Interview with the Past


In spite of being living in the Carter-O'Neill household for the past days; he was still a foreigner to their customs. Since, when he woke up at around 8:30 AM; the household was already depleted of most of their inhabitants. At 8:30 AM, the breakfast table consisted only on his breakfast dishes and a bunch of stuff starting with two kinds of eggs, several kinds of cake, various cereals; fruits (some that he knew and some he wouldn't dare to try), jams and juices.

For lunch, it was mostly the three of them sharing a salad or sandwich or something light and quick; either on the terrace or in the veranda; enjoying the warmth of the summer. Now, dinner… dinner was a different matter. Probably, it had to do with the fact of being in the most peaceful silence and in a friendly dialog (or interview; whatever you prefer to call it) during the whole day and then coming to the noise which comes from a (huge) family. Or maybe it was the ease in which they took him in. Whatever it was; he felt overwhelmed the first time and still was somewhat overwhelmed last night.

That first time they went for dinner, he then learned they were 8 Carter-O'Neill youngsters living in the house; who were extremely polite and mostly kept quiet, except when one was trying to tell whatever mischief they committed during the day. What surprised him the most was the fact they would actually stop and listen to whomever was next.

"Before dinner we all take a number; it's easier that way," Aila whispered to him while he was looking in awe at the exchange. "So we all get to talk during dinner and we actually hear what the other is saying"

Anyways; that wasn't nearly close to what he watched at the moment.

"Terran!" Sam ran to her kid and jumped in his waiting arms; he turner his mother in circles laughing happily. Jack approached slowly to the woman who was near his son and exchanged pleasantries with her and laughed at the pair exchange. Then Sam was once again on the floor and she too saluted the woman. They were more kids running around, he counted at least 4 new heads.

"Those are Terran's kids," Aila came to rescue; then she smiled and say loudly "don't you dare" in a perfect german. The kids answered each on one language and Malcolm coming closer to the adults noted that they too were speaking each in a different language. He blinked a couple times not sure what to do. Jack nudged Sam and pointed to Malcolm direction.

"Malcolm, we have an option for you. We could break our Satuday code and all speak in English to help you around or" she said, smiling to Aila; and Aila smiled back

" You could help us test the translator!"

"What's that?"

"It's one of our newest inventions, it's a pill that would allow you to develop temporary Nanites which will allow you to understand all the languages which are being spoken here; don't worry it's human safe. I've tried them"

"I've tried them too; but we can't definitively say if they are really working or if it is just our normal mind working normally. So we believe it could help you and you could help us in return," Aila smiled and Malcolm was lost. He nodded and she dragged him back to the house. Sam walked to the adults with a smile on the face.

"I guess we know our future son-in-law?" Jack said to her.

"I guess we do."

"Who is he anyway?" Terran asked and his wife, Kayla nodded

"His name is Malcolm and he is here to get the true history behind us and from your unexpected and unannounced visit; we take back Earth is not going too well?"

"No, not really. I mean; they are starting to declassify the Stargate, they brought out most of the diplomatic missions."

"Please tell me that the mission previous to his first day as POTUS wasn't disclosed"

"You mean the one where your babysitters ended up being babysat?" Sam nodded "Yeah, that and the one where you were captured by the shave something.."

"What about the one we ended up being enslaved?"

"Yes; that too"

"Terran… sum it up, " Jack said warningly.

"Only the ones didn't include Earth being attacked by any means are still left as classified; the rest are out. After much fighting the JCS came to their senses and those ones were marked as too risky. I don't know why; If you ask me they seemed the usual SG-1 SNAFU. But hey! I am only the heir of two of them." Said a female voice from behind.

"Oh crap.. It is really bad"

"Alex! You are here too!"

