A Prince's Wish

The Rose Garden

Chapter 11 – The Rose Garden

Belle giggled as Rumple pulled her through the rose labyrinth. He had insisted that he needed to show her something but that it was a surprise.

They finally came out of the maze though a secret opening and they were at the side of a lake but it was too dark to admire it because of it being at the far side of the garden, Rumple glanced at her and smiled before placing his hands and making her stand in a certain spot,

“Ok…. You stand…. Right here” he said with a chuckle when he found the right spot and Belle giggled at how silly he was acting,

“Why?... there’s nothing here” she said giggling and Rumple smiled and whispered,

“Close your eyes Belle” she looked at him with teasing caution and Rumple chuckled,

“Please?..... Just indulge me for a second” he said gently and Belle giggled with a soft smiled before shaking her end in amusement and finally closing her eyes softly.


Rumple smiled and stepped away for a moment and Belle could hear him and heard what sounded like metal creaking,

“Rumple?.... what are you doing?.... can I open my eyes now?” she giggled, amused because she was starting to feel silly and Rumple finished turning the metal wheel hidden within the rose bush,

“No, no just keep them closed a little bit longer” he said gently and Belle sighed gently but kept her eyes closed and jumped when she felt Rumple whisper in her ear,

“You know…. Before you came here….. I had never seen actual magic before” he told her gently before reminding her,

“Don’t open your eyes yet…… before you came here, the most magical thing in my life was Bae” he said softly and Belle smiled gently as she kept her eyes closed,

“I’m a genie Rumple…. Magic comes with the whole genie package” she said gently but Rumple stood behind her and gently took her hand in his and entwined their fingers,

“You are magical Belle….” He said softly but before she could respond he continued,

“…. But not because you’re a genie” Belle felt her heart skip a beat at his words and didn’t know what to say so Rumple continued,

“I brought you hear because…. Well I don’t think anyone’s ever done anything magical for you” he explained,

“I’ve never brought anyone here before” he said and Belle smiled,

“Where?” she asked softly and Rumple smiled before whispering in her ear once more,

“Open your eyes and see”


Belle opened her eyes slowly and gasped in silent delight. The outer hedges of the labyrinth were now little up with hidden fairy lights that allowed you to see the lake. The fireflies had now come out mistaking the fairy lights for fellow glowing friends. The fountain in the middle of the lake was now turned on and Belle smiled brightly,

“In all my years….. I never thought….” She was speechless,

“It’s so beautiful” she whispered and Rumple said in her ear softly, having not moved from behind her,

“Yes you are” Belle turned around slowly to find that she and Rumple were only inches away from each other and they became lost in each other’s eyes.

Rumple slowly raised his hand and cupped Belle’s cheek softly and she gently placed her own hand over his and in that moment their faces began to draw closer to one another’s.


It was then that Belle’s bracelets began to glow and her trance was broken and she sighed sadly before pulling away gently and Rumple felt it and looked at her confused,

“Are you ok?” he asked gently and Belle looked up at him sadly,

“I’m sorry Rumple…. I can’t…..” she started sadly before looking at the bracelets on her wrists,

“I’ve broken the rules” she explained and Rumple looked confused,

“I don’t understand… you haven’t….” he tried to understand before Belle continued,

“There’s one rule I didn’t mention…. Because I thought it wouldn’t matter……. I didn’t….. I didn’t think that anyone could ever……. Because of what I am I never thought that anyone could ever….” She tried to explain sadly but the words were too painful and Rumple placed his hands on her shoulders gently,

“Hey…. It’s ok you can tell me” he told her gently and she looked up at him sadly,

“A genie is forbidden of love” she explained quietly and Rumple looked her sadly before she continued,

“I….. I can’t even tell you how I feel because I’m forbidden from saying the words” she said sadly as tears began to fall down her cheeks and she took his hand in hers softly before placing it over her heart,

