Interview with the Past

Almost There

"I guess someone was still trying the infamous divide and conquer with you"

"Well, I suppose. Not that it would actually work for us after all that time"

"We lost important parts of our family lives, but we understood the risks and consequences before we jumped to it."

"And the risks and consequences were far better than settle." They smiled and Malcolm nodded.

"Huh, I just realized, this was the first time you were without the kids, Sam?"

"No," she denied

"We often ended up on the Hak'tyls world or at Sakkara; depending on who was available. Whenever a mission was scheduled for her. We passed two months alone at Gamma while mom took command of the Hammond. Alone as in not with mom or dad. Anyways, being apart was something we were used to… Not that it makes it easier. Tell you the truth, I am jealous of my brothers and sisters. Starting from Piper; they all got the chance of growing up at a full home; for me… we had a normal home one year before I left to the Academy"

"So it did affect you?"

"No, am I jealous of them? Yes. Did it affect me? No, can't say I regret a moment of my life; I value what they did. If they didn't do it that way… we wouldn't be here today. None of us would"

"Do you feel the same?" Sam asked with a smile without taking her eyes off Alex.

"Yes," Terran voice came from the other side, "I love every second of my life; but sometimes I look to the young ones and think of the what if's. However; as Alex said if you didn't do it that way… we wouldn't be here so it's easy to deal with it. And of course, who wouldn't love to end up in a all woman world?" he smirked, and they all laughed.

"Remember that first interview we got to go with dad?" Alex asked

"Yeah; dad was being dad"


"Mr O'Neill, we heard you are married, but we are yet to meet your wife. Are we getting the honor soon?"

"Only if I win," he smiled "She is currently not available … To the press that's it"

"Is she abroad?"

"Well, you could say that"

"Mr O'Neill, are you avoiding my questions?"

"No, I am answering them; you just don't like the way I do it," he smiled, "Sorry, I had plenty of practice doing this under more severe conditions; even those guys in the back can't scare me to answer things I don't want to or don't believe are right"


"Yeah.. I normally would avoid all kinds of questions. See… lot's of practice during the years. Journalist; well you guys are not as scary as half of the questioning we went through."

"And for some reason the people loved his way. He answered controversial questions out of experience or out of his own point of view" Alex completed.

"And what about you, Sam?"

"Well, while he was having a blast, I was having my own political share…"


The departure of the IVANHOE was on time, once the systems were checked and the interstellar trip started the crew and the new members joined for a brief introduction. Quarters were assigned and recon tours were given. While this happened, one General Carter was escaping into the Engines Room to check on her latest baby (invention wise).

With the passing of the day the presence of a blonde young woman didn't go unnoticed. The woman would join the political team on every meeting and tour. She would explain ship functions with an ease that most of the Scientist aboard still lacked. She would share with politicians and staff alike.

"Who is she?" A brown haired woman asked to her companion

"I hear she is the security officer for the crew" the other woman said

"Holy cow! That's the babysitter?"

"That's what I heard"

"You heard well then," came a voice behind their backs; soon said woman was starting to run on the treadmill next to them, "I'm Sam," she said turning to smile to the pair. "Just Sam…"

"Ok, Sam… so aren't you too young to be a security officer"

"Not really, I just look younger than I am"


"It took us the better part of a month to get to Ida. There some meetings with the Asgard Council were held"


"Samantha Carter, no one alerted us of your presence on the group"

"Councilor Adalsteinn, I wasn't sure I would get this far. How's Councilor Brynja?"

"She's in excellent health; we still have to thank you and…"

"Please don't mention my husband," she whispered; Adalsteinn nodded quietly

"Dumb Ideas… The last one was exceptional for our Race"

"So I have been told," A clear of a throat interrupted the exchange

"Councilor Adalsteinn, let me introduce you to some of the fine members of our Government"


"Then half way to the returning trip and thankfully, close enough to Gamma Site, I got a call"

"See, the Furlings received communication that someone was going behind the Ivanhoe; they called Earth to let us know since they couldn't reach the ship"



"Jack?" she said without stopping running

"Is anything wrong? Are you under attack or something?"

"Nope! Just running… You called me and it was passed to the gym"

"Uh.. At least it gives a nice view," he grinned mischievously.

"Jack," she said and arched a brow

"Ok... Ok… you have to have something in here I can use like on Atlantis?"

"Yes… go to… the search… and find SJC... Open it and add the normal user and password; you know that one?"

"Got it; should I press the huge play button then?" she nodded

"You really did it for dumbs; didn't you?"

"No.. I just husband proved it "

"Ha ha. I miss you, the kids miss you… Hell! The country misses you"

"I miss you too"

"Ok.. So huge stop button?" he grinned and she nodded, he moved stuff around and soon he looked business-like "Listen Carter, we got a call from our not so furry friends; apparently you have some ship tagged to you six"

"Did they say what kind of ship?"

"They didn't know much; they got an alert that you passed by and then someone else passed too, and whoever it was it was too close to their liking. You know them…"

"Yeah, did you got any instructions?"

