A Prince's Wish

Falling Out In The Worst Possible Way

Chapter 8 – Falling Out In The Worst Possible Way

Rumple looked into the beauty’s eyes and his heart broke in that very moment. In order to be the gentleman he had been raised to be…. He would have to ensure that Belle could never love him. He would have to break her heart.

Rumple put on a convincing expression of amusement and chuckled,

“Of course not… why would you think that?” he asked and Belle couldn’t help but feel embarrassed at the fact he had laughed,

“I…. well I…” she started but Rumple chuckled once more because he couldn’t bear to hear her speak because it would only break his heart more,

“I am a Prince milady and in little less than a month I am to be king” he said proudly with an expression of false amusement,

“I don’t have time to waste flattery on a servant” he said and Belle stepped back, her eyes filling with sadness,

“Rumple….?.... what’s gotten into you?” she asked with a stunned and sad tone and Rumple’s heart shattered once more but he stayed strong and continued the act,

“Nothing has gotten into me milady…. I just find it amusing that you would think that I could ever hold any sort of feelings for the likes of a servant such as you when I am in fact married to the Princess Milah. A lady of great beauty and high class. She is everything that you will never be.” He said firmly and his heart completely shattered when he saw tears fall down her cheeks and she looked down sadly,

“V…. very well….. I’m sorry I disturbed your evening your majesty” she quickly turned and ran off down the corridor.


Rumple slammed the door angry at himself. He couldn’t believe what he had just done. He let out an angry yell and he threw everything off his desk before flipping it over in anger and he then punched the wall angrily. He managed to calm himself, at least now Belle would be able to find a man who was worthy of her. A man who could marry her and give her the love she deserved. He was already married and so the love that he and Belle could have shared was forbidden and they could never be together.


Belle’s heart was broken. The pain she felt inside her was too much for her to bare and she kept running, she couldn’t stay here after all those things Rumple had said. She couldn’t see him every day knowing what he truly thought of her. She opened the front door to the castle and ran outside but the golden bracelets around her wrists glowed brightly and she cried out in pain,

“Ahhhhhhhhh!.... ok!!!…. Ok!!!….. I’m sorry!!!!” she cried in pain as the bracelets burned for she had broken the rules and the lamp was reminding her that she was a prisoner. She was exactly what Rumple had said. She was a servant and that was all she ever would be.

The bracelets glowed once more and Belle was engulfed in smoke and it returned her to the confines of her lamp, Belle allowed the tears to fall but then she looked up into a mirror that hung on the inner walls of the lamp and looked at the dress Bae had wished for her to have and her heart became as hard as stone. She clicked her fingers and was surrounded by Blue smoke and when it cleared she was once again dressed in the Agrahban blue silks that marked her as a genie.

For the first time in her life she saw herself for exactly what she was. Rumplestiltskin had helped her to see that. She was a Genie. And that was all she was.


Bae ran into the dining room at breakfast and Queen Madeline smiled at her grandson,

“Good morning Bae” she said happily and Bae looked around and pouted,

“Hi grandma has you seen Belle me and Sir Teddy can’t find her anywhere” he said sadly and Rumple looked up slightly at this feeling slightly worried, Madeline smiled reassuringly,

“It’s ok sweetheart I’m sure she’s around somewhere…. Did you check her lamp?” she asked gently and Bae smiled brightly realising,

“Ohhhhhhhhh” he giggled and put Sir Teddy on the table so he could hold the lamp in both hands and he rubbed it.

Blue smoke instantly erupted from the lamp’s spout and Belle appeared and when Malcolm and Madeline saw her they knew instantly that something was very wrong. Rumple also noticed. Belle wasn’t smiling,

“What is your request master?” she asked quietly as she looked at Bae and he tilted his head confused,

“Belle….?..... Are yous ok?” he asked carefully but Belle’s expression didn’t change and she bowed politely,

“I’m perfectly well master thank you” she said quietly and Bae pouted before Belle continued,

“I will admit master I am feeling a little bored…. Do I have your permission to spend the day in the library?” she asked quietly and Bae nodded before Belle left after bowing politely.


Belle felt terrible. She didn’t like treating Bae that way but if Rumple only thought of her as a servant then he couldn’t possibly want his son to be friends with one. She wiped away a tear before heading to the library.


Bae pouted and looked at his grandma,

“What’s the matter with Belle gwandma? She doesn’t usually call me master” he said with a pout and Madeline pressed a gentle kiss to her grandson’s forehead and smiled with gentle reassurance,

“I’m sure she’s fine Bae, she’s probably just tired is all. It may be best to let her have the day to herself” she said gently and Bae nodded understanding but not completely and he grabbed Sir Teddy and went to play in the garden.


Rumple felt awful as he sat in his study. Belle’s strange new behaviour hadn’t changed for the next few days and he was growing worried. Nanny Robyn had brought Rumple his afternoon tea and he asked her carefully,

“Has Lady Belle been sleeping well?” Nanny Robyn looked at the prince sadly and shook her head,

“No sir…. She….. Lady Belle will now only sleep inside her lamp, she has requested this of young Prince Bae” she said sadly and Rumple looked confused,

“Why would she do that?.... she has perfectly good chambers of her own” he said quietly and Nanny Robyn looked at him sad once more,

“She says she doesn’t deserve them sir….. Because she said she wasn’t nothing but a servant”


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