Manan : Broken soul healed by love


What happens when Manik a complete broken guy meets Nandini a complete chirpy and happy orphan will Nandini be able too heal him with her love? A broken guy meets a chirpy loving girl who turns his life completely come along with me on this journey of Manik MalHotra and Nandini Murthy

Romance / Fantasy
Shehla khan
Age Rating:


It was a stormy night when a guy was driving his car angrily but suddenly he applied the breaks as he almost killed a beautiful girl walking around smilingly the guy got down and marched towards the beautiful girl and yelled angrily holding both of her arms in his extremely tight grip

Guy : Are you blind? can't you see a car coming towards you? I almost killed you

Girl: I am so sorry for that actually I was... She suddenly stopped as the guy cut her in between

Guy : I don't care about what you were doing if you're planning to commit sucide by any chance find someone else to kill you

Girl: o hello mr burj khalifa I wasn't planning to commit sucide I was going to my house but it's a stormy night so I couldn't see properly you don't need to be so rude

Guy: How dare you? How freaking dare you call me burj kalifa? My name is Manik Manik MalHotra

Girl: well you didn't tell me your name in the first place how am I supposed to know by the way I am Nandini murthy you can call me muffin

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