“But…. I can say this and I don’t care if I’m breaking any rules…… I am yours………. King Rumplestiltskin…. From the moment we met I think I have been yours and I hope you believe me when I say that I will never leave your side if it be your wish for me to stay there….. And I will tell you now that……. My heart always has…. And always will….. Belong to you” she said softly, meaning every word as she gazed into his eyes and Rumple was stunned as he felt tears start to form in his eyes and he wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her tightly and Belle wrapped her arms and closed her eyes tightly as she rested her head in the crook of his neck,

“Belle….. I…..” he was speechless for a moment before finding the right words,

“You have held my heart from the very first moment I saw you smile” he whispered passionately and Belle smiled as they still hugged each other tightly,

“You say your heart belongs to me Belle….. so that means it’s my job to make you happy” he said softly and Belle was confused for a moment wondering what he meant and she opened her eyes slowly to see the bracelets fell off her wrists and they hit the ground with a ‘clink’ and she stepped back quickly as she looked at her naked wrists before looking up at Rumple who smiled gently holding the Lamp,

“Did you really think that I was about to let the woman I love be condemned to the confines of this lamp?” he asked softly and tears came to her eyes once more as she continued to look at him stunned,

“You…. You made a wish for me to be free?.... You gave up unlimited wishes, the treasure of Avonia….. For me?” she whispered softly and Rumple smiled gently before stepping towards her and raising his hand to cup her cheek gently,

“When I think of those unlimited wishes…. I just know that I would wish for you every time” he said softly as he looked into her eyes,

“I have my son, my kingdoms happiness and the only thing that was missing…. Was a woman who loved me….. You were what was missing Belle” he told her softly before lifting the lamp to her view before taking a step towards the lake and throwing it as far as he could before turning back to Belle and she smiled at him brightly and she cupped his cheek gently and she leaned up and kissed him passionately and wrapped her arms around his neck and Rumple happily returned the kiss and wrapped his arms around her waist before lifting her and spinning her around and Belle laughed in delight and so did Rumple.


The kisses again and Rumple then picked her up in his arms once more, this time bridal style and he spun her around and she giggled feeling more happy than she had ever done before in her life and she cupped his cheek softly as he held her in his arms,

“…… I love you….. Rumplestiltskin” she whispered softly and Rumple looked at her stunned, having only heard those three words from his son and parents,

“I love you too Belle” he replied smiling at her lovingly and they kissed once more.


Bae and Rumple’s parents were overjoyed to hear that Belle and he were now courting, Bae giggled and hugged Belle and Madeline and Malcolm hugged their son feeling both happy and proud for their son.

Rumple smiled at Belle before wrapping his arms around her waist and smiled as she giggled when he pulled her close,

“You know?..... There’s still one thing that bothers me” he said thoughtfully and Belle smiled gently wrapping her arms around his neck,

“Oh?.... what’s that?” she asked curious and Rumple looked at her with a puzzling expression,

“I would like to know who was sending you roses everyday” he said with a hint of jealousy and Belle giggled,

“Oh Rumple…. It doesn’t matter….. The only men I care about in my life are you and Bae” she said softly and Rumple smiled at her, it was then that Nanny Robyn stepped forwards,

“Your majesty?.... forgive me but I believe I have a confession to make…… both me…. And young Prince Bae” she said with a smile and little Bae giggled,

“It was Sir Teddy’s idea” he said holding up his fury friend and both Rumple and Belle looked confused and Bae giggled,

“Me and Sir Teddy knews that you and Belle liked each other so Sir Teddy told me to tells Nanny Robyn to send Belle a wose evewy day so that she would thinks it was you who sents them” Bae explained with innocence and Belle tried not to laugh as Rumple’s eyes widened, stunned at his son’s confession,

“I….. Was jealous…. Of a Teddy bear?!” he said shocked and both Belle, Bae, Nanny Robyn and the King and Queen started laughing and Belle smiled brightly and placed a soft kiss upon Rumple’s cheek and he couldn’t help but start laughing too and he lifted Bae into his arms and tickled him and Bae squealed happily.


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