Interview with the Past

The Proposal

That morning breakfast table was once again empty when he got there. Only for the first six or ten minutes after his arrival.

"Good Morning… Malcolm was it?"

"Yes.. " He doubted "Hunter?"

"Hum.. And yes, I am the son of Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran. And yes, I am who you think I am. Now we have all that out of the way and I already got my coffee.. I should hurry up to catch up with Alex"


"Yes, Terran, and Alex being the military brats they are; probably woke up on ungodly hours, went for a run with their parents, came back, showered, had breakfast and leave to find out the arrangements for the kids. By any chance do you know the location of the school?"


"Good Morning Hunter, Malcolm… Alex told us you might need the location of the school; here let me sent it to you, " Sam said, she did roll her bracelet and when she stopped; pressed it twice and Hunter's bracelet glowed.

"Awesome, Thanks… see you later!"

"Malcolm, we are ready, whenever you are ready and I should get you a transport bracelet; so you could leave the house and take a look around"

"What are those bracelets anyways?"

"Transports. Based on the ring technology, every house or important place or community place has a structure which allows us to transport whoever has a bracelet to the plate pointed on the bracelet"

"Oh no… she is at technobabbling again!" Jack said entering the room and hugging his wife waist.

Minutes later; they were walking outside to the Fountain Malcolm was watching the previous night. They set everything up and another interview day started

"Ok, now you both are looking 25 years old and confronted the JCS successfully, I guess for what we know"

"Well, the rest of 2013 was uneventful"

"Except for that visit to my brother and the one to your family"

"Yeah, there was that"


San Diego.

"How you think your brother would take this?"

"You mean, the looks? The marriage? Or the kids?"

"All 3 of them?"

"Well, I hope he will like the kids?"

"Why I had a feeling you would say that?"


"How was it?"

"Well, my brother and I had a very strangled relationship. I haven't seen him since 2004; we lost contact after my father passed away. I used to call him every time that I could, but between going off world and the fact I didn't tell him about my wedding or my kids… I kind of blew it all in that visit"


"Calm down, Mark… it's not a big deal"

"So you come here, looking like a young you with a young General O'Neill in tow and not one, but 4 kids after disappearing for 9 years and you want me to calm down?! I tried to track you down and at least for 4 of those 9 you didn't had a cellphone, or movements in your accounts! You didn't even called to say, hey brother, I'm still alive!"

"Hey, it's not her fault. It took us some convincing to get permission to let you know this"

"Permission? You both are grownups! Who the hell do you need permission of"


"Oh come on! You can be serious… you are blaming the highest ranking military officers of not being able to say to your own brother that you are alive, got married and have kids?"


"Why?" he eyed both of them suspiciously

"Because it's classified… well, our marriage is classified for the military. I just.. I didn't know how letting you know"

"What about a Hey Mark.. I am getting married or hey Mark, guess what? you are going to be an uncle? Hey Brother, how are you, I'm pregnant again!"

"Well, I didn't know how to, I knew that you wouldn't like whom I was getting married to. I'm sorry. I was a coward. I should have called, but I didn't… what can I do now?"

"Stay away, Sam. If you didn't consider me a part of your family when it mattered, why are you even here?"

"Because you are family! It's not like that, Mark. No one of my friends actually knows who my husband is; none of them joined the wedding… we didn't have a choice!"

"You know what… just leave! I need time to sort this"

"Mark… please…. I love you, I need to know you will be able to forgive me" she pleaded

"I don't know Sam… for all is worth, you do have a beautiful family"


"It took him at least six months to come up with his answer. We agreed to meet and we did that at least once a year until he passed away 10 years ago."

"What about your family?"

"My family visit, well.. That was weird"



"Jack? You look so young? What happened?"

"Do you mind if we wait for everybody so I don't have to repeat it?"

"Sure.. they should be arriving soon. "

"Jack?" another woman said entering the room

"Nancy! Dana! Where are Mitch and Alan?"

"We are here!"

"Jesuschristh! Jack... I want whatever you have been drinking!"

"Sorry, can't do," he smiled, "Now we are all here, allow me to introduce my wife, Sam"

"Sam, these are Annie, Nancy and Dana and their husbands Mitch and Alan"

"Hi, Jack told me lots about you"

"Well… he didn't say anything 'bout you; not that he actually tells us anything about anything"

"You are so beautiful! I bet you will have lovely kids"

"Well, two of them are in the backyard if you want to check that yourselves"

"You have kids?" All his sisters asked


"Four,"added Sam

"Wow! Congrats!"


"Well, they were used to my secrecy and all"

"And they took us gladly. Annie and Dana still sent us stuff from Earth every once in a while"

"Then 2014 arrived and that was my last year at home world security. They figured out even though I looked younger the years of experience over my head made me a good replacement for the Air Force Chief of Command; for some reason Congress also made me Chairman of Chief of Staff"

"General Larie was called to take over HWS however, his lack of expertise on SGC related items gave him an early leave. In 2015, Aidan and Nadia joined the family. 2016 brought me the HWS office" Sam said

"So you were both in Washington?"

"No, we mentioned this before… they moved HWS to SGC. It was closer to the action according to the JCS, and away from each other."

"And everything was calm until 2019"

"You said before your friends figured out you two were married by 2020… what happened the previous year that made it you bring it"

"Well, 2019 marked the start of my freedom and of my political career"


"General Carter"

"General O'Neill, Generals, Admirals"

"Carter, you have to help me here"

"What do you need, sir?"

"Can you see if they are really who they say they are?"

"Yes, I can run a DNA comparison to prove it, Sir. Can I ask why I should do such a thing?"

