A Prince's Wish

Wish Granted

Chapter 2 – Wish Granted

Rumple and his knights had searched through the ruins of the castle for a whole 4 hours but they couldn’t find the ancient treasure.

Meanwhile deep down below, young Bae had lost his way and found himself in the castle’s catacombs. Bae’s bottom lip began to tremble as he realised being a hero wasn’t as fun as he first thought. It was dark and one thing Bae hated was the dark, it was filled with monster, not the monsters he’d defeated with sir teddy but real monster and he was scared. Even sir teddy wasn’t here to help him. Bae started to cry,

“Papa!!!” he cried out and his voice echoed throughout the walls of the ruin.


Rumple turned around quickly when he heard the echo of his son’s voice, but that was impossible, bae was at home surely it was just his imagination but then he heard it again.

His son was scared and was crying, his son needed his help.


Due to the echoing of Bae’s scared cries and the unstable structure of the castle ruin, the ceiling above the doorway Bae had entered the catacombs through came down and he was trapped. The loud noise and the sudden collapse caused Bae to run further into the catacombs and he tripped over a loose floor slab and ended cutting his knee and he started to cry even more,

“I want my papa!!!” he cried and tears fell down his small cheeks, his bottom lip wobbled as he looked around him hoping to see his papa but he couldn’t and he continued to cry but then suddenly he spotted something shining in the rubble and he grew curious and he stood up carefully and limped towards it due to the small cut on his knee.


Rumple having felt the collapse of the structure beneath them began to panic,

“BAE!!” he shouted and he and his men rushed quickly to find the young prince.


Bae dug through the rubble with his tiny hands and he found an dusty old lamp, he couldn’t help but giggle, he’d found his own little treasure and it made him feel better, it made him forget that he was trapped for the moment.

Bae used the sleeve of his dress shirt to polish the lamp. It ruined his shirt and his mother would definitely not be happy.

Suddenly, the old lamp in his tiny hands began to glow and he grew a little scared again and dropped it and blue smoke erupted from the lamp’s spout.

The blue smoke sparkled and shimmered and soon took the form of a beautiful woman with brunette curls. She had stunning blue eyes that were complimented by the blue Arabian silks she wore and she smiled gently at the young prince and bowed,

“Master mine, my will is thine” she said in a pleasant tone as she smiled brightly. Bae’s eyes widened in shock.


Rumple had found the collapse and he and his men had started digging and lifting the rocks as fast as they could,

“Bae?!..... Bae! Can you hear me son?!” he shouted praying that his son was safe.


The woman smiled at Bae and she kneeled down and picked up the lamp he had dropped and handed it out towards him,

“what is your wish master?” she asked gently and Bae couldn’t help but be afraid and his lip began to wobble once more and tears fell down his cheeks again and the woman’s smile vanished as she looked at the young boy,

“Oh….. Oh dear…. Hey it’s ok…” she kneeled down in front of him and smiled gently,

“Look….” She clicked her fingers and a silk handkerchief appeared in her hand and she wiped away his tears gently,

“There there…. No need to cry. My name is Belle. Everything’s going to be ok I promise” she soothed him gently and Bae sniffled as his bottom lip continued to wobble as he held the lamp in his hands,

“I’m…. B… Bae… I… I wants my papa” he said unhappily and the woman nodded gently understanding and she smiled softly and wiped his tears with the handkerchief once more,

“Then my young master….” She smiled brightly,

“All you have to do is wish” she said gently and gestured to the lamp and bae looked at it curiously before looking back at Belle,

“I….. I wish that I was withs my papa…. Pwease?” he said innocently and she smiled brightly,

“Your wish is my command” she bowed and clicked her fingers and they both vanished in a cloud of blue smoke.


Rumple and his men continued to move the rocks out the way as quickly as they could,

“Please hurry. We can’t give up now my son needs me!” he shouted desperately as he moved a big rock but then suddenly…..,

“Papa!” Bae shouted happily and Rumple and his men spun round to see Bae and a mysterious woman appear in a cloud of blue smoke. Bae ran up to his papa and hugged him tightly and Rumple lifted him into his arms and held him tightly,

“Oh bae thank heavens you’re safe” he said relieved and then held his son at arm’s length and looked at him firmly,

“Don’t you ever scare me like that again young man” he hugged his son tightly again and Bae hugged his papa back,

“I’m sowy papa I just wanted to helps you finds the tweasure” he said innocently and Rumple just continued to hug him,

“I know son…. I’m just glad you’re safe” he whispered in a relieved tone.


Belle smiled as she witnessed the father and son reunite. She could sense how close they were.

Rumple looked up from hugging his son. Finally noticing the mysterious woman in blue silk,

“I…. my apologies milady I….” he was speechless. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen,

“I… I am Crowned Prince Rumplestiltskin of the kingdom of Misthaven” he introduced himself and the mysterious beauty smiled brightly and bowed respectfully,

“It is an honour to meet you your majesty” she said politely and Bae giggled wriggling out of his father’s arms and he ran over to her,

“Papa… this is Belle she helpted me when I was upset” he said innocently and Belle smiled down at him softly.

Rumple smiled hearing this and approached her and his son,

“Thank you for saving my son milady. It is an honour to make your acquaintance Lady Belle” he said softly and took her hand and raised it to his lips, laying a gentle kiss upon its surface. Belle smiled softly with a gentle blush at the gesture,

“I can assure you your majesty the honour is all mine and I was only too happy to help. Your son is my master after all but even if it wasn’t so I would still have helped” she said gently with a smile and Rumple looked confused as he released her hand gently,

“Your master?” he asked with both a confused tone and expression and Belle giggled,

“I can see I have some explaining to do, my apologies. I am Belle, Genie of the lamp. Also known to you as the ancient treasure of Avonia” she explained and smiled brightly,

“Now let me tend to that cut on your knee master” she said to Bae gently and kneeled down waving her hand over the cut causing in to vanish instantly.


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