A Prince's Wish

The Wish Of A Genie

Chapter 9 – The Wish Of A Genie

Every opportunity that presented itself to Rumple for him to talk with Belle always ended the same. If they were passing in the hall way she would vanish in a cloud of blue smoke. If he entered a room she resided in or vice versa she would vanish in a cloud of blue smoke. Rumple despaired as he began to wonder if he would ever see her smile again and it broke his heart for he knew that it was his fault that she wasn’t smiling in the first place.


Belle’s routine remained pretty much the same apart from the fact that she had taken to sleeping within her lamp once again. She had eased the pain she felt by spending time with little Bae. She had taken to calling him Bae again. She didn’t see why just because she and his father weren’t speaking that she should be on formal terms with Bae. The young prince had been so happy when she started calling him by his name again that he hugged her tightly. Apparently Sir Teddy was also happy because Bae lifted him so that he could place his furry lips upon Belle’s cheek and she smiled for first time in weeks.


After tucking Bae in and placing a gentle kiss on his forehead as she had taken to doing a couple of days ago at Bae’s request; this had happened after Bae had been startled awake by a nightmare and Belle held him as he cried and she rocked him gently and soothed him by saying,

“There, there Bae it’s alright…. I’m here…. I’m not going anywhere. Here…” she had said softly and placed a gentle kiss upon his forehead and smiled gently,

“A magic kiss to keep away all those nasty dreams” she said and Bae smiled up at her and hugged her and drifted off back to sleep.

After that night Bae would now always ask for a ‘magic kiss’ before he went to sleep.


After Belle was certain Bae was asleep and comfortable with Sir Teddy by his side, she would head down to the royal stables to visit her beloved star to read with her for a while, she entered the stables and smiled when she found the stable boy; Killian, grooming her and she smiled thankfully,

“Thank you Killian, I’ll take it from here” she said gently with a smile and he nodded politely,

“Yes milady” Belle giggled and shook her head,

“Killian, how many times do I have to say that you can call me Belle?” she said in a teasing manner and he chuckled and apologised and went off to do his other chores.

That’s how it went every night for the last week. But no. Tonight was different.


Belle pressed a kiss to star’s forehead after closing her stall and she smiled softly,

“goodnight my dear star” she said softly before leaving but as she was heading back upstairs to get some sleep she realised that she had left her book in the stables by accident. She headed back and knocked on the door politely before entering,

“Killian?... sorry but I left my…” she was stunned and her eyes widened to find both Killian and Princess Milah engaged in a passionate kiss and Killian looked at her stunned,

“Belle!..... This…. This isn’t what it looks like…” he tried to explain as he pulled a blushing Milah behind him, Belle looked at them both sadly,

“How…. How could you both…. Killian, she’s a married woman and your highness how could you betray your husband like this?” she asked sadly and Milah glared at her becoming angry,

“Who are you to judge me?!... You’re nothing but a servant!!!” she shouted angrily but Belle stood tall,

“I may be a servant but at least I have self-respect” she said firmly as she glared at the princess,

“What would your son think if it was him standing here and not me?” she asked firmly and Milah frowned and looked down sadly,

“You don’t understand…. I love Killian. I always have…… You have no idea what it’s like to watch the man you love whilst you’re married to another!” she shouted in sad frustration and Killian held her in his arms, Belle looked down and spoke softly,

“I have a pretty good idea actually” she said before looking back at Milah and Killian and she took a step closer to them and looked at Milah,

“One thing I can sense is true love and I can sense it between you both” she said softly before continuing,

“Your son may be my master Princess Milah but that doesn’t mean I can’t help the two of you be together” Belle said gently with a soft smile as she looked at them both and Milah looked at her quickly,

“You can help us?..... How?..... And why would you?.... I’ve been awful to you” the princess said sadly but Belle smiled gently,

“Simple…. I forgive you” she said with a smile too which Milah returned,

“Thank you Belle” she said quietly and Belle nodded,

“You and Killian can be together but you have to do it in the right way….. You have to tell your husband the truth” she said gently and Milah looked at Killian and caressed his cheek softly before looking back at Belle and nodded.


Milah had asked Killian to wait for her in the stables. Belle walked with Milah towards Rumple’s study and Milah glanced at Belle and asked gently,

“You could have told Rumple yourself as soon as you discovered me and Killian…. You could have…. Magically poofed yourself to his study and told him everything there and then…. Why didn’t you?” she asked confused and Belle smiled softly as they came to stop outside the door to Rumple’s study,

“Because I don’t want to hurt you or Rumple” she answered simply and Milah looked at the door to the study before looking back at Belle,

“…..you love him don’t you?” she asked gently and Belle was taken aback by her question but simply smiled softly and gave her hand a gentle reassuring squeeze,

“I may be a Genie… but if I could wish for anything….” She looked at the door before looking back at Milah,

“Well… It doesn’t really matter what I wish for” she said softly before returning to her room.


Rumple and Milah had discussed everything in a civil way parted with a friendly hug. Rumple had insisted to her that she would always have a place in his heart because she was Baelfire’s mother and Milah smiled as she told him I was exactly the same with him.

Milah and Killian had eloped on the first ship out of the kingdom but they would always come back to visit Bae.


After the divorce had been finalised and he had bid farewell to Milah, he exited the throne room where his son was waiting and Belle gave Bae an encouraging nudge with her hand and he went and hugged his Papa before going to say goodbye to his mama.

Rumple looked at Belle sadly before going to head back to his study when he heard her sweet voice inside his mind,

“I Forgive You Rumple” the words echoed inside his mind and looked at her over his shoulder and he saw her smile softly at him and she nodded gently and he turned towards her fully and in three quick strides and he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly and she hugged him back and closed her eyes happily.


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