A Prince's Wish

A Royal Wedding And Happily Ever After

Chapter 13 – A Royal Wedding And Happily Ever After

Madeline smiled as she helped Belle adjust the long flowing veil that sat upon her head, secured by the diamond tiara. Belle took a deep breath to calm her nerves and her soon to be Mother in law smiled at her through the reflection in the mirror,

“Relax… you look beautiful” she reassured her gently and Belle smiled softly,

“Thank you your highness… you’ve been so kind to me” she said gently and turned to look at her and Madeline hugged her gently, being careful not to wrinkle her dress,

“None of that ‘your highness’ formality…. You’re family now…. You may call me mother…. If you wish” she said gently and Belle smiled softly, Belle’s birth mother had died many, many years ago at the beginning of the ancient ogre wars before she had been sent into the lamp. But that was an entirely different story,

“Thank you… Mother” she said softly and Madeline smiled before hugging her gently once more, it was then that Malcolm knocked on the door to the bridal chamber where Belle and Madeline had been waiting and Madeline let her husband in, he smiled at the both of them,

“They’re ready for you…. I believe our son is about to have a heart attack” he teased and Madeline giggled and she smiled at Belle gently,

“See you out there” she said softly before leaving and Belle smiled,

“I wouldn’t miss it” she said gently and smiled at Malcolm,

“Thank you for agreeing to give me away today your….” She began but Malcolm held up a gentle hand to interrupt her and smiled as he passed her the bouquet of white roses and smiled brightly,

“I’m the same as my wife…. You are free to call me father” he said gently, offering his arm,

“Shall we my dear?” he asked gently and she smiled softly before nodding and looping her arm through his gently and he gave the signal for the maids to open the doors and they both entered the great hall.


Bae was both the ring bearer and his Papa’s best man. Bae had carried Belle’s ring on a velvet cushion up the aisle and a servant in ceremonial uniform walked behind the young prince carrying Sir Teddy who was holding another velvet cushion that had Rumple’s wedding band rested upon it.

It seemed only fitting that Sir Teddy be a ring BEARer also. Rumple’s humour had made Belle giggle when he had brought it up, when they had been planning the wedding only 2 months prior to present day.


Rumple’s eyes widened when he turned to see his father walking Belle down the aisle, she looked stunning. Her dress was long and flowing and a piercing white. Her brunette curls looked softer than silk under her veil and he felt happier than he had in his whole life. Well… apart from the day that Bae had been born.

Belle smiled softly when she and Rumple’s father reached the top of the aisle and her smile only drew when Rumple held his hand out towards her with a bright smile and she accepted it gently after pressing a thankful kiss to Malcolm’s cheek and he returned to his wife’s side with a smile.


Belle and Rumple smiled at each other gently as they stood before the priest, the old man smiled as he welcomed everyone and he smiled as he began the vows,

“King Rumplestiltskin Of Misthaven. Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?” he asked gently and Rumple smiled softly at Belle,

“I do” he said quietly and the old man nodded happily before looking at Belle, and placed the ring on her finger,

“And do you…. Newly Crowned Princess Belle Of Mishaven. Take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?” he asked and both Belle and Rumple nearly giggled and chuckled with amusement at her full title, having been crowned as a princess on two weeks before,

“I do” she said softly and the priest smiled brightly, as she also placed the ring on his finger,

“Then before I can pronounce you both man and wife. It is my duty that I must ask if anyone knows of any reason why these two people cannot be married. May they speak now or forever hold their peace” he said and Rumple sighed with relief when everyone remained silent which caused Belle to giggle and the priest chuckled also,

“Then I am pleased to pronounce you both husband and wife. You may kiss the bride” he said happily and Rumple smiled brightly before lifting Belle’s veil over her head gently and she smiled softly before kissing her new husband the whole royal court erupted in applause and Bae giggled happily.


Belle was crowned Queen a month later after the wedding. Belle and Rumple’s reign became known as the golden age of Misthaven. Belle had also been given Milah’s permission to adopt Bae, It turned out that the only reason Milah had been so hateful towards Belle was because she hated how close she had become to Bae after such a short time.


As for Killian, he and Milah were now engaged and Rumple had bestowed a knighthood upon him and his own ship which he named, ‘The Jewel Of The Realm’.


9 months after her coronation as queen, Belle gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who she and Rumple named, Rose and Bae was the best big brother a little sister could ever wish for.

Both Belle and Rumple were the most proud mother and father in the world when they witnessed Bae be crowned King and he was as good a leader as his father had been before him.



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