A Prince's Wish

Coronation Day

Chapter 9 – Coronation Day

Rumple took a deep calming breath as he paced up and down in his study. He was to begin his reign as king without a queen by his side and he was nervous. That wasn’t the main reason why he was nervous. Everything about his whole coronation was making him nervous.


Bae came to see him before the ceremony and giggled and hugged his side gently and held up Sir Teddy,

“He wanted to bes the first knight to swear a… a…” he pouted as he struggled on the word and Rumple smiled softly and chuckled,

“Allegiance” he assisted and Bae giggled and nodded,

“Yeah…. He wanted to swear his…. Al-E-Gense…” he giggled as he sounded it out,

“To the new king befores any other knight” he giggled and Rumple smiled warmly and hugged his son and he whispered in his ear,

“Thank you Sir Teddy”


Bae sat with his papa as they waited to be summoned for the ceremony and Bae pouted seeing how nervous his papa was but then he smiled having an idea and he picked up the lamp and tugged on his papa’s sleeve gently to get his attention,

“Papa?” he asked gently and Rumple smiled down at him gently before kneeling down so that he was eye level with him,

“Yes son?” he asked softly and Bae held the lamp in his tiny hands and held it out to Rumple,

“I wants you to has this” he said innocently and Rumple’s eyes widened as he looked at his son,

“Bae…… I…. I can’t take that from you. That lamp’s your greatest treasure” he said gently and Bae smiled softly looking at his father,

“You’re my papa…… you’re my gweatest tweasure” he said innocently and hugged him and tears came to Rumple’s eyes and he hugged his son back,

“Oh bae…. You’ve always been my greatest treasure…. From the very moment you were born. And you always will be” he whispered softly.


Nanny Robyn came and collected Bae to take him to his seat for the coronation and Rumple held the lamp in his shaky hands before he caressed its side gently and then Belle appeared in a cloud of soft blue smoke,

“Bae what…?” she looked up confused at first but then stunned to see Rumple standing there holding her lamp.

Rumple looked upon her speechless, she was stunning. She was wearing a yellow ball gown and her brunette curls fell down in back beautifully.


Belle smiled softly in realisation and she curtsies softly,

“Master mine, thy will is thine” she said softly and he walked over to her slowly and tilted her chin so she was looking at him and he whispered,

“You are a vision milady” finally managing to find his words and Belle smiled softly and a gentle blush formed on her cheeks,

“Thank you Rumple” she said softly with a smile and she stepped back a little still smiling,

“Here let me assist you” she grabbed his ceremonial cloak and she placed it around his shoulder gently and he stood stiff with nerves as she fastened the clasp,

“I can’t do this Belle…. What if I’m not ready?.... what if I’m not good enough?.... what if…. What if I let everyone down?” he said worried and Belle smiled softly and she looked up at him,

“Rumple… you can do this, you are ready, you are more than good enough and you’re not going to let anyone down….. I promise” she said gently and he looked down at her worried,

“How do you know?” he asked nervously and she smiled,

“I can see the future” she said teasing and he looked at her amused and she giggled,

“Ok I can’t see the future but one thing I can do…” she said gently taking his hand in hers and smiled up at him before continuing,

“… Is have faith in you. I believe in you Rumple” she said softly meaning every word as she looked into his eyes, Rumple gazed back into her and whispered as he leaned his face down towards hers slowly,

“Belle I…” he started but their trance was broken when there was a knock on the door and a voice came from outside,

“Prince Rumple?.... It’s time” and Rumple looked nervous before looking at Belle who smiled reassuringly and he nodded before responding,

“Very well…. I’m coming” he turned once more to Belle before he left the room,

“You don’t need my permission for anything…. You never need to ask…. You’re free to do as you wish but…. Please….. Will you attend my coronation?” he asked gently and she smiled softly,

“I’d be honoured Rumple”


Belle stood beside Bae as she watched Rumple take the vows his father had before him on his coronation day. He vowed to respect, protect and honour the kingdom of Misthaven until the end of his days. When Malcolm finally removed his crown and placed it upon his son’s head, Rumple closed his eyes as he felt both the weight of it and the responsibility placed upon him.

Belle’s voice was the first to be heard throughout the great hall,

“Long Live The King!” she said proudly with a bright smile and Bae giggled as the rest of the royal court followed her lead and repeated the chant.


Rumple smiled brightly and thanked his parents and those who congratulated them at the celebratory feast, he smiled even brighter when he saw Bae run towards him,

“Ahhhhhhh there’s my boy” he said happily and Bae giggled and hugged his Papa,

“You is the king nows papa” he said happily and Rumple chuckled and nodded before smiling lovingly at his son,

“That I am son… that I am” he was startled by a gentle voice behind him,

“And a fine one he’s going to make too” Rumple smiled as he turned around with Bae in his arms to see Belle smiling softly and he nodded his thanks,

“Why thank you milady” he said with a bright smile and placed Bae down gently and he approached her,

“There is one last custom to take place” he explained and Belle smiled softly and tilted her head with curiosity,

“What’s that?” she asked gently and Rumple smiled and held out his hand towards her,

“My first dance as king” he said quietly and Belle looked stunned,

“I…. errrrrrm….. Rumple are you sure?.... I mean…. It’s your first dance and….” She started but he interrupted, taking her hand gently in his,

“… I can think of no one better to share it with than you.” He said softly and she smiled gently with a blush as he led her to the middle of the dance floor.


Belle placed her free hand on Rumple’s shoulder and he placed his on her waist and Belle followed his lead slowly as the music drifted through the air.


Bae giggled and covered Sir Teddy’s eyes at the icky romantic moment.


Belle and Rumple danced as if there was no one in the world but them. The dance floor was soon filled with couples who were lost in the eyes of their partners. No one noticed as Belle and Rumple paused in there dance not once taking their eyes off each other and Rumple held both her hands in his, he walked backwards slowly leading her into the rose garden through the giant windowed doors.


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