Interview with the Past

Dealing with Politics

"Mom? Dad?" Alex said, getting outside, Malcolm turned around and found the brunette, looking at them with her eyes shielded by a sun glass.

"Is everything alright, Alex?" Sam asked

"Yup… I just wanted to let you know the kids will be arriving in two days. Terran is staying, Hunter and I; we are returning to see how can we help Sash. I don't think there's much we can do more than waiting. But hey, if the JCS can't help, I don't know who can"

"Maybe Thor," Jack added with a smile.

"Sometimes I wish it could be so simple. So, where are they now?"

"They were telling me about the proposal from the Joint Chiefs"

"Oh, I remember those days. I was 13… had my first crush at the end of that year and when I was about to have a boyfriend… we moved to DC and blew out my chances"

"Well, It was a good thing… you still are too young to have a boyfriend"

"Dad… I am married and I do have 3 kids," she stated

"Well… but Greg is a nice guy. I don't know the first crush," he stated nonchalantly. Sam giggled "What?"

"Greg… was her first crush"

"But why did you have to move?" Malcolm asked, Alex smiled and went to the limits of the "set" and sat next to her parents

"Well, when they asked dad to retire; finally, if I might add, they tried to bring someone else; the guy from Alpha site I think it was. General Reynolds?"

"Yup, good guy.. He was SG3 commander for quite a while. Then he was moved to Alpha site"

"He took Jack's place at the JCS; but Al wasn't one for taking too much political crap. So he resigned and they brought me to take his place; while Jack paraded around the country"

"It was fun though. I remember having to hide from the paparazzi so they wouldn't know us."


"The only issue is General Carter; you can only appear as a public figure next to Candidate O'Neill the day he takes his place as the President"

"And if he doesn't?"

"Then you wouldn't need to appear as a public figure next to him"

"And that means..."

"Whatever you do to see each other; keep it as it was until now. No one can know"

"Candidate O'Neill, same goes to you"

"I am no longer a military officer as of two days ago"

"But you can still be recalled to active duty and you wouldn't want that; would you?"


"They kind of bullied us to keep it quiet again. So, we retreated to extreme methods to see each other"

"Mom would drive us to a nice restaurant and we would have the back table; you know? The furthest away from the windows and near to the back door and half an hour later; dad would arrive and be lost in the background"


A black van with black tinted windows rode to "Luigi's" parking; Luigi's, as the other restaurants they now resorted to use, had underground parking spots. Sam rode the van and parked near the elevator doors and exchanged a smile with her oldest daughter.

"We are here, " Alex said with a bright smile

"Yes!" came from the back seat were 11 years old Terran sat with the 8 years old Sasha and Allistair. Sam and Alex went to the back to pick the little Nadia and Aidan out. Together they caught an elevator to the 20th floor.

"Table for Fraiser?" she asked

"Of course, this way. Table for 8 it was?"


Meanwhile, a limo being chased by paparazzi rode into the entrance of the building. Doors opened and Candidate O'Neill went out. He was soon surrounded by white lights and he had to stop himself of touching his body to check it wasn't Thor or a beam to whatever ship was on Earth. He smiled and then disappeared into the elevator.

"Good Evening Sir"

"Hi there… Fraiser party?"

"Of course, sir. I believe they are waiting for you. Might I say that you resemble a lot to Candidate O'Neil; Mr Fraiser?"

"Yeah, I've been told that… poor guy. If he has half of my sense of humor, he will so lose the elections"

Then a round of "Daddy!" took place; he ruffled his sons hairs and kissed his daughter's forehead. Before leaning in to kiss Sam. While the kids giggled happily.

Dinner was a regular affair for them, they exchanged experiences and talked and the adults would kiss every time they though no kids were looking and that mostly resulted on a round of giggling and a chorus of "no giggling!"

Then, leaving was the complicated part. Often; one would leave first and the other would remain there for at least 10 or 20 more minutes or they waited until they could see several tables being left at the same time giving them a chance of running away between the mix of people.

The black van rode out of the place without much issue; since the black limo was once again parked in front of the building. Paparazzi were disappointed once more by their Candidate walking out alone.


"I guess at that time I learned a lot about strategy. Well, reality is I grew up surrounded by a lot of planning to see each other. I mean, I remember the scrambling of subspace video, remember the visits dad used to make to whatever place mom was deployed to. But; nothing was more calculated or well thought that the encounters on Earth. I mean, it's easy moving around two people. Even 3… but by 2019 we were already 8!"

"Well… we planned" Sam dismissed

"A lot" Jack grinned

"What about economy? How did you manage to sneak around an keep such a large family?"

"Well, first… we had 7 years of not being on Earth too much. A friend introduced us a friend of his who worked on finance when we were in our second year at the SGC; seeing we already had some savings we all put some money into it. By the end of second year; most of hours salaries were going full and straight to them. We passed so much time on base that the expenses we had were mostly house related"

"We even dropped out of the gym and opted for the base gym. But we didn't do it thinking of money… we just did it because it was easier to deal with everything going on on base while we were at the base. It wasn't nice to finally go home and then get a call for whatever reason"

"Then, for the kids first years we didn't need much. Most of the stuff was provided by the USAF since the protection treaty was there. When we finally were both on Earth; we had enough money for more than a decent living. It was 13 years of investment on both ends since we don't really need much to live"

"See; we grew up knowing we didn't need much. We visited Hak'tyl's world and we experienced another kind of life, one where you actually didn't need stuff to go around; we had what we needed for school and that was it. More than that, I got my first cellphone at 14 but I got my first science kit at 2, priorities were different. Anyways… on October we; as in my brothers and I, moved out with dad and that's when Uncle Daniel found out"

"Why did you move with your dad?"

