A Prince's Wish

The Journey Home

Chapter 3 – The Journey Home

Rumple watched as the mysterious lady Belle played tag with his son as his men made ready the horses for their journey back to Misthaven. He smiled at how happy his son was, Milah had never played tag with Bae, she didn’t wish to get her expensive dresses dirty and here was this mysterious woman who had only known his son for little less than an hour and she had agreed to play with him and her Arabian silk trousers were now torn and covered with mud and she still continued to smile brightly and giggle as she and Bae chased each other. A knight approached Rumple and informed them that they were ready to leave and Rumple nodded and thanked him before looking back towards where Bae and Lady Belle were playing,

“Bae! It’s time to go home” he informed his son with a smile and Bae giggled running back towards his papa and Belle followed,

Rumple lifted Bae onto his horse before turning to look at Belle and he smiled,

“I hope you’ll come with us milady” he said politely and Belle’s smile slowly vanished,

“I…. I don’t really have a choice your majesty…. I am a servant of the lamp and it is my duty to follow where my master goes” she explained gently and Rumple instantly felt guilty,

“Oh…. Forgive me milady…. That was selfish of me I didn’t think…..” he said in a guilty tone but Belle smiled softly and interrupted him gently,

“It’s ok your majesty. You did nothing wrong and I would be happy to join you. Thank you.” She said with a soft smile to which he returned feeling relieved that he hadn’t insulted her.

Belle approached Bae as he sat upon his father’s horse and she smiled and bowed politely,

“Master would you like me to return to my lamp?” she asked gently and Bae giggled and looked at his papa,

“Papa why does Lady Belle keeps calling me master?” he asked innocently and Rumple chucked,

“Errrrrrrm…. It’s kind of hard to explain Bae….. We’ll discuss it when we get home” he told his son with a smile and Bae giggled as he continued to hold the lamp in his tiny hands,

“Ok papa” he said giggling.

Rumple turned towards Bae and smiled charmingly,

“I’m sure my son will be happy if you remained outside of your lamp as we travel back to Misthaven milady” he told her and Bae nodded in agreement with his Papa and Belle smiled brightly,

“As you wish master” she said brightly and Bae giggled once more,

“You can calls me Bae that’s what my papa calls me” he said happily and Belle giggled,

“Very well…. Bae it is” she said gently and Rumple smiled and turned to Belle once more,

“You are welcome to ride with one of knights. I wouldn’t want you to walk all the way back to Misthaven on foot” he said politely and Belle smiled,

“I wouldn’t want to be a bother to your men your majesty” she replied politely but then Bae giggled,

“It’s ok papa…” he held up the lamp and giggled once more,

“I wish that Miss Belle hads a Horsey of her own to ride” he said gently and Belle smiled brightly and giggled before bowing to Bae,

“Your wish is my command Bae” she said politely and she clicked her fingers and a horse appeared next to Rumple’s steed.

Belle smiled and petted the horse’s mane gently. It was a stunning white compared to Rumple’s brown steed. Rumple smiled brightly and mounted his horse and sat behind Bae,

“she’s a beautiful mare” he said politely and Belle smiled as she mounted her new horse and patted her mane gently but then Rumple’s steed named Samson turned his head and nuzzled Belle’s new mare and Belle giggled,

“I think your horse agrees your majesty” she said happily with a smile and Rumple chuckled,

“It would seem so. Don’t worry Samson is a true gentleman” he teased and chuckled and Belle giggled,

“Very well then I guess… Star is only too happy to meet him” she said gentle and Rumple smiled at Belle softly,

“That’s a lovely name…. it suits her” he said politely and Belle smiled in return as star and Samson nuzzled each other,

“Thank you your majesty” she replied gently.


Bae had fallen asleep in his papa’s arms on their way back to the kingdom and Belle smiled as she glanced at his sleeping form and she looked at Rumple with a soft smile,

“I hope you don’t mind me saying your majesty but your son is the sweetest little boy I’ve ever met and I’m honoured to have him as my master” she said politely yet quietly not wanting to wake the young prince and Rumple looked at her quickly and smiled,

“Why thank you milady…. I can tell he’s fond of you. And please…. Feel free to speak your mind around me just because I’m a prince doesn’t mean I don’t value other peoples’ opinions” he said politely and she smiled and nodded. Rumple thought for a moment before asking,

“I hope you don’t mind me asking but….. How long have you been…..? You know….” He couldn’t find the right words and Belle giggled,

“A genie?.... I’ve been trapped in that lamp for as long as I can remember” she told him gently with a sad smile and he frowned at her sympathetically as she continued,

“I can’t be certain how many years it has been but it feels so good to be out of that lamp” she said happily and Rumple smiled at this before replying,

“Fear not milady. I shall have a room prepared for you as soon as we reach my castle” he said charmingly and Belle smiled brightly,

“Oh…. Thank you your majesty….” He smiled became a frown slowly,

“But….. I can’t…. not unless my master gives me permission” she explained and Rumple looked at her with a confused expression and she smiled gently,

“Don’t worry…. I’ll explain all to you and your son when we reach our destination” she said gently but then shivered due to the cold wind and Rumple smiled softly pulling on Samson’s reigns to make him pause and he removed his cloak and placed it around her shoulders gently without a word and before she could protest he smiled brightly,

“Can’t have you catching a chill now can I?” he said gently and Belle smiled with a slight blush,

“Thank you your majesty” she said quietly as they continued towards Misthaven.


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