The Five Senses


Chapter Two: Sound

The Great Hall is abuzz when in he strolls with his new friends at his side, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew.

He sits down at the Gryffindor table, and continues his conversation with Sirius about a prank they've planned for the first day of classes.

Through the sea of students a flash of red catches his eye and he looks down the table sighing.

"What are you sighing about mate? We're at Hogwarts. Hog-warts; how can you be sighing?" asks Sirius looking down the table.

"Ah," says Remus as he too looks down the table. "This doesn't have to do with that row you and Evans had with on the train does it?"

"Bugger off!" he says frowning. "I met her first! She shouldn't be defending him."

"Yes, well you shouldn't have provoked him. It's in her nature to be kind, James."

"Erm, could one of you pass the biscuits?" interrupts Peter.

Sirius bursts out laughing as does he, and finally Remus too joins in as Peter tries to stretch across the table to reach the basket of biscuits.

They continue their banter and as they're leaving the Great Hall on their way to class, he trips, catching himself just in time.

He hears a tinkling laugh behind him and when he turns around he sees her emerald eyes shining in amusement.

He continues on his way, catching up with Sirius, Remus and Peter and although she was laughing at him, he can't help but think that she has the most beautiful laugh he's ever heard.

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