"Mom! Dad!.. Hope you don't mind if we come to hide here too for a couple weeks?" she asked hopefully

"Mom and dad, might join us, " said Hunter; Sasha's husband

"Hunter, how are they? I haven't talked with Vala in ages"

"Well, she is still complained you could have shared that drink, but she's great actually"

"And the space monkey?"

"Dad's okay too"

"So you are here.. Do you think that All and Sasha will join us too?"

"All and his family took a vacation to S45P9X; and you know Sash, she won't leave the front; and that's why I am here actually; we were thinking of leaving the kids here while the frenzy goes up back home?"

"Of course, Hunter! There's not need to ask!"

"What about Aidan and Nadia?" Hunter asked

"Aidan and his family moved to T3PX08; a year ago; Nadia lasted a whole two months away of her twin before moving there too. Copper is in Sakkara getting training; Claus and Lucas moved to Ida to help the Asgards with some issues they were experiencing; they will be back in two months." Said Sam; they normally exchanged the family's whereabouts whenever they met and someone wasn't there

"Eve; well, she's so pregnant that she can't leave the Nox world! Still can't believe that Atreyu is family now! Anyways; Irene and Salome; went to the Hak'tyl's. Piper and Aaron are at Atlantis trying to figure out something with the something that is broken" Jack completed the missing family.

"Geez… how many are you?" asked Malcolm to Aila. They all turned to Malcolm; Jack and Sam had a pink shade of embarrassment and their eyes were bright with pride.

"22; Alex, T, Sash and All, Dan and Nad, Copper, Eve, Claus and Lucas, Irene and Salome, Piper, Aaron, me and then those you already met; Lyle, Pearl, Leon and Noel, Mary and Myra and Finn; as of now; who knows how many will be in a few more months," Aila supplied, Sam went even redder if it was possible.

"Hey! We did take some breaks…" Jack added and all the adults laughed.

"I guess it works?" Sam queried Malcom.

"What works?"

"You tested on him?"

"Oh, that! I thought you were all talking in English"

"So it works. Darn! Now I owe to Copper" Terran sulked.

"That's why you never bet against a challenge made for mom and Aila, dumb" Alex said.

"Hey! I am cooking; so if you don't want to eat charred meat, then I'll suggest to be nice to your younger brother"

"OH, but I am being nice… to all my other younger brothers" Alex said smiling.

"Oh, I am sorry; we never introduced ourselves, " said the woman next to T. "I'm Kayla, Terran's wife; yes; common people from Earth"

"Don't listen to her; she speaks 28 languages and knows lots about 'modern history'" said Terran kissing his wife check "I'm Terran; Second in command of the kids"

"I'm Hunter Jackson, I'm Sasha's husband"

"I'm Alex; the oldest… as if you didn't catch that up by the looks" she said wriggling her eyebrows. Then he actually looked at her; "I'm the spitting image of mom; except for the hair" and then he compared; Sam and Alex were the same height; same white creamy skin; same features, but Alex hair was short and the same brown shade of Jack; and her eyes weren't as blue Sam's. Then he took a look to Terran and found out that He was the spitting image of Jack, except for the eyes; he remembered then the conversation that he held that morning

"We will have a prolonged life… which means our children will have a prolonged life "


"Not as long as ours" Jack said grimly"

Yes; the oldest Carter-ONeill present were already looking older than their own parents. While Sam and Jack couldn't be placed above thirties; Alex and Terran; looked older than 35.

"Ok, so who wanted barely death meat? Who wants death meat and who wants burnt meat?" Terran said and with loud exchanges that come from a happy family the noon and afternoon passed too fast.

Night and silence came together as one by one or in pairs the kids were leaving to bed. Sam, Jack, Alex, T and Hunter excused themselves an hour before and Malcolm, used the moment to walk throughout the garden. He stopped at fountain looking at the two moons that shone one white; one red.