"I was sent on a mission to babysit a crew of politicians on a trip from Earth to Ida and back. They wouldn't allow the kids to travel with me while Jack was capable of taking care of them…"


"Welcome home, kids!" all the kids jumped around their dad.

"Welcome home, Jack, " Sam said with a smile and Jack walked to wrap his wife on a hug "you know? I am still surprised by how they manage to do this to us," she whispered to his ear

"Yeah, tell me about it. But I get the kids this time, " he smiled and kissed her forehead

"Well, what are your plans?" she said, walking to the kitchen hand in hand

"Well, we have some debates going on; and then the elections and…"

"Sam! I heard that…"


"Daniel, " they both said

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm getting the kids"


"He's getting the house and the kids this time"


"Daddy! Can you help me with my English homework?" Sasha asked timidly, then she looked around "Uncle Danny!" she ran to hug Daniels leg

"Daddy?" he mouthed; they both just shrugged

"Ok, guys… I want to hear it"

"Hear what?" Alex asked, entering the room. "Mom, have you seen my red and black skirt. I have a date"

"Alexia Grace Carter-O'Neill! With whom you might think you are going to a date?" Jack said before thinking

"With the math club, dad? Every Wednesday at 17hs at the school library," Alex smirked.

"Alex, honey… can you help Sasha with her homework; I think we are in dire need of a chat here"

"You were chatting..." she said and Sam arched an eyebrow, "Oh! That chat! Sure, we can do that... Come Sash"

"Ok… what's going on here? Why both Alex and Sasha are calling you daddy? And why…"

"Ack! Will you question us or would you prefer the answers, space monkey?" Daniel remained silent. Sam sighed and Jack looked at both before sighing too.

"We definitely didn't want you to learn it this way, Daniel" Sam said calmly.


"All my kids are Jack kids"

"WHAT! Are you insane? What about regulations! And all that crap about being military and… and your HUSBAND! You got married! And he got married… are you like each other lover's or something?"

"Well… yes, I'm married Daniel and Jack is married too."


"We are married… to each other"

"We've been married for 14 years"


"Daniel, well he stormed out of the house when he found out. He didn't give us time to explain it to him. Then I got a call from Vala"


"So.. You finally are free to tell?"

"Hi Vala, I miss you too"

"Hi Sam, my husband just came ranting about his friends lying him for 14 years. He is still at it; so will you tell me why is he doing it?"

"Well, he kind of got surprised by my husband"

"Oh! You know, you paraded around with those kids and he went to visit you. I really don't know how they didn't figure it out a long time ago"

"You know, Vala… not everybody has your observation skills"
"Oh yeah! That's true. I'll talk to him so you can explain to us why you never told us in the first place," she said laughing.

"Thanks Vala… please do it soon. I'm leaving in two days"


"Vala had connected all the dots not too long after that Christmas at Atlantis, she knew we were an item. She didn't know how or how long and she was sure that both Alex and Terran were Jack's. She talked to Daniel and at the end of the next day we went dinner"

"It was the same affair; you know … Cassie took care of the kids this time and Sam drove first to the restaurant and then Daniel and Vala; and finally I got there. We talked and next day... Sam left"

"We did all the debates and we were there in early November and we were there in Early January when they counted the votes. We did that with dad; while mom was entertaining politicians somewhere in space"


"Ladies and Gentleman, I am General Samantha Carter and I'll be your security officer once we are on board. I just got all of you here so I can set some ground rules. First and foremost; whoever calls me General Carter would get me a ticket to the first planet with Stargate and I'll be returning Earth and you will be given another Security Officer," some mumbling went out. "I mean it"

"Two, in any emergency situation. If I say jump, you jump … I don't care how high just; do it. Three, if anything mechanical happens to the ship and I am recalled to work on a solution for it. You will let me do it. I don't want any one of you breathing over my shoulders"

"Did we get that clear?"


"Great.. Now, we are going to travel on the USAFS IVANHOE. The latest ship added to the fleet; it is completely human made with reverse engineering of the HAMMOND . Ivanhoe has an Asgardian computer system with some perks. There are 7 decks of living quarters; 3 mess halls, medical bays, gyms and a pool. Feel free to enjoy all the accommodations provided."

"If you are all ready, I'll give the sign to be beamed up" they were surrounded by white light and then they were in the cargo bay. General Lexter was expecting them; once he spotted Sam he saluted her.

"General Lexter, may we have a chat?" she dismissed him quickly

"General?" he pointed to a room.

"Alec.. I have a request. I need you to call everyone who knows me as General Carter and tell them that, as long as this trip goes, I am only Sam Carter, Security Officer and political babysitter"

"Sure… may I ask why?"

"I am not about to expend almost 3 months with a bunch of politicians working on my nerves and with a crew that's too scared of my rank to do some training with me"

"Are you saying that you want to beat the crap out of my crew?" he smiled, she smiled brighlty too

"No, just make them better in hand to hand combat"

"What about them?" he said, pointing with his head to the newest addition to the crew

"If someone calls me General; then I am out of here. We stop on the first planet with a gate and I go back home, understood?"

"Yes, ma'am"

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