A Prince's Wish

Meeting With The Parents

Chapter 5 – Meeting With The Parents

The sun began to peek over the silhouette of the mountains in the distance. Welcoming a new day to the kingdom of Misthaven. Belle had fallen asleep on a little couch next to the window and Rumple had kindly placed his cloak over her as a blanket once more. Belle had explained to Rumple the night before that she would not be allowed to leave Bae’s side without Bae’s permission, who was then at that time asleep and she didn’t want his father to wake him. She had shown Rumple the two golden bracelets around her wrists. They were ordained with Agrahban symbols. The bracelets prevented her from running away from her responsibilities.


Even though Belle had assured Rumple that the burdens of being a genie didn’t bother her, he could not help but feel sorry for her. He turned his head to glance at a sleeping Milah and he sighed sadly before removing the covers from himself and grabbed his dressing gown before heading to his study.


Bae began to stir as the sun fell through his window and he sat up with a sleepy expression as he cuddled Sir Teddy but then he was instantly awake when he saw Belle asleep on the couch and he remembered everything that happened yesterday. He had thought it had all been a dream.

He giggled as he jumped down off his large bed and ran over to her sleeping form and he patted her shoulder gently and she instantly stirred from her sleep and her eyes widened when she saw her young master and she stood up quickly and smiled,

“My apologies Bae I’m usually awake before my master is” she explained gently with a bow,

“Do you require anything?” she asked politely with a smile and Bae giggled and held up Sir Teddy to her view,

“Do you knows how to plays dwagons?” he asked innocently and Belle looked confused for a moment before smiling and she couldn’t help but giggle.


Rumplestiltskin sat at the desk in his study filling out royal documents and he sighed sadly but then he suddenly heard his sons’ giggles coming from the balcony and he stood and went to investigate and smiled at the sight in the garden below his study.


Bae ran into the garden holding Sir Teddy and the magic lamp in one arm and Belle’s hand in the other and he giggled as he got to a big open space and he smiled excitedly at Belle,

“We has got to defeats the evil dwagon!” he said excitedly and Belle giggled at the young prince’s imagination and she knelt down and smiled brightly,

“Bae…. Would you and Sir Teddy like to face a real dragon?..... Because if you wish it to be so then…. I can turn myself into one” she explained carefully and Bae’s smiled brightened at this idea and nodded excitedly before holding up,

“I wish that you woulds become a dwagon!” he said happily and Belle giggled before walking back a bit so Bae was at a safe distance and she bowed politely,

“Your wish is my command” she said with a smile and she clicked her fingers and was soon engulfed in blue sparkling smoke.


The smoke expanded to a very large amount and when it finally cleared, in the place where Belle had once stood was now a large purple dragon. Bae became unsure whether he liked this game or not and began to back away scared and the Belle dragon seeing his fear smiled softly and lowered her head towards him and nuzzled his face gently and Bae’s fear soon melted away and he wrapped his tiny arms around the large dragon’s scaled face and giggled happily.


The scene had brought tears to Rumple’s eyes and he smiled. His son was so much happier ever since Belle had arrived and that was all he had ever wanted. For his son to be happy.


The Belle dragon allowed Bae; along with Sir Teddy to jump on her back and she smiled as she watched him giggle ash he used her long tail as a slide.

Unfortunately, Prince Rumplestiltskin wasn’t the only one who had spotted ‘the dragon’ within the palace gardens. The knights had woken late and had not seen Belle’s transformation as Rumple had and they instantly thought a dragon was now attacking the castle, and not only that but the ferocious beast had somehow kidnapped the young prince. They all quickly grabbed their swords and spears and rushed to rescue Bae.


Belle lifted her head quickly. Her new dragon senses picked up and she could smell the dagger and her eyes widened in terror when she saw the knights charging towards her with spears and swords, not for herself but for young Bae.

Because of the fact that she had no voice within a Dragon form she gave Bae a firm look and nudged him with her face gently back towards the palace and Bae’s bottom lip began to wobble as he became scared for his new friend and the Belle dragon smiled reassuringly and nudged him gently once more and Bae reluctantly ran back towards the castle.


Rumple’s eyes widened in panic when he witnessed what was happening,

“No!.... Belle run! Fly away!” he shouted to her in vain but despaired knowing she could not hear him from this distance. He instantly grabbed his own sword and ran down the stairs towards the gardens.


Belle didn’t know what to do she had sent Bae away because she had wanted him to be safe, and when she sent him away she also sent away her chance of transforming back to normal. She looked around terrified not knowing what to do and before she knew it a spear was thrown and hit her directly in the arm and she cried out in pain which came out as a loud terrifying roar.


The knights prepared to finish of the beast when Rumple ran in front of them and held out his arms protectively,

“STAND DOWN!!! IT’S NOT A REAL DRAGON IT’S LADY BELLE!!!” he shouted angrily, he was more angry at himself because he hadn’t got there in time to stop Belle from being hurt.


The men soon stood down once they realised and apologised and Rumple ordered them back to the castle. He had never been so angry in his entire life.

When the knights were gone he quickly turned to Belle with a worried expression,

“Belle?!... Belle?! Oh no…” he watched worried as she removed the spear from her arm and she whimpered in pain and she looked at Rumple weakly, she may be in a dragon’s form but she didn’t have a dragon’s tolerance of pain.

