Turning Time

Independence and a Sexy Party

11 July, 1976 20:31

"Congrats to Sirius for getting out of a shit family. And for not being like them. Cheers, mates." We clinked our bottles together, then drank.

Remus coughed. "This tastes awful."

"What, you've never had beer before?"

Remus shook his head. "I don't like feeling like I don't have control, I suppose."

James and I glanced at each other, then he said, "You don't have to drink, if you don't want to."

Remus shook his head. "S'alright, I need to loosen up." He ran a hand through his hair.

I could feel James' eyes on mine, watching to see the effect Remus' motion had on me. I broke my gaze. "There's something I haven't told you."

"What is it?" James took another swig of beer.

"Kreacher caught on that I wasn't interested in girls, and started to call me queer, faggot, poofer, whatever, when my mother wasn't around."

"Are you fucking with me? What a prick—"

"So I had to convince him. I magically cemented pictures of girls on the walls. I pretended to masturbate to one of them when I knew he'd walk in on me to do the cleaning."

Remus snorted. "Ingenious. That's awful, though, Sirius."

James scratched his chin. "Do you suppose there are any gay house-elves?"

I smirked and shook my head. "I don't know about house-elves, but I have to assume there are gay centaurs."

James laughed and took out another beer. "Are you into that sort of thing?"

I raised an eyebrow. "You're telling me you wouldn't fuck a centaur?"

"I'm sure I'd be the one getting fucked."

Remus choked on his beer, and we all laughed.

After an hour and five beers apiece had gone by, I felt light, happier than I'd felt in ages. I knew the others felt the same; we all couldn't help smiling.

"I want to watch you snog." James set his drink down and leaned back on the sofa.

With a glance at James, I turned my attention to Remus, then pulled him onto the bed. I sat crosslegged, holding his hands. I couldn't see him clearly, but desire blazed in my mind. We kissed, breath hot, our mouths tinged with alcohol.

"Take off his shirt."

Neither of us knew who James was addressing, so there was a moment where we both fumbled for each other's shirts.

"Let me do it," Remus murmured, and while his hands weren't precise, there was a sexiness in his dismissal of perfection.

James stopped us just as Remus' fingers hooked onto the line of my pants. Maybe if I'd been sober, I would've minded, but I was too tired to object properly.

James and Remus had a much harder time handling their alcohol and fell asleep soon after lying down. James curled up beside me, almost touching. Remus was pressed up against me, his arm on my chest.

I studied James, then ran a hand through his hair. I had trouble placing the difference between how he felt about me and how Remus felt. James looked at me as if—as if he could see all of me, and he knew I could see all of him. We were so one, so in the moment when we were together. With Remus…he looked at me as if he saw a different side, one he thought was in me but wasn't really there. He didn't look at me in the moment, he looked at my past, my future. I couldn't place the exact expression, I could only tell for sure it was different.

When we pranked someone, James saw me having fun, laughing; he saw me as clever, as funny…Remus saw those things, but he also saw my insecurity, self-doubt, guilt. I assumed those feelings where there, somewhere. With Remus, I felt as though I was giving in to a side of me only he knew; with James, I felt as though I could be the side of me I knew. I couldn't tell which was better, and decided I'd rather have both than one or the other…

12 July, 1976 20:22

"Sirius?" James was still tipsy, and couldn't tell that he was being louder than he needed to be.

I stirred. "Mm?"

"I love you." His arms tightened around me.

"Love me, as in…?"

"I dunno. As a friend."

"Then how come you act like more than that?" I turned to face him.

James stared at me. "I don't know. I feel the—I feel everything, everything I've ever felt for someone—except the desire to fuck you."

"What's everything?"

"I don't know. But even when I overwhelmingly want to be with Lily, I can't imagine you not there with me." He turned onto his back. "And…I like it when people think we're fucking, even if we're not, because this connection between us is…it's unlike anything anyone else has felt before."

I studied him. "It's not because you want me for yourself?"

James paused, a little hurt. It was obvious he'd never thought of it before. "If that was why, then I would care that you and Remus do it."

"But we don't just 'do it.' It's more than that. And that doesn't bother you?"

James fidgeted, trying to hide his annoyance. "I know you two are really close. But that's because he can be with you in a way that I can't."