"It's hard. Looking at them and see them again. Some days I walk to the mirror and look for a change; something that shows me I won't have to lose yet another kid," Jack stood several feet behind


"Yes. I lost one before SGC. In another life if you like. Anyways; Sam's waiting for us. We agreed we might as well finish that episode so tomorrow we start another chapter"

Soon both men were back at the shared studio, and all was set to start again.

"Last time; you found out you weren't old anymore. How did the team reacted to this?"


"What's going on Britta?" Daniel asked to the alien he was now used to annoy.

"They are ready, " she simply said.

"Ready for what?"

"They are ready; I hope you are ready too"


"Worry not; Daniel Jackson"

"Councilor Ryrie; how would you feel if your friends dissapear for 8 days with no possibility of contact?"

"We don't worry the same way you do, Daniel Jackson. Jessamy is bringing your friends back"


"In a few more moments; however, I will ask you to remain calm. What happened is made; it can be undone"

"What do you..." purple light shone and when disappeared; he had to blink a couple of moments to take the view in front of him

"Sam? Jack?"

"Space Monkey!"

"Daniel!" Daniel looked at them and turned around them to check;

"Oh crap! Please tell me they aren't clones"

"No, they are not clones. They are simply rejuvenated"

"Oh crap.. How will I explain this to the General.." Daniel whined

"Hey! Space monkey at least you only got one General... we got a few and tons of paperwork!"

"And I can't imagine all the test we will be put throughout"

"I'm sorry once again, I know it is not what you wished, but what it needs to be it is"


"Well, Daniel reacted quite well, I guess he was more used to our SNAFU than the rest of the teams"

"Mitchell complained he now had to add "de-age" to the SG1 must do list"

"And General Lerie and the Joint Chiefs..."


"What the hell happened to you! We tried to contact you and we couldn't establish the darn wormhole! We canceled your IDC! How the hell did you came trough? And most important... who the hell are you two and where the hell are Generals Carter and O'Neill"

"Calm down Lerie; the kids didn't have a say in the whole mess. I am here and Carter is here," Jack said pointing to Sam.

"Sir; I think that we probably should go to post mission check up and a DNA test to prove we are; well, ourselves"

"Sir, I don't have a say in your situation, but General Carter; you will be the one explaining this to the JCS"

"Don't worry Learie; I'll be there to help, " Jack smirked and with that the teams left to the infirmary.

Two days later; they finally got permission to leave the SGC. Yes; Jack was Home World security and he was free to move around and Sam was SGC Commander and was free to move around; but both were confined until the Medical permission was given. Once they checked up they were who they said they were and once that both Tok'ras and Asgards confirmed said result; they were free to go to Washington and explain themselves.

"General O'Neill?, General Carter?" said Jumper; whose house was their first stop. They wanted to have some allies before confronting the whole JCS

"General Jumper... can we talk, sir?"

"Of course"


"Let's just said that this change gave them more rope to hang us or to keep us going as they wanted"

"We came up with some delusional covert for the change; it was said that I was doing some experiment on a far away undisclosed place and something went wrong; Jack entered the room before I had a chance to seal it and then it exploded. For some reason; whatever radiation I was working with only made us look younger"

"Good thing was that no many people asked about it; and the kids were still not going to school so we didn't have many friends outside work who could be bothered by the change. Once school started, we did what we do best and that's going on"

"No one could tell the difference? No one asked how could you be so young and be General?"

"No, I took care of not going to the school wearing anything military; I guess they thought I was a military wife and never asked anything; and the kids only said I was a scientist"

"Ok. What happened after that?" Malcolm asked and saw as Sam tried to stifle a yawn "You know what? I am feeling somewhat tired; do you mind if we continue tomorrow?"

They both saw throughout that, but they nodded gratefully to him. Once he left Jack, kissed his wife and said

"You know, he is too old for Aila; but I kind of like him"

"Too old? Aila is 16 and he's 32. That's exactly our age difference"

"Yes... he's too old. He won't be young forever you know"

"Well, I guess Aila is more like me than she looks"

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