A Prince's Wish

Welcome To The Family

Chapter 12 – Welcome To The Family

Rumple’s first six months as King had gone better than he ever could have wished. His people were happy, the neighbouring Kingdoms had all signed a peace treaty and most of all he was able to spend as much time with his son as possible.


Rumple wasn’t sure how but in his eyes, Belle became more beautiful every day and he felt like the luckiest man in the world to have her in his life. He would get in trouble now and again with his royal adviser when he caught the King being distracted by the sight of Belle playing tag with Bae in the garden.


Belle was walking back to her room after an afternoon of reading in the Library whilst Bae had been studying. She smiled brightly when she entered her chambers to find a vase of fresh red roses and she smiled as she picked up the small card that accompanied them and it read,

‘Sir Teddy is not the only one who can make romantic gestures’,

Belle giggled and smiled brightly shaking her head at her beloved King’s silliness but then again it was one of the many things that she loved about him.


One day Rumple had requested that his Mother and Father take tea in his study with him and they happily accepted, Madeline poured a cup for her husband and son before pouring one for herself and she smiled at her son as she handed him his cup,

“You seem nervous Rumple…. Is anything the matter?” she asked him with a gentle tone and Rumple nodded after taking a sip of his tea before placing it back on the table,

“Yes I….. Well…. I actually wished to discuss an important matter with you both” he said nervously and his parents nodded as they watched their son stand and walked towards his desk and he picked up a picture frame containing an image of both Belle and Bae sitting together, along with Sir Teddy, smiling brightly and Rumple smiled happily at the image,

“As you know….. Things between me and Belle have been going well…. Very well in fact” he began nervously as he placed the picture frame back on his desk before turning once more to Malcolm and Madeline,

“I…. I wish to ask for both your blessings for me to ask Belle to be my wife” he said gently and his Mother and Father smiled brightly and they both stood and embraced their son and Madeline looked at her beloved son with tears of happiness in her eyes,

“Oh Rumple of course you have our blessing” she said happily and her husband nodded in agreement,

“Belle is a lucky woman son” he said proudly and patted his son on the back and Rumple smiled before looking slightly worried once more,

“What…. What if she says no?” he asked quietly and Madeline smiled at him reassuringly,

“She won’t Rumple…. Belle loves both you and Bae very dearly” she said with gentle reassurance and Malcolm nodded with a smile,

“I felt exactly the same when I asked your Mother” he encouraged,

“It’s natural to feel nervous” he said to his son gently.

Madeline smiled and removed her engagement ring from her finger and held it out towards her son,

“Here… I want you to take this” she said gently and Rumple looked stunned,

“Mother…. I…. I can’t….” he began gently but she shook her head and took his hand gently and placed the ring in his palm before closing his fingers around it gently,

“Yes you can….” She said with a gentle firmness,

“It would make me very happy” she said gently and Rumple smiled brightly before hugging his Mother and Father tightly and whispered,

“Thank you”


Belle was sat on the chair next to Bae’s bed after tucking him in as she read him a bedtime story, as she finished the signature words you hear at the end of every fairy tale she smiled when she glanced towards him to find him asleep with Sir Teddy in his arms and she stood quietly, not wanting to wake him and she placed the fairy tale book on his bedside table before going to extinguish the candle when she heard Bae’s sleepy voice,

“Belle” he called out quietly and she came back to his side and smiled softly,

“Yes Bae?” she asked quietly as she fixed his covers and he yawned and smiled up at her sleepily,

“I’m glads you is here Belle” he said sleepily and she smiled and placed a gentle kiss upon his forehead,

“As am I Bae” she said softly and Bae yawned once more before holding Sir Teddy up,

“Sir Teddy likes that you is here too….” He began quietly before holding Sir Teddy’s fury lips up to his ear,

“Sir Teddy wants to asks you a qwestion” he said innocently and Belle smiled softly looking at the teddy bear,

“Yes Sir Teddy?” she asked quietly and Bae yawned once more and smiled sleepily,

“He wants to knows if I can calls you mama” he said innocently and Belle’s eyes widened, stunned by Bae’s words and she quickly wiped away a happy tear from the corner of her eyes and smiled before nodding,

“Yes… Yes of course he can Sir Teddy…. That would make me very happy” she said softly and Bae smiled sleepily before crawling into her arms and they both hugged each other gently,

“I wuvs you mama” Bae whispered sleepily as he drifted off to sleep in her arms and Belle smiled softly, pressing a gentle kiss to the crown of his head,

“I love you too…. My son” she whispered.


After tucking Bae back into bed, Belle extinguished the candle and closed his door quietly. She turned and nearly jumped out her skin when she came face to face with Rumple and she giggled quietly,

“Rumple…. Don’t sneak up on me like that” she said quietly with a giggle and he chuckled quietly,

“My apologies milady. It was not my intension to scare you” he said in a teasing manner and she quietly giggled and smiled at him softly before teasing,

“I’m not sure I can forgive you your majesty” she said teasing as she began walking down the corridor and he chuckled and followed her and took her hand in his gently and pulled her into his arms gently and she giggled and he smiled brightly before placing a kiss upon her lips to which she happily returned and he pulled away and smiled softly down at her,

“Am I forgiven now?” he asked teasing and she giggled before nodding,

“Yes you are forgiven” she said gently and kissed him again softly and Rumple smiled before offering her his arm,

“Would you accompany me on a stroll milady?” he asked charmingly and she smiled brightly and looped her arm through his gently,

“I couldn’t say no to the King” she said softly with a hint of teasing.


Belle told Rumple of how Bae had now requested if he could start calling her mama and Rumple smiled brightly at the news and he had hugged Belle tightly. For Rumple this eased his nerves about proposing.

Rumple and Belle walked to the lakeside where they had shared their first kiss and he smiled gently seeing her shiver and he removed his cloak and placed it around her shoulders and she smiled placing a kiss upon his cheek,

“Thank you dear Rumple” she said softly and he smiled before taking her hand in his,

“Belle….?..... Might I ask you something?” he asked gently and she smiled softly, nodding,

“Of course you can” she said gently as she held his hand in hers and entwined their fingers and Rumple smiled looking at their joined hands before looking into her eyes,

“I…. ever since I discovered this lake when I was Bae’s age….. I had a dream and…. I was hoping that you could make that dream come true” he said softly and Belle’s smile faded and she looked at him sadly,

“Rumple I’m not a genie anymore. How could I….” she began softly but Rumple smiled taking her other hand in his and he interrupted gently,

“It was my dream….. that I could one day bring my wife here” he said softly and Belle looked at him surprised and her eyes widened as she saw him release her hands and he got down on one knee and retrieved a blue stoned engagement ring from his pocket,

“Will you be that wife Belle?.... Will you accompany me here as my wife?..... I love you with all my heart my darling beautiful Belle….. Please….. Will you Marry me?” he asked softly and Belle smiled brightly as tears of happiness fell down her cheeks and she nodded,

“Yes…. Yes I think that’s one wish I still have the power to grant” she whispered happily and Rumple smiled brightly standing up and he cupped both her cheeks and kissed her passionately before placing the engagement ring on her finger.


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