I remained silent, only because I didn't know whether or not it was true, and I was too tired to argue otherwise.

James yawned, bored of being frustrated. "What are we gonna do after Hogwarts?"

"Well, you'll marry Lily…"

James smirked. "Right, that was implied. You and I, though."

"I'll just sleep on the couch."

We laughed. James had drank more than I had, so it took longer for him to calm down. When he did, he said, "You could be our dog."

"Man's best friend…that makes sense."

"I don't even know if anyone will be able to settle anywhere, with the war and all."

"Doubt it."

"Suppose we gotta enjoy the here and now, right?" James yawned again.

I nodded.

James smiled and kissed me quickly on the lips. "Good night." He switched off the light beside the bed, then pulled the covers up. He liked to sleep facing me, our foreheads almost touching. Probably because he was drunk, he fell asleep quickly.

25 August, 1976 21:34

The hot water and steam engulfed me. I rested by hand on one end of the shower, closed my eyes, and reached down.

“Padfoot, how long are you gonna be in there?” James opened the bathroom door.

I flinched, pulling my fingers away immediately. “Er, give me five minutes.”

James’ form was blurred through the shower curtain. “I’m bored. Can I stay in here?”

“Sure.” The surprise had made me break out into a sweat, so I turned the water temperature down a bit.

A month ago, I had begun to help James practice sex. He acquired potions and digestible tablets that allowed me to turn into a girl. At first we didn’t do anything serious, he just would lie next to me, touch my breasts, but by the end of the summer we had gone nearly all the way, as it were. I was never in my body, so James could separate what he did from being with me. I, however, had a hard time distinguishing James’ desire for the real me versus the me with tits and a fanny.

“I know you jack off in the shower, Padfoot. You used to do it in bed, but since now you sleep with Remus…”

I swallowed. “Okay.”

“What do you think about? You know, when you do it?” James’ voice sounded close, too close, as though he were speaking from inside the shower.

“I…I think about Remus, or you.”

“You think about me?”

I didn’t know why, but I leaned forward, closed my eyes, and began to touch myself again. “Yeah.”

“What about me, then?” James had lowered his voice, but the breathy quality made him sound even closer.

“I dunno. The typical things. What you’d expect.” I knew he could hear the sounds of my hand above the rush of the water.

“What are you thinking about now?”

“I’m thinking about—I’m thinking about you. About waking up next to you, and you, you—” I had it in my head, but I couldn’t speak and touch myself at the same time.

“I’m not making you nervous, am I?”

“A bit, yeah.”

“Why don’t I tell you what to think about, then?”


“Alright. You’re in the shower. The water rushes over your body, every inch of you—Merlin, I want to join you. You’re touching yourself. I’m sitting on the toilet. I’m just a meter away. You can’t see what I’m doing. The water’s too loud, you can’t hear me taking off my trousers. I pull back the curtain, and you’re surprised; you didn’t think I’d actually do it, join you in the shower, I mean. I stand behind you—I push myself against you—and take your cock, and start moving my hand up and down.”

“Hah…” I gasped, no longer able to stay silent.

“You’re so warm, so big, and though at first I didn’t feel anything, I’m turned on. I didn’t think you could turn me on, but you did.”

“Shit, Prongs—”

“I want to take you, then. I grab your hips, I kiss your neck, I start to move against you, back and forth—”

“Ah! Ah…” I opened my eyes and let the water wash over me, taking my come down with it. Heart in my throat, I pulled back the shower curtain.

James immediately handed me a towel. “I was pretty good at that, wasn’t I?”

I nodded, turning slightly away as I dried myself. The heat of the moment was over, and now I was left to resent that James hadn’t done what he described. He acted as though it was within his power, but it wasn’t, it couldn’t be when he’d had the perfect opportunity to prove it.

24 March, 1977 19:53

"Let's host a Sexy Party."

"A what?"

"We'd invite everyone in their fifth year or older, unless they're in Slytherin…that's ninety people, give or take ten that don't go…eighty should be enough."

"Where's the sexy bit come in?"

James waved his hands around as the ideas developed. "Everyone wears their best lingerie—because there will be stripping involved. And we can have games to give me an excuse to snog Lily, you the chance to find any other gay blokes…"

"I think I would've found out by now."