"No, I only got to contact you because the message was encrypted for my eyes only"

"I see. Go to the search button and look for the recorder," she looked at herself and sighed; it wasn't her best look. Her hair was in a pony tail, her T-shirt was starting to show sweat spots; her face was red and sweaty…

"It's saving"

"This is Carter. We got information we are being followed by an unrecognized alien ship. We are at four days from Gamma Site. According with the latest information from Gamma site, their cloaking device is working. We will stop there and hope it doesn't follow us. If it does; Gamma site has enough defenses to take care of the situation"

"Wouldn't that risk Gamma Site location?"

"Once we leave hyperspace we will start cloaking the Ivanhoe; and approach that way to the cloaked planet. Therefore, they shouldn't be able to follow unless they have an anti-cloaking device or something that can point to us even when cloaked."

"Worse case scenario?"

"They land on the Gamma Site; we leave no survivors. Take the ship to another planet with Stargate and the pilot can then gate back to Earth. End Of Message"


"What happened?

"Well, we landed on gamma site and they didn't follow. Gamma site was forewarned so they sent a couple of 302's to the closest planet, they made radio contact and it was just someone who was following to see if we could show him and his family to a habitable planet... which we kindly did."

"Did you find out of the results of the Election while on Ivanhoe?"

"Yes, a video message was sent once the final count was made. It wasn't surprising tough; we were back earlier so I was really happy because I would be there for his Inauguration Day..."


"And of course, everything we plan goes to the sink from out of Earth calls"


I've just parked the Ivanhoe on orbit with the Earth, taking into account all the satellites and the crap that we managed to put up there, there's no better place than hiding it in plain sight. Anyways, as I was saying, I've just parked the Ivanhoe on orbit after 2 and a half weeks on that tin can. And yes, I know; I spend more time on tin cans before… but the issue was that I was full of politicians. There's no crappier mission than a babysitting one…

So after beaming all of them to a "secret facility" where they were "being trained" on something that I don't care to remember because it sounded like a cover and trust me, I've spent half of my life under the "deep space radar telemetry" crap. Anyways, they got beamed up… we did a full security check on the ship. Then full scans, then full scans over the full scans for security reason. And after that… I got a nice shower, grabbed my duffel bag and beamed myself out.. Or down.. Whatever…

Down there I got changed into clothes to go home; you know, it is February 17th and I am heading to DC and sure thing I don't plan to do all that length in my skin tight IOA uniform… I really, really want to kill whoever chose that... thing... as uniform for this trip. But nothing would take the emotion and joy of finally being home after a 10 weeks absence.

But of course, it was short lived. I was 5 miles away from home when I heard my cell phone ringtone and no, I do not use the The Imperial March on anyone that I actually care about. So when the first notes of it started to sound I knew I was doomed… again.


"General Carter?"

"If you called to General Carter's cell phone and I answer 'Carter… is there any doubts about who I can be left?"

"Sorry ma'am, I am new … I'll just..."

"Don't worry… I'm driving so can you put it through?" she heard some shifting and was expecting to hear one of the top brass voice.


"Don't "Sam"-me Mitchell; what's the issue? And what the hell are you doing there?"

"Damn! you are cranky. I was beamed here to explain the situation"

"Which is?"

"Well, we need you back at SGC ASAP"

"No way"

"Sam, I'm calling you because I knew you would be mad; if you don't come then you will get the orders from the Joint Chiefs themselves"

"What happened?"

"Well, SG2 got to a place where they have this cool gun's and meds and apparently awesome rocks too. And they are willing to trade… " he starts and I am about to ask what's the catch "However, they will only deal with Sam Carter or Jack O'Neill ; the Tau'ri's from SG-1."

"You do remember the last time something like that happened"

"Well, you came back looking great and so did O'Neill… I don't think we would be about to have such a young looking President if you weren't ordered to go there…"

"Can't it be postponed?"

"This is the post-postposition… it's that even a word? Well, SG-2 got there a month ago and we told them we were returning with the answer… well, in two days, give it or take a few hours. Then we told them you were busy and all and they might overheard me saying you would be back tomorrow and so they gave us 3 days to bring you there. They told me… through the gate; not that I went there… If you didn't come they would connect our incoming wormhole to another address. I don't even know if that's possible, but sounded scary"

"When they said that, did it gave you the impression of a bypass on their wormhole or actually connecting our Stargate to another God only knows where in the galaxy?"