"They are offering me a retirement"

"They are offering you retirement, Sir?"


"I see," she said walking to the door


"I have to pick up the things that I need to run the DNA comparison, Sir. No offense Sirs"

"What is so remarkably strange about offering him a retirement?" One marine Four Stars General asked slightly bemused

"Oh. That I just go my last retirement letter denied two days ago? Just like the last…" Jack trailed

"264," Sam provided

"264 previous ones"

"But we are offering your retirement," the only Admiral in the room stared

"If that's true General…" she trailed looking at Jack.

"Yes, Carter they are offering me retirement, " he said shrugging

"With all due respect, Generals, Admiral. What's the catch?" she asked turning to the Joint Chiefs

"See, that's why she made General so young while we didn't and I didn't even have a say on it!"

"There's no catch," one of the Generals affirmed

"So, you are letting him retire… just like that; two days after denying him the same?"

"Oh for crying out loud! They want me to be the damn Candidate for Presidency"

"Like in the United States President, sir?"

"Yes, Carter! And that's some crazy shit!"

"I won't mind to serve with you as the Commander in Chief, sir"

"Oh Come on Carter, who would even vote for me?"

"I would, sir. And probably all this table and most of the officers that served at the SGC and their families"

"So are you saying I should take the offer?"

"I am saying you would be a good Commander, sir. You already are and you always have been. That's common knowledge, " she said; he looked at her and then looked down at his uniform.

"And I know I shouldn't be asking this but; what about you... Carter?" He said, grimacing; being 'personal' was something they couldn't bring themselves to do

"Sir?" she said, questioning the reason behind it

"Oh come on! They all know who you are to me! Just tell me what you think, " he pleaded with her.

"With all due respect, sir. You are wearing your uniform, so am I. I was summoned here by the Joint Chiefs and we are in a military facility. I can't do such a thing neither can you as you already stated," she said firmly.

"I know, I know... See with what do I have to put out!" he said to the table full of very surprised military brasses, "Actually, now you can see what you have make us do all these years... argh! Admiral, Generals; I'll need time to analyze your proposal and to run this throughout my wife. I'll let you know when we reach to a decision."

"Well, General O'Neill we will wait for your answer. Just don't take too long"

"General Carter"

"Generals, Admiral"

A couple of Generals and Admirals later, they were alone at the Pentagon Briefing room

"Carter, we are alone now"

"Yes, you and me and the four hundred IP cameras of this room, Sir"

"Well, there's that... what about lunch then?"

"I can do that, Sir," she grinned brightly

"I hoped you could"


"They offered me my longed retirement with the add that I should run for President. If I won; then I would be President; If I lost... then I would be free"

"So you took the offer"

"After checking it with Sam whom thankfully was in DC for a meeting with the Russians and who know whom else"


"Now, seriously, what do you think about that stupid proposal?"

"Will they let you retire and not bother you again?"

"That's what they told me and hell they can't even promote me anymore! Geez... I am more than ready to be done with all of this. Heck! I was ready when I was still a Colonel!"

"I know, we both are ready to leave. Ok, back on track; what happens if you take the offer and you don't win?"

"I'll be Jack O'Neill; husband and proud father of 6 who happens to be a retired four starts General that happens to be an ex candidate"

"But you will remain retired," she enquired

"That's what I was told, yes"

"I'll say being President will be the perfect closing for your service years"

"I say you are a crazy broad"

"And you love this crazy broad," she said with a grin. "No, I mean it, Jack. You fought for this country for longer than anyone else. You did everything that it's humanly possible to do and then more. If someone is fit to be THE MAN that's you"

"But Sam, I don't care being THE MAN and I know you don't care either. I just want to retire and be your man"

"You are my man and I can be proud of you... Of us. After all the stunts we pulled out in order to get here, but you know what... I do think you would be a good President, and you should do it and if what I think is not enough I can call Daniel and then you will hear an ear full of the wonderful things you will be able to do"

"I know, I know... but we will be in the spotlight"

"And what they could possibly get about us? Let's see, that we resigned to get married and we have been punished for it ever since? That we are a military couple... and old couple? That we have six wonderful kids? That we are married to each other? Everything else... is classified and falls under national, hell! World security"

"But what about the damage something like this can do to your career?"

"To the career that I have been trying to leave behind for the past 10 years?"

"There's that. What about the spotlight? Won't you mind to have your life being shown and poked and prodded for the whole nation to see?"

"Yes, but I will be for a good reason. Hell, it would be for far better reason that the last what? 50 times that I was picked and prodded by our enemies... and maybe they finally let me retire too"

"They wanted you as vice president, but I said hell, no! I know you are fully capable of taking care of this whole country, but I really don't want to go to Presidential dinners and not have you with me. Unless you want to be the Vice President, I won't mind if that's what you want"

"I think I'll pass, but you know who would be an excellent Vice President?"



"No way"

"Think about it Jack, he saved our butts enough times to know what's good"

"Yeah, but that would mean we would have an alien at the White House"

"Vala? She gave for this planet more than she did for her own planet; she won't live in the White House and she will keep things interesting around here"

"That she'll do... so we are certain we want to do this?"

"No, but we want to retire before our kids get grand kids"

"I can believe we are actually going to do this"

"We are not going to, you are going to… I am still the hidden wife and your kids are still the hidden kids," she winked at him

"Ugh! Don't remind me something like that! There has to be a way"

"You can probably bargain for it, but it doesn't mean I will have time to travel around with you while I am traveling around with all those politicians... and when I thought there wasn't anything worse than a DC politician… there comes an ally ready to negotiate a treaty"


"Their offer was good and Sam was good with it. So I took it… what I didn't expect was the result"

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