A Prince's Wish

A Royal Introduction

Chapter 6 – A Royal Introduction

Milah’s eyes widened with horror as she saw Belle enter the dining room with her arm looped through her husband’s as he escorted her into the dining room. Bae entered with them before running back to his seat giggling with Sir Teddy.

Bae had chosen the dress Cinderella was wearing in his fairy tale book. It wasn’t for any particular reason it was more for the fact that her dress was blue and it reminded him of Belle’s Agrahban blue silks she always wore.


Rumple’s father and mother; King Malcolm and Queen Madeline stood with a smile to greet their son’s new guest, Belle curtsies politely and King Malcolm raised Belle’s hand to his lips and kissed it politely in greeting,

“Well son who might this beautiful young lady be?” he asked charmingly as he smiled at Belle and she couldn’t help but blush, oh yes this man was definitely Rumple’s father, Rumple smiled,

“Father, Mother…. This is Belle also known as the treasure as Avonia” he introduced her politely and Belle smiled at the King and Queen,

“It’s an honour to meet you both your majesties” she said respectfully with a smile and Malcolm and Madeline returned to their seats as Rumple pulled out a chair for Belle and she smiled at him thankfully as he returned to his own seat.


Queen Madeline looked up from her meal and smiled at Belle,

“So my dear…. Rumple tells me that our grandson has grown quite fond of you since you arrived” she said politely, starting conversation and Belle smiled at the queen,

“I can honestly say that Bae is the most wonderful little boy I’ve ever met your majesty” she said honestly and Bae giggled and held up Sir Teddy to prompt Belle and she giggled before continuing,

“And Sir Teddy is also the bravest of knights I have ever come across” she said and all apart from Milah giggled and chuckled.


Both Malcolm and Madeline were instantly charmed by Belle, she was such a sweet girl who was obviously intelligent and she also got on very well with Bae. That night Madeline sat in front of her dressing table mirror, brushing her hair as she prepared for bed. King Malcolm smiled walking up behind his wife, placing his hands on her shoulders and placed a kiss on her cheek and she smiled softly,

“What’s troubling you my dear?... you only brush your hair before bed when you have something on your mind” Malcolm pointed out, he knew his wife better than anyone and she turned and smiled softly at her husband over her shoulder,

“I’m fine….” She reassured him,

“It’s just…. Did you see the way our son smiled at Belle?” she said happily and Malcolm chuckled kissing her cheek once more and then the crown of her head,

“Aye that I did…. He looks at her the way I used to look at you when we first met” he said with a smiled and she sighed happily and stood and she hugged her husband and rested her head on his shoulder and he hugged her back,

“Do you think…?” she started but she didn’t have to finish,

“Aye that I do….” He responded,

“Don’t worry Madeline…. If our son and Belle are lucky enough to fall in love then I’m certain he will do the right thing by Bae’s mother by honourably separating from her” he reassured his wife and then smiled,

“You raised our son well” he praised her and she smiled up at him and cupped his cheek softly,

“We both did my beloved Malcolm” she said lovingly before placing a gently kiss upon his lips to which he happily returned.


Bae’s nanny tucked him into bed that night and read him his bedtime story whilst Rumple showed Belle to her new chambers.

“… and the prince and princess lived happily ever after” she finished off with a smile and Bae smiled sleepily as he cuddled Sir Teddy and snuggled into his covers and yawned sleepily as his nanny put the book away,

“Does happily ever after weally exist Nanny Robyn?” he asked with sleepy innocence and she smiled gently,

“I can honestly say that it does Prince Bae” she said in a gentle quiet tone before extinguishing the candle and left the sleeping prince’s room.


Rumple smiled at Belle when they reached her new bed chambers and he nodded politely,

“Well….. Goodnight Belle” he said kindly and she smiled softly,

“And the same to you Rumple…. Thank you for such a wonderful day” she said politely before placing a gentle kiss on his cheek and Rumple looked stunned as she backed into her room and closed the door and as she rested her back against the door they both whispered at exactly the same moment,



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