"Oh, so you think you're the only one at Hogwarts who can be conspicuous?"

"Of course I'd like to think everyone's hiding their sexuality, particularly Snivellus, that'd be a treat, but—"

"Well, forget that part, then. It'll be fun regardless." James put his arm around me. "I've some games we can play. Let's see…Spinning Cork, Strip Exploding Snap, Hungarian Horntail, Truth or Dare—that's a Muggle game…"

We continued to plan until nine that night, and exactly a week later, we were greeting the last of the guests at the Portrait Hole.

"How many people have played Spinning Cork?" James surveyed the crowd; most people raised their hand, probably to fit in. "Who are virgins? Ha! Got you."

I loved seeing him like this; alive, eyes bright, smile constant and infectious.

"Anyway, it works like this—" James pulled out his wand, then pulled the cork from his butterbeer. He murmured an incantation, then took his hand away, letting it float by itself. "Wait, let's try to get more in a circle…Okay, so to start, one person touches their wand to the cork, it spins, and whoever the little light beam points at—it'll come out the top, here—is the person they have to kiss on the lips. It doesn't matter if you're two blokes, two girls, whatever. And the twist is, if you kiss better than the last two, then you get to choose the next two lovers…"

James had made sure I'd be a ways down the circle so people would get used to the game before I was called on. He had told me even if I had to fuck someone's face in front of the entire group, I had to be able to make him and Lily kiss.

"…Otherwise, the next person in the circle goes. Alright, who's never kissed anyone? No one will fess up? Alright, why don't I start, then. No, I didn't mean I haven't kissed anyone. Oh, and before I forget—there's a raffle after all the games. So anyone who doesn't play along is taken out."

Some people left the group, giggling if they were single and nervous, brooding if they had to leave because they were in a relationship. I glanced at the glass case that held their names to make sure the spells were working, and sure enough, about twenty names vanished.

"Summon whiskey or mints if you need them," James said, pointing at the food table.

Lily and her friends remained in the game. But would she stay if she had to kiss James? I forgot that I was staring at her, and she noticed. She glared at me, maybe guessing what we were trying to do.

Grinning, James tapped the cork with his wand. As it spun, everyone seemed to apprehend it landing on themselves.

The beam of light pointing from one end of the cork stopped on a fifth year Ravenclaw. She turned bright red, but otherwise gave no signs of nervousness as they met in the middle. James kissed her for a couple seconds amid whoops and cheers.

After wiggling his eyebrows at Lily, he let the next person in line go up to spin the cork. After a few rounds, I grew disinterested, as most people were too tentative to outdo the previous couple. The bloke before me, however, had landed on the girl he fancied, and they went at it for at least twenty seconds. They yielded to me without choosing anyone—wise choice on their part, because everyone wanted to see me stick my tongue down someone's throat for longer than they had.

I went to the center of the room and tapped the cork. "Will you all tell me when I've outdone Edwin?" Cheers in response. I wondered for a moment how the crowd would react if it landed on one of the other Marauders.

The slowed to a stop ten people down from Remus.

It was the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, Leo Kenilworth. He was hard to read, as the crowd's reaction overwhelmed his own; the girls were nearly screaming as he crossed the room. So far the same-sex kisses had been mere pecks on the lips.

I looked up at him. "Okay, James needs us to snog for longer than Edwin and Winnie so I can choose him and Lily to kiss."

Edwin nodded, and I realized now that he seemed a bit ill.

"Just pretend I'm a girl, and make the best of it," I said, then put my arms around his neck and kissed him. As the room erupted into a roar, we both couldn't help smiling mid-kiss. Just as I started to use tongue, James shouted, "Alright, you did it!"

Edwin broke away, staring at me, taken aback. A question formed in his expression, as though he'd ask—

I rolled my eyes. "Fuck you, I'm not a fag, Edwin." Then louder, I said, "I nominate James Potter and Lily Evans!"

If there was a roar before, it was nothing compared to the crowd's reaction in that moment. Everyone pushed the two out to the middle.

I watched James, trying to seem as enthusiastic as everyone else. In actuality, I thought it was thick of James to think he could make her fall in love with him with one kiss, let alone in a game of Spinning Cork.

