A Prince's Wish

A Kingdom Of Misty Heaven

Chapter 4 – A Kingdom Of Misty Heaven

Belle smiled blissfully when she saw Rumple’s kingdom for the first time. It was peaceful and quiet and was covered in a soft blanket of mist after a recent rainfall. She sighed peacefully, she could tell that she was going to be happy here. If her time here was temporary she was uncertain but she was only too happy to make the most of it.


When they finally reached the castle all the knights dismounted and returned their horses to the stables and they bid their prince goodnight to which he politely returned. Rumple was greeted by Bae’s nanny and he greeted her with a smile and a nod of his head and he dismounted with Bae in his arms and he handed his son’s sleeping form to her gently and told her quietly,

“I’ll be up to tuck him in properly in a moment I have to show our new guest to her chambers” the nanny nodded and curtsied respectfully,

Rumple smiled as he walked back to Samson and handed his reigns to a stable boy who returned him to the stables. He then walked over to Star’s side and patted her mane gently with a smile before holding his hands up towards Belle with a smile,

“allow me to assist you milady” he said politely and she smiled and placed her hands on his shoulders gently as he helped lift her down off Star and placed her feet safely back on the ground and she smiled up at him thankfully,

“Thank you your majesty” she said gently as she removed her hands from his shoulders and he smiled down at her gently,

“Think nothing of it milady…. And….. You may call me Rumple” he said gently and she smiled bashfully,

“Very well…. Then it is only fitting that you call me Belle” she replied softly and he nodded,

“I…. I shall…. Errrrrm” before he could find the right words the stable boy returned and addressed Belle,

“Excuse me milady but May I take your horse?” he asked her politely and Belle looked between him and rumple with both a confused and worried expression and she petted star’s mane gently,

“Will…. Will I be able to see her again?” she asked a little sadly but Rumple chuckled and smiled reassuringly,

“You misunderstand my dear…. He only wishes to take star to the stables so that she can be properly groomed, watered and fed” Rumple explained and Belle smiled relieved at this,

“Oh….. of course, thank you” she said to the stable boy with a gentle smile and handed him star’s reigns after giving her a quick kiss on the forehead and whispering,

“Sleep well my dear star”


Belle had requested that she accompany Rumple to wish Bae goodnight to which he agreed. Bae was fast asleep when they arrived and Rumple smiled and walked over to him and placed a gentle kiss on his son’s sleepy forehead. Belle smiled at Bae’s sleeping form, he was so adorable he was still hugging her lamp in his tiny arms.

Poor Bae was startled awake when his mother burst into the room,

“Rumple I was informed of your return!.... well come on did you find it? Did you find the treasure?” she asked excitedly and Rumple looked at his wife unimpressed as his son whimpered sleepily and crawled into his papa’s arms and yawned,

“Milah Bae had just settled down” he protested but she simply rolled her eyes,

“Never mind that now it’s a simple question did you….” She stopped when she finally noticed Belle,

“And who exactly are you?” she asked in both a rude tone and manner.

Rumple sighed and stood with a sleepy Bae in his arms and went to Belle’s side,

“Please Milah….. She’s a guest” he explained trying not to lose his patience,

“Belle this is Princess Milah, Bae’s mother and…. My wife” he explained gently and Belle curtsied politely,

“It’s a pleasure to meet you your highness” she greeted respectfully and Milah rolled her eyes growing bored,

“Yes yes whatever but anyway back to the more important matter. Rumple did you find the treasure?” she said impatiently and Rumple looked at Belle apologetically,

“I’m so sorry about this Belle” he said gently before looking back at Milah,

“Yes Milah we did…. Well actually…. Bae did” he said proudly smiling at his son before looking back at Milah unimpressed,

“Who somehow managed to go without his mother realising he was missing” he said in an angry tone and Milah rolled her eyes,

“It’s his nanny’s responsibility to keep an eye on him when I’m busy” she said with a bored tone and Belle could have sworn she’d heard Rumple growl under his breath.


Bae didn’t like it when his mama and papa argued so he decided to change the subject and he held up the lamp and smiled brightly,

“looks mama I founds tweasure!” he said brightfully and Milah’s eyes widened when her sight fell on the lamp and she instantly took it from her son’s small hands and Bae pouted,

“Heeeeeeeyy! That’s my tweasure” he whined and Rumple glared angrily at his wife,

“Milah!!” he roared but Milah rolled her eyes,

“Oh do be quiet Baelfire and calm yourself Rumple” she said firmly but when she went to rub the lamp, it began to glow and instantly appeared back in Bae’s hands and he giggled hugging his treasure and Milah glared,

“What on earth?!” she cried in outrage and Belle smiled happily at Bae and she crouched down so she was eye level with the young prince sat in his papa’s arms,

“I think it’s about time I explain the rules of my lamp.” She said gently and Bae giggled and nodded happily.


Rumple sat on the bed with Bae on his lap holding the lamp and Belle sat next to them and smiled at Bae gently as she began to explain. Milah just stood and glared. She hated it when she did get what she wanted.

“Ok Bae…. Basically when you rubbed the lamp you became my master and what that means is…. Well basically it means you get as many wishes as you want” Belle explained gently with a soft smile and Bae looked at the lamp curiously before looking back at her,

“And…. I can wish for anything?” he asked innocently and Belle smiled brightly and tapped his tiny nose with her finger gently,

“Anything your tiny little pure heart desires….. The only exceptions are that I can’t make anyone fall in love, I can’t kill or physically harm anyone and I also can’t bring people back from the dead” she explained carefully in a gentle tone and Bae nodded understanding and she smiled gently,

“When you make a wish I would advise to choose your word carefully” she continued gently and he nodded,

“Now basically unless you willingly pass on the lamp to a next owner no one can take the lamp from you…. That’s why it reappeared in your arms a moment ago” she said gently and Milah grew angry,

“So that’s why?!.... Baelfire I order you to give me that lamp right this instant!” she said angrily and Bae pouted and hugged the lamp to his chest tightly and hid his face in papa’s shoulder and Rumple glared at his wife,

“Milah enough you’re scaring him” he said firmly and Milah stomped her foot angrily and stormed out the room, slamming the door behind her and Belle looked at Rumple sadly,

“I’m sorry Rumple I don’t mean to cause all this trouble” she said guilty but Rumple placed a hand on her shoulder gently and smiled reassuringly,

“It’s ok Belle it wasn’t your fault, Milah…. Well my wife can be difficult sometimes” he explained and Belle bit her lip unsure but then Bae’s quiet voice caught her attention,

“Miss Belle?..... Can…. Can I make a wish…. Now?” he asked innocently and Belle smiled brightly and nodded,

“Of course you can Bae” she said gently and Bae giggled,

“I wish that I hads Sir Teddy back!” he said excitedly and Belle giggled,

“Your wish is my command” she clicked her fingers and Sir Teddy appeared in front of Bae who instantly grabbed his fury friend and hugged him tightly,

“Yay!” he smiled brightly and jumped out of his papa’s arms and hugged Belle tightly by wrapping his arms around her neck and she was stunned as she hugged him back,

“Thank you Belle” he said happily and Belle smiled softly as she hugged the young prince back,

“You’re welcome Bae” she said softly.


Rumple’s heart warmed at the scene in front of him and he smiled softly at Belle from behind Bae and mouthed the words,

‘Thank you’ belle smiled softly and placed her hand over his gently and mouthed back ‘No thanks necessary’.


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