chilly air; Regina found herself laughing too. She watched Henry from a side view as he got so incredibly high he seemed to soar above her, Roland calling his name excitedly, telling him to jump over and over again. When he did, Regina had to admit that her breath caught in her throat as she saw him fall down the sodden mulch that lined the park grounds. To her relief, her son landed right on his feet, and looked back at Robin with a triumphant gleam to his eyes as Roland grinned and gazed back towards him with a starstruck awe.

Let them all judge her; let them all give her looks. She had the best family in all the land, and that was all that mattered.

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