Before James could lean in, Lily pulled him in herself, kissing him deep on the mouth. I felt my stomach drop.

Lily pulled away and took a step back, watching James lick his lips, confused but beaming. Lily wiped her mouth on her sleeve, and once she pulled away, she smirked, staring at his crotch.

James looked down at the full chub in his trousers.

Lily pointed to her lips. "24-hour erection balm. Feel free to try, but you can't toss it away."

James stared at Lily, mouth ajar, as the cheers turned to laughter. I looked across the room at Remus, who, like me, was too shocked to fully laugh.

Lily rejoined her friends, high-fiving and laughing until—

"Evans!" James looked her in the eye, giddiness hiding underneath his calm exterior. "You say we aren't meant for each other, but very few people have managed to prank me as well as you just did."

Lily's smile fell. "I saw it more as revenge, Potter." She glanced down at his dick and couldn't say more, too broken up with laughter to continue.

James' mood didn't falter; he gave me a thumbs-up before returning to the circle.

A couple rounds later, the cork landed on Peter, and he got his first kiss with a girl. We rushed the middle of the circle after he was finished, clapping him on the back, thoroughly embarrassing him—but we knew he liked the attention.

It was Peter's turn after another ten minutes, this time with another slightly awkward bloke. They barely touched their lips together—just enough that it counted.

The rest of the time I spent waiting for Remus to be up. I didn't want it to land on me, because I would have to pretend I didn't want to. Or should I embrace it to be funny? As I puzzled over it, I missed being chosen.

"Go on, Sirius," someone next to me said, almost completely drowned out by excited whoops from the crowd.

"C'mon, Sirius!" James beckoned me to the centre of the room. "Alyssa, you're a perv, you know that? We're just two best mates—with two very large cocks, for anyone wondering—who spend all waking hours with each other. There's nothing sexual between us, even though I masturbate thinking of him, and have been bent over who knows how many tables with him pounding me into oblivion…It's all in the name of brotherhood."

I shook my head, smirking. Of course he'd handle it like this.

"Okay, here goes…" James took my hands and leaned in. He kissed me without tongue, but exaggerated the sound to make it seem more real.

That was enough for the crowd; they completely lost it.

James held up my hand, then we bowed. Somehow, he could act ridiculously gay and ridiculously straight at the same time. Everyone questioned his sexuality because it was fun, and because he wanted them to, and they never actually doubted he was straight.

I returned to my spot, disappointed yet relieved. I could feel at least a dozen pairs of eyes on me, hungry or jealous. Ganymede had been one of the people to leave the circle before we started, but I knew he was watching me, too.

Remus was next. His eyes kept flickering to me as he approached the cork. Although he was mostly popular by association, I noticed more girls in the room seemed to want it to land on them than they'd wanted with me or James.

The cork pointed at the girl that had been sitting next to him. She went to the centre, excited, and immediately started tongue-fucking his face.

After a painful twenty seconds, the two broke apart. Remus looked taken off guard, but I didn't see any disgust.

The final eight people went, challenging a few pairs of people I didn't care about along the way, then we were finally finished.

James stood on the chair near the far wall of the room. I had noticed during Spinning Cork as he tucked up his hard-on; now no one could tell.

"Great job everyone, especially Lydia and Phoebe. I hope someone was taking pictures." After pausing to let people laugh, he continued, "Now it's time to clean up for the orgy."

Some people glanced at each other, a bit panicked.

After a few moments of serious silence, James finally cracked and laughed. "I'm just kidding, we're not that mad; we would've told you ahead of time. Anyhow, the next game might seem less mad now. Hungarian Horntail, anyone heard of it? I'd be surprised; it's new, invented in Beauxbatons a couple years ago. We'll have Strip Exploding Snap set up to kill time while it's going on, 'cause it's longer, and more fun if you're participating."

James gestured at the utility closet in the back of the room. We had replaced the door with a curtain and hung some lights around to set the mood. "That is where the action will be. For each round, Peter will draw two names from the raffle, and send the two lucky lovebirds to the closet to get it on for five minutes. The idea is to make out the entire time. Of course, you don't have to. No one will know, right?"

