Interview with the Past


"I landed on Earth on February 17th; Jack inauguration day was marked for February 20th and I got myself a visit to some previously unknown planet for 48hs"

"48hs... That would bring you back to Earth exactly for the 20th"

"Well, no… exactly for lunch on the 20th adding the briefings and all" Jack added


As the Deep Space Radar telemetry facility that it is; the Cheyenne mountain complex has a steady group of people coming in and out of there and the utmost weird times. However; this group of officers had never seen someone entering without not much of a blink out of the gate control.

The person in question was a bike raider which at the first checkpoint; just passed and Id and lifted up the eye protection out of the helmet. The guard didn't have much more time than to read the name on it before the gates were opened. The officers in the car which had passed a couple seconds before the biker weren't too happy about the quick inspection since they had to go through a full car inspection adding to the previous 15 minutes that took to check them.

On the second checkpoint the thing got even worse. The biker only flashed the id. Before the guards lifted the security bar; flashing gigantic enamored smiles to the biker.

They found a spot right next to the spot where the biker had left the bike and she was now walking out to the entrance and the group couldn't help but admire her. Not every day hot blondes in tight jeans strolled into the bowels of the mountain.

They almost ran to the entrance to take a glimpse and try to learn the name. When they got in; she was no where to be seen.

"Hey Johnson, what's up with the blonde that was coming here?"

"Went to the Bathroom"

"So… who is she?"

"If you don't know, I ain't the one to tell you who she is"

"Thanks Brent, how's Gina? And the kids?"

"Excellent, G.. Sam. Can you sign this for me, please?"

"Of course, by the way I need the other one too," Airman Brent Johnson handed her another bunch of papers; smiling dumbly to her and then proceeded to check on the group. And every group has an ass; you know that is kind of a rule.

"So, someone is going to have fun today? How much do you get? Is like payed or something?" Mayor Starring said, looking up and down to the woman. Johnson looked at the woman with big eyes and she just nodded no to him and smiled.

"Starring!... Can't you stop yourself. Sorry, ma'am, he's kind of an ass with every hot girl that he sees and you… you look great"

"Geez, guys if you finished making a fool out of you then can we go in already?" Said a young Captain who was wearing a nice shade of crimson red on the face

"Can you direct me to the elevator?" She said; her voice filling the empty space strong and clear. Not at all bothered by the comments.

Johnson whom worked at Cheyenne long enough to know the former SGC Commander looked curiously at her and she winked at him. He knew then, she was planning something and he would probably find out through one of the other guys at the low level check point. The group moved down following the path marked white on the floor and the five of them and the woman squished themselves into to the cart.


"Sub-level 11 please"

After saying that, she could hear them whispering about how was possible for a civilian to go down so easily inside a supposedly super secret facility. So when the doors finally opened, she was about to kill someone… and it wasn't a first on that day. If she didn't ride to Cheyenne she would have done it already.

At the check point there; the officers kept straight faces when looking at the group, but when they got a glimpse of her; smiles blossomed out of nowhere.

"G... Sam!" both guards said changing fast when she said no with her head.

"How long are you going to be here, Sam?"

"A couple days and then back home; did he let you know I was coming?"

"Yes, I know someone already got your room set for you. Should we let him know you are here?"

"No, I'll find him. Don't worry"

"See… I was right ... She is someone's whore"

She smiled sweetly at them and headed to the second shaft. The group was behind her soon and once again they squished inside; this time they asked for the 22 so she snorted. It was obvious they were going to the commissary and as she marked the 25 they gasped. 25 housed the room of few people; the Jaffa Teal'c, General Mitchell, and a couple more... no one of them associated with a woman. Or so they thought.


"It was a funny briefing though, I just came off a babysitting mission and someone would take a babysitting mission now with me as 'the baby'"


After a quick stop on her room to get into a nice not tight bdu's with no badges on it and Sam went to find Mitchell.

"Cam," she said entering General Mitchell's Office; he saluted her and she just laughed, "Oh,come on Cam"

"Sam..." he embraced her as he normally would, "I thought at least would make you smile. Are you still mad? "

"Kind of, but not at you… it's just the situation. I mean we are supposed be there for his Inauguration day. You know; being one of his closest friends and all. Teal'c is there and I'm here and going out." She whined

"Should I tell you I never saw a General whine before?"

"I am not whinnying?"

"Yeah, sure"

"I'm not," he just smiled, "oh come on… what's the situation?"

"Your baby-sitters should be here in 1 hour," she grimaced, "Hey! Don't kill the messenger. It is protocol. You know that"

"Yeah.. It doesn't mean I have to like it. I'll be there ... I'm sure Siler and Harriman will love to see me and will find me a computer soon enough" she grinned

"Don't you want to know more?"

"I will. I assume I have the previous mission report sitting on my email"

"Oh crap! Yes… that you do," She laughed and left the room and went down to the control room. 45 minutes later, computer in one hand and a cup of coffee on the other; she sat comfortably at the far end of the table; enjoying the last minutes of solitude

Loud voices came from the corridor and she sighed; just her luck that the team in charge of babysitting her, was the one she encountered earlier.

"Ma'am? Are you lