A Prince's Wish

A Rose Of Jealousy

Chapter 7 – A Rose Of Jealousy

Rumple had taken to admiring Belle from a far but even when he did that it made him feel guilty in the sweetest of ways. He shouldn’t admire in any way, shape or form but she was like his own personal form of ambrosia. He couldn’t get Belle out of his head. Her smile, her laugh, her kindness. The soft kiss she had placed upon his cheek a few days ago still burned.

He watched from the window of his study as both Belle and Bae walked through the labyrinth in the rose garden and he sighed in frustration. She was forbidden and he vowed to avoid her as much as he could.


Belle was sat with the royal family as they all received dinner and they all made conversation about the events of their day. Rumple avoided all eye contact with Belle which made her feel uneasy. She had noticed that he had been avoiding her and she began to worry if she had insulted him in some way.

Her worried thoughts were interrupted when Nanny Robyn entered the dining room,

“My apologies your majesty but I was instructed to deliver this to Lady Belle” she said respectfully and curtsied politely as she walked to Belle’s side and presented her with a long stemmed red rose and Belle’s eyes widened in surprise,

“For me?..... But…… who sent it?” she asked confused and Nanny Robyn giggled,

“From a secret admirer my dear…. I was instructed to keep the identity a secret” she said happily and Belle couldn’t help but smile with a slight blush,

“Oh…. That’s very sweet…. Thank you. I love roses” she said blissfully as she admired the rose in her hands and Rumple scowled without her noticing as her full attention was on the fresh bloom in her hands and he removed the napkin on his lap placing it on the table,

“My apologies but you all must excuse me I have some important documents that require my signature” he stood and left the room without waiting for a response.


He paced back and forth in his study. His blood boiled with jealousy and it frustrated him even more. He shouldn’t be jealous but it angered him that the smile on her face she wore because of the rose she received was for her ‘secret admirer’; he practically growled the words in his mind. That glorious smile that warmed his heart was for the mysterious man with no name and it wasn’t for him.


Rumple’s anger and frustration grew over the next few days. Every day Belle’s secret admirer would send Nanny Robyn with a red rose and this mysterious man was beginning to get on Rumple’s nerves. He distracted himself with tons of paperwork and kept himself to himself.


Belle walked through the garden with Bae. They were going on a picnic with sir teddy and Bae giggled as he ran ahead as Belle carried the picnic blanket, when they reached a nice spot under a lovely shaded apple tree and Bae wished for all his favourite treats and with a click of her fingers Belle made them appear.

Belle giggled when she saw a chocolate face covered Bae and she smiled brightly and made a handkerchief appear and she cleaned it away gently and Bae giggled,

“Thank you…. Belle why do your cheeks go alls pink when Nanny Robyn dewivers you a wose?” he asked innocently and picked up another piece of chocolate cake and Belle smiled softly,

“I…. well… my cheeks go pink because… someone has taken the time to think of me” she explained gently, her cheeks becoming pink once more and Bae tilted his head curious and said with a mouth full of chocolate cake,

“Who would you likes to be thinking of you Belle?” he asked and took another bite of chocolate cake,

Belle smiled softly and couldn’t help but glance towards the window of Rumple’s study before looking back at Bae and she smiled,

“I have absolutely no idea Bae” she fibbed.


Rumple glared grumpily into the fire as it turned ten o’clock, the chimes of the clock that sat on top of his mantelpiece in his study did nothing to stir him from his trance inflicted by the flames. There was suddenly a knock on his door and he grumbled unhappily as he stood and walked towards the door,

“I told everyone that I was not to be disturbed…” he started to say as he opened the door and was shocked,

“Belle….?” He said softly and she looked at him guiltily,

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to disturb you Rumple… I just wanted to return this…” she said holding up his cloak that he had given her when they first met,

“I didn’t have the chance before” she said gently as she handed it to him and he accepted it gratefully,

“Errrrrrm…. Thank you…. Yes thank you Belle” he said gently.

The silence between them became awkward and it was Belle who plucked up the courage to break it,

“I…. may I ask you something Rumple?” she inquired gently and he nodded quickly,

“Of course…. Anything” he said nervously and Belle seemed nervous herself,

“I…. well I… I was just wondering….. Was…. Was it you who sent me the roses?” she asked quickly and Rumple’s eyes widened.


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