Grinning, James held up two tiny buttons. "Put on these before you go in. Their color will tell us how it went. Cool colors mean very little action, so try to get it to red. If you manage red, we'll put your name in the raffle again. We'll send twelve pairs in. That's sixty minutes of unadulterated fun." James summoned some packs of cards and tossed them to people in different parts of the room. "Now, strip Exploding Snap. It's simple: after each round, losers remove one article of clothing. Gentlemen, you can keep one piece on, ladies, two; because, like I said, we didn't plan ahead for an orgy. If you end up stripped down to your limit, create a rule for your group of something embarrassing to do instead. We'll see who lasts the longest."

James hopped down and gave Peter the pins, then joined me and Remus in organizing groups.

"Sirius! Can you help over here?" James waved me over to the other side of the room. "Are you wearing your watch? Alright, here's mine. After five minutes, open the curtains, then use the spell I taught you to double their entry, if they win." James winked. "I'm gonna walk around."

I nodded, then realized what he'd done. By the curtain was the only group of all blokes. I turned to protest, but James had already gone.

After three rounds, I heard Peter announce: "Remus Lupin and Raven Faralyn."

Remus looked around, flustered. If we didn't have history with Faralyn, maybe it would've been fine, but she used to side the Slytherins (despite being Hufflepuff) before supposedly turning away. She'd probably hurt him in combat, and vice versa.

Faralyn found him in the crowd. She was shirtless and sockless, and looked much more nervous than he did. They put on the pins, then crossed to the closet. Before following her inside, Remus shrugged a little at me.

I frowned, confused. What did that look mean? As I tried to figure it out, I realized I could see behind the curtain from the angle I stood. I averted my eyes, knowing I shouldn't look, but still…"Speculatore oculus," I said under my breath. Now, it would look to everyone else that I was peering around the common room rather than spying on Remus.

Remus' hand touched Faralyn's cheek as he kissed her. She was tilted back in surprise and had placed a hand on his chest, as though she'd intended to keep him from coming closer. After a moment, Remus pulled back, face hot with embarrassment.

Faralyn cleared her throat. "I fancy someone else. So this is purely physical, okay?" Then she kissed him. Remus backed up against the wall, hands resting at her sides. Her hands cradled his face.

I hated myself for watching. More than that, I hated that I liked watching him.

Faralyn moved her hands to his upper back as Remus' hands felt up her sides. She broke away to let him trail down her jawline to her neck, and collar—

I checked the time. Two minutes. If I were less stubborn, I would've stopped them, but part of me wanted an excuse to be mad at him, for once.

Remus kissed her stomach, getting closer and closer to the line of her trousers, his hands moving up the backs of her thighs. Then he stood and picked her up, each kiss deepening. This time he was the one to push her against the wall, careful yet firm, her legs crossed around him.

James' watch beeped on my wrist. The five minutes were up.

I pulled back the curtain. Remus glanced sideways at me, then set Faralyn down. Both of their buttons were bright red.

"Well, congratulations." I said, noting the color, my jaw tight.

Remus rolled his eyes and they went to show Peter.

Fuck. I left the closet, blinking rapidly, trying to lose my thoughts so I wouldn't give anything away to the crowd, or to him.

Remus had gone immediately back to Strip Exploding Snap.

I brooded a bit longer, figuring out what to do. Neither of them could stop smiling, it seemed.

"What were you doing?"

"What?" Remus tried to glare at me and look oblivious at the same time.

I blinked. "You knew. You knew I could see you, couldn't you? Remus, you don't even know her!"

"So I should only kiss people I'm best mates with, huh?"

I gritted my teeth. "What are you getting at?"

Remus lowered his voice and stepped closer to me. "Well, imagine how you feel now after I snogged a stranger. Multiply that by—by a hundred, and that's how I feel every time you snog James."

My stomach squirmed. "It's not like that between us."

"I know what it's like, Sirius, because it's almost the same as what's between you and I. Regardless, being exclusive has to go both ways. So for now, I don't need your permission of whom I get to kiss, fuck, or whatever, if you don't need mine."

"It's only James! I don't care if you snog him or not."

Remus shook his head. "Fuck you." He took off his trousers, stuck his wand behind his ear, and returned to the game.