The Belle dragon was soon engulfed in smoke and when it cleared she was once again in her human form and she clutched the wound on her arm and looked at him weakly,

“R… Rumple…” she said weakly before she began to fall forward but he rushed forward quickly and caught her and he quickly lifted her into his arms bridal style and looked at her worried and quickly carried her back to the castle. Belle whispered weakly before her eyes closed,

“I… I’m sorry Rumple…. I… I was only trying to Protect Bae” she said weakly before falling unconscious.


Rumple paced back and forth with a worried expression outside the guest room and little Bae mimicked his father’s action but every once and a while would have to run to keep up with father’s pace because of his tiny legs. After a moment the doctor emerged and smiled reassuringly at the prince and he bowed respectfully,

“have no fear your majesty she’s going to be just fine, I’ve bandaged up her wound much to her protest of not wanting to be a bother” the old man said with a chuckle and Rumple nodded relieved,

“Thank you doctor… May we go in and see her now?” the doctor smiled and nodded before bowing respectfully and leaving.


Rumple opened the door and Bae quickly ran in and jumped onto the bed and hugged Belle tightly,

“Belle you’re ok!!” he said happily and Belle smiled brightly and hugged him back,

“I’m fine Bae I promise” she said and looked down at him with a soft smile before smiling at Rumple,

“I believe I have your papa to thank for that” she said gently,

“Thank you Rumple” she said softly and he smiled taking a seat next to the bed,

“Think nothing of it Belle…. You have mine and my knight’s sincere apologies for what occurred” he said politely looking guilty but Belle smiled softly at him,

“Think nothing of it Rumple” she said in an almost teasing manner and Rumple couldn’t help but smile gently at her before ruffling his son’s hair gently and Bae giggled happily.


It was then that Milah burst in with a false expression of concern as she looked at Belle,

“Oh thank goodness you’re all right I was just informed of what happened” she said as she walked towards them and she grabbed Bae hugging him tightly and Bae wriggled not liking his mother’s crushing hugs,

“I’m so glad you’re both safe” she said with false relief but Belle ignored it and still smiled politely,

“thank you your highness” she said respectfully and Milah put on a false bright smile as she came to Belle’s Bed side after releasing Bae who jumped into his papa’s arms,

“No need to thank me dear girl…. I know we both got off on the wrong foot but I’m certain we’re going to be great friends and to make it up to you for my horrid behaviour I’ve had my maid bring along a selection of dresses for when you meet the king and queen” she said in a sickeningly sweet tone with a bright smile and Belle looked stunned as Milah pulled her to her feet and nudged her towards her maid who had entered the room and was now laying out dresses,

“I’m sorry what?.... I’m going to be meeting who?” she asked stunned and Milah giggled as she pushed Belle behind the dressing screen,

“The King and Queen, silly” she said with false happiness and turned towards her husband and son and shooed them out the room,

“Out the two of you me and Belle are having some quality girl time” she said before they could fully leave Belle rushed towards Bae,

“Wait!.... I have to have Bae’s permission first” she explained and Milah secretly rolled her eyes and Bae giggled,

“You has my pimishion Belle” he said innocently and Belle giggled and Rumple smiled placing a hand on his son’s shoulder and looked down at him with a smile,

“While we’re at it… Bae does Belle also have your permission to have her own room?” he asked his son gently and Bae giggled and nodded once more,

“Yes papa” he giggled and Belle smiled brightly and thanked him and gave Bae a quick hug before Milah shooed him and Rumple out the room.


An hour later Milah came downstairs and into the dining room, secretly smiling to herself, she wanted the meeting with the king and queen to go as badly as it could for Belle and she was going to make sure that it would.

Milah entered the dining room and looked at Rumple bored,

“Belle requests that Bae come and escort her to the dining room because he is her master” she said in a bored tone and Rumple couldn’t help but suspect that his wife was up to something and he nodded before standing,

“Of course…. Come on Bae I’ll come with you” he said and Bae nodded before leaving the room with his father.


Bae started giggling hysterically and rolled around on the bed when he saw Belle in the dress Milah had made her wear and Belle couldn’t help but giggle herself,

“I know, I know, I look like a big frilly wedding cake” she said in an amused tone but Rumple didn’t find it funny in the slightest,

“I’m so sorry Belle… my wife is more than aware that this dress is only meant for masquerade balls” he said feeling angry at his wife but Belle smiled at him gently,

“It’s ok Rumple I don’t mind….. But I really am finding it hard to breathe in this corset” she said uncomfortable and giggled and so did Bae before he smiled brightly,

“Oooooooooo… I has an idea! Wait here Belle!” he said excited before running next door to his room and coming back with a fairy tale book and he secretly showed it to his papa and whispered something into his papa’s ear, Belle tilted her head as she watched them curiously.

Rumple smiled brightly at his son and nodded,

“Very good idea Bae” he said with a bright smile and Bae giggled before showing the picture book to Belle and pointed to a picture,

“I wish that you hads this pweety dwess” he said happily and after a moment Bae smiled brightly,

“Your wish is my command” she clicked her fingers and was instantly engulfed in blue sparkling smoke.


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