"I… geez.. I don't know… see; that is part of the reason why you are needed here. I certainly have no idea on the half of the technobabble which seems to pour out of the scientist here and then you call and it sounds so simple... It's the practice, isn't? All those years having to re explain everything to the former General O'Neill? Anyways… I did manage to say something and it was that, once you are there, they will have a top of 48 hours to get whatever they want from you in and then they will have to deal with SG14 or SG21 depending on who is available for the next meeting. So, if you get here by tomorrow; you will be back just in time for, well, I guess the ball or something. "

"Well, Ivanhoe is in orbit so I probably will be there in an hour or so. Before you say anything, no, it doesn't give me enough time to get dirty with my husband; it will give me enough time to unload my duffel bag and reloaded with non-IOA uniforms and let them know that I will be gone… again… I'll arrange my trip and let you know when I am there"

"Thanks Sam… the Galaxy owes you yet another one"

The house front yard is full with cameras and people, the perks of being the wife of the future Commander in Chief. So I go around the block (Thanks Jack to his obsession with woods in the back) I kill the engine and make my way through our lovely backyard trail. I grab my cell and wait for him to pick up.

"Sam. ETA?"

"5 minutes. Are you home?"

"I'll open the back door for you"


"What's wrong?"

"Can you get someone to park my car? I'll take the Indian. Well, here is when I make my run" I said to him before ending the call. I'm two trees away to get to our nice and clean yard (well, nice and full of scattered toys; you know the perks of having kids). The paparazzi have been parked outside forever now. Since before the kids came here to stay with their dad for the first time in forever, three months ago.

Family, for us, is a strange concept. It's to know that somewhere in this galaxy or in another one, there's someone dying to seeing us no matter how long has passed since the last time. I mean we got pretty good at inter galaxy relationships.

Coast is clear and I catch the door opening and I can't help to hold my breath when I see him. Butterflies are back and strong as hell. So I run for my life (and really, I've done that before, so yes; I know what it is like) with a smile plastered on my face; I jumped two steps at the time and hurry inside and into a hug that has been way overdue. We somehow manage to close the door before kissing and man! This man knows how to kiss. When the need for air becomes a necessity again; we let go… and I know that with the happiness I also have guiltiness written all over my face.

"What's up?"

"I got a call from Mitchell. I'm going to SGC for briefing and a 48 hour long mission. I swear I'll do anything in my hands to wrap it up as fast as I can but I don't have more choices than that. " I can see he has the same need to kill someone as I do. "Jack, talk to me…"

"It's just.. You know, every time we are about to actually live together something shitty happens … " yeah and he is right.

"I know. But it is the last mission for a while; they need me here for the next month and half. You know a bunch of balls and stuff to go and you can't have a Presidential ball without a First Lady, you know? " We grin at ourselves like the foolish lovesick idiots that we are for a while. Then we snap again

"Are the kids home?"

"What time are you leaving?"

That's us ladies and gentleman; if we don't complete each other phrases, then we talk at the same time "No; they went to the movies or something with The Jackson's"

"As soon as I unload and reload my duffel bag. Good, I'll try to be on time. Don't tell them I came here… there's no need to make them suffer again on goodbyes"

"Taking a flight?"

"Taking a beam… I have to call Ivanhoe to ask them for a beam for me and my bike. I really need to drive it out for a while otherwise I could kill someone"

"Yeah! I know the feeling."

He sits with me in the room while I go around taking stuff out and putting stuff in. I know I've still had my bdu's and all back in my room at the SGC. Well, at "our room". What they actually did was just leaving two rooms behind for us as in the first SG-1, simply due to the fact that some way or another at least one of us ends up there once a month. So there's not much I need to take with me.

Then I call the ship and get all sorted and proceed to check the weather back in Colorado and surprisingly its way hotter than here. So I change to skin tight jeans and boots and a tank top and a leather jacket. Jack kisses me and tells me I look hot and if we had a little more time we could do something above PG rating. We laugh and have some quick lunch and then it comes again.

The goodbye.

And even though we've been doing this as long as we can remember; it doesn't get easier with time. And we both know goodbyes are like band-aid's… you have to take them quick. So we kiss and afterwards he accompanies me to the garage where my Indian lays dormant. I give him a quick kiss and turn it around so it faces outside and mount it. He waits as I put gloves and the helmet on before opening the garage doors. Immediately, a cloud of shinning lights appears and no it isn't the beam; it's paparazzi.

They still don't know who I am, and they still are trying very hard to find out. We have known this since Jack accepted to be a candidate. As I know my front yard layout thanks to an a extremely exaggerated amount of pictures of it, I just throw myself forward and take the first out I can find. I know that, if I turn my head to look back, I'll see a couple of crazy guys who had the nerve to follow me.

As predicted I get to the extraction point with a couple of them right on my tails. I enter to the marked warehouse and once they are inside; I go out and someone closes the doors; the next thing I know is that both my bike and I are standing in the Ivanhoe dock.

"General," The colonel in charge says to me as I am taking out my helmet.

"Colonel… thanks for the help." We walk to the beam control

"Not a problem, General. Where do you want us to beam you now?"

"Can you beam me out here?" I say, pointing to a woody area in Colorado which is at 80 miles from Cheyenne". The Colonel nods at me and white light appears and then I'm standing in the middle of an old road. I look around and it seems to me not a day has passed since the last time I've been here.

I smile, put my helmet back on and proceed to kill the excess of stress on the road to Cheyenne"

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