I joined the group of all blokes and lost every game on purpose until I was down to my pants. Then I drank. I was on my third glass when James called the room to attention again. Very few people had on more than their pants, and at least half of the room was intoxicated.

James clapped his hands together. "Okay, there's one game left! We're down to 42 people in the raffle, and even if you quit at one point you can still participate. So this game was suggested by one of our dear Muggleborn friends. It's called Truth or Dare. Now, the Muggle version is a little too dry, and needs to accommodate our numbers, so we've mixed it up a bit. First, everyone needs to get into groups of four, with two groups of five." He gestured to Peter, Remus, and I, and we joined him.

"Now. We'll start by asking the group 'Truth or Dare.' If they choose Truth, then we ask them a question that they all have to answer truthfully. If they choose Dare, we can ask an individual or up to the entire group to do something, and they have to do it. Now the bigger twist: if the group refuses to do the dare—for example, we had asked them to all butt-fuck each other—then we have to do it, or be disqualified. If we do what they couldn't, then they're disqualified.

"Also: everyone else will agree on a rating for your performance from one to five, five being the best. Each group can only be picked once per round. The team with the most points by the end of three rounds gets to pick any of the raffle items." James let the excited whispers fade before continuing. "Feel free to ask other teams for suggestions. Alright, who wants to start?" He pointed at a group of sixth-year Ravenclaw girls who clearly had something in mind.

"Truth or Dare?" one of the girls asked us.

"Dare," James replied immediately.

The girl turned to her friends, giggling too hard to speak. One of the others said, "Okay, each of you has to give us a lap dance."

"And make it good if you want a five!" another added.

We exchanged glances. None of us knew how it worked.

James snapped out of his initial surprise. "Accio chairs! Who gets who?" He stood up and motioned us to do the same.

The girl who had given us the dare chose me. If there was ever a time to lead everyone to believe I was straight, it was now.

I realized the others looked to me to start. I spread her legs apart, then placed both hands on the back of the chair and lowered myself over her. I met her eyes, smiled a bit, then slowly grinded against her. Everyone watching went berserk. Confident now, I placed my forehead on hers, running my hand from her thigh to her knee.

That was all they needed, apparently. "Five, five, you get fives," two of them managed through tears of laughter.

I straightened and high-fived the other Marauders. They tried not to look embarrassed.

"We choose Evans' group!" James said, sitting back down.

"Dare," Aluria said immediately.

Lily pushed her. "You sod!" Then she turned to us. "I still have that balm."

James shook his head. "No need. I dare you to make out with…" He looked around the room. "…Artemis Swann for one minute."

It was obvious why James chose Artemis; he thought she was the most attractive girl in Gryffindor, apart from Lily.

Lily blushed, then flipped him off. She crossed the room to Swann, who adjusted her bra and stood.

Lily placed a hand on Swanns' arm and kissed her.

I studied James' expression. It was the same look he had after he kissed me, the same after we hide around the corner after a successful prank. He got off on breaking the rules, breaking convention. Is that why he got off with me?

Lily had her hand at the small of Swanns' back, and drew her closer. When they broke apart at the call of "Time!", Lily stared at Swann as though she'd forgotten where she was. Then, everyone voted five and she threw a smug look at James.

For our second challenge twenty minutes later, Cassandra Chalfont consulted with the others, then pointed at me. "Black, describe the last sexual dream you had."

"Er, okay, so—" I glanced at Remus, who realized what the glance meant and averted his eyes.

Chalfont and her friends shushed the room. "When was it?"

"Er, three nights ago. I was in school, but it was my old primary school, for some reason…I mean, everyone was the age they are now. I was in Potions class, we were brewing some kind of poison, and a giant smashed through the wall…Everyone Apparated away, so I was alone, and then he—er, she opened up a hatch in the floor and told me to come down with her."

"What did she look like?"

I looked at Chalfont, then realized I could describe Remus and sound like I was describing her. "Brown hair, brown eyes, almost unbearably adorable…a smile that would hypnotize you."

Chalfont grinned as her friends giggled.

"So I followed her, and somehow we were already topless, and there was a bed in this basement, or wherever we were. I kissed her, then we took the rest of our clothes off…And then we had the most unrealistic but pleasurable sex of my dream life. She came probably around ten times, so."

Chalfont raised her eyebrows, then laughed. The group agreed on a four, which we accepted with grace.

James motioned for a huddle. "Okay. Let's give a challenge to get one of the other groups to forfeit. I was thinking Hyman Cazenove's. All boys, if you see where I'm going with that."

Remus frowned. "Well, we'll have to do whatever it is."

James smirked and turned around. "Cazenove's group: Truth or Dare?"

"Dare." Cazenove's overconfidence would make whatever James had in mind even more embarrassing.

James turned back to us. "Let's tell him to do something really gay. They wouldn't be able to handle it."

Peter started to sweat. "What if I have to do it, then?"

James shook his head. "If I phrase it right, you won't. Okay, Sirius, you tell Cazenove he has to give one other person in his group a chub without magic."

I thought for a moment. "So when they refuse, that means I have to give Remus a chub without magic." I looked at Remus, trying to hide my reaction by matching his expression. He rolled his eyes and looked away.

James looked between us, then clapped his hands together. "Great! Okay, go on and tell them."

I stood and cleared my throat. "Okay, Cazenove, here's your dare: give one person in your group a chub…without magic."

Cazenove coughed in surprise. Then he remembered the twist, and said, "You do it."

I pretended to be just as nauseated at the idea and flipped him off. "Fuck you." Then, just as everyone expected us to forfeit, I reached for Remus' hand and pulled him to his feet. I leaned into his ear and said, "Pretend like this is my way of telling everyone that we're in love, alright?" As I spoke, I traced his thigh with my fingers. "They're looking at us and don't think two blokes could be in love." I brushed his ear with my lips, then said, "They think that I want someone else, and I'm saying I only want you, Remus." I kissed his neck, my hand now inches away from the front of his pants.

Then I moved my hand away and placed my hand on either side of Remus' face, ignoring the shrieks of surprise around us. I met his gaze, then kissed him on the lips, pressing myself as close as possible to him. The kiss was overwhelmed by our skin, with our pants the only separation between us…and finally, I got a response.

I broke off and winked quickly at him before gratuitously wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, wincing for effect.

Everyone had either collapsed with laughter or was silent with shock. I read the audience to be sure they didn't actually think we were gay, and realized I didn't have to worry; because the girls had enjoyed the show so much, everyone assumed we had done it for them.

The following round consisted of more truths than dares, as people were scared of having to do something as intense as Remus and I did. Eventually, we were called on for a third time.

"Dare," James said.

Chris Barry nodded at the others, then asked, "Do you have any Love Potion?"

"Yeah," Peter said automatically.

James elbowed him. "Way to go, Peter, you fucking knobhead."

Barry smirked. "Two of you have to take Love Potion for the other two."

"Ooh…" The room simmered with excitement.

James sent Peter to get the potion as we conferenced. "It has to be who we don't have any relationship with. Remus, you take me, and Peter will take Sirius."

I glanced at Remus, then nodded.

James addressed the crowd. "If we dilute a drop of the potion in water, it'll last somewhere between a minute and ten minutes." He motioned for the group by the refreshments to pass two glasses of water.

Peter returned with the Love Potion.

Remus uncorked the bottle and used his wand to put in a drop in each glass of water. "Okay, Sirius, give yours to Peter."

We handed the drinks over, and they polished them off. After a moment, their expressions melted.

Peter threw his arms around me. "I love you so much," he drawled.

I glanced at James, who had stumbled a bit backwards as Remus planted kiss after kiss on him, then shouted over the laugher in the crowd, "Well, are you gonna try and stop him?"

James pulled away from Remus and kept him at arms' length. "What do you think I'm doing?"

Just as I turned back around to face Peter, he came in sharply to kiss me and our heads knocked together.

"Fuckin' hell, Peter." I rubbed my head with one hand and pushed him away with the other.

"Let me heal you," Peter said, and pulled out his wand. As he started to say the spell, his eyes focused again and his face turned a blotchy red color.

James pulled out his wand and pointed it at Remus. "Levicorpus!"

Remus was yanked up into the air by his ankle. Once he recovered from his initial surprise, he pouted at James. Then his expression fell, and he groaned. "Okay, I'm better now."

"Liberacorpus," I said, and did my best to catch him. Thrown off-balance, I struggled under Remus' weight, setting him down almost immediately.

"Well, that could've been worse," Remus whispered, glaring at James as the group called out their rating.

James just laughed. "You're right. A three isn't so bad. Okay, now we get to choose…what groups are left?" He looked over them. "Alright…Adrian's group. Truth or Dare."

Fuck. Faralyn was in that group.

The four—Raven Faralyn, Rees Adrian, Sybil Fountayne, and Simon Rumblem—debated which to choose for a while, but eventually decided: "Dare."

James smirked. "We're gonna be real creative with this one, so hang on a minute." To us, he said, "Okay, we have to make this last. If we want the rest of the groups to step up their game, it has to be a good challenge."

I nodded. "Nudity, snogging, sex, something." I had to pretend to not care about Faralyn.

"Sex is too extreme, probably." James fell into thought, then bounced his idea off of us. Then he stood and walked to the centre of the circle, facing the group. "Accio mints! Okay, so this one's a bit involved. Each of you chooses someone they've snogged. Then, we'll prevent you from hearing or seeing. Each person chosen will kiss youwithout touching you, and you have to decide which one was the person you chose at the beginning."

James had to explain it a few more times before they understood. He had them stand, then pick out someone they'd kissed. Adrian chose Florence Tyler and Fountayne chose Patrick Ludlow from Ravenclaw. Apparently Rumblem's only kiss was from Spinning Cork, with a boy, so he was forced to choose Dirk Cresswell. And although Faralyn had kissed someone else during Spinning Cork, she chose Remus.

"Here's the other twist: Whoever is chosen as the best kisser gets three points for their team. So each person will go down the line, and when they're finished, then the next one will go. Everyone good? Alright." James cast a spell to force their eyes closed and block their ears.

"Cresswell, how about you start. Then Remus, Ludlow, and Tyler."

Cresswell gave both boys a quick peck, both girls a slightly longer but nonetheless awkward kiss.

Remus took a deep breath, then kissed Adrian, who, as they continued to snog, opened his mouth a little too enthusiastically.

Fountayne seemed taken aback by Remus' intensity, but she adjusted quickly. Rumblem, on the other hand, knew what he was doing, even if he didn't seem to know he was kissing a guy.

And then it was Faralyn's turn. Remus hesitated a moment before kissing her, and by her immediate smile, she seemed to recognize who it was.

I rolled my eyes and looked away, studying the reactions in the crowd. Only some were watching; most were gossiping.

Patrick Ludlow and Florence Tyler both tried to outdo Remus, but three of the four in the group voted for the second kisser.

Only Faralyn and Fountayne guessed correctly.

James awarded the points, then said, "So we can conclude that boys are better at kissing but girls care more about the face they're sucking."

Most of the girls protested at this, so James said, "Any girl want to prove otherwise?" to which, unsurprisingly, most girls pretended to be disgusted by.

At the end of the game, the points were counted up. Lily's team was the only one to get all fives, so they got to choose from one of the prizes.

"The 'Free Date with James' coupon is tempting," Lily said, "but we're gonna have to take the Felix."

After the rest of the prizes were distributed, it took us an hour to clean up and get ready for bed.

Back in the dorm, James crossed his arms and stared at his hard-on. "This is really fucking annoying."

I examined a pimple in the mirror, then rubbed in the serum James had given me and watched it disappear. "Well, you're stuck with it, so."

"Evans said that was only if I jacked myself off, right?"

I looked up, then glanced at Remus, who put his head in is hand, brow furrowed in annoyance. I sighed. "Why doesn't Peter do it?"

James thought about it. "Wormtail? How about you stroke my wormtail?"

Peter rolled over on his bed. "I'm almost asleep, sorry."

James threw a pillow at him."Liar." He looked at me. "Please, Sirius? It's practically calling your name."

I shook my head. "People will wonder who did it."

"I'll tell them some girl sucked me off. Wouldn't be too unbelievable."

"What about Lily, then? You want her to think you're dishonest about liking her?"

James thought about it. "Fine. It might not've worked anyway." He looked down at it again. "Should I try tossing off, just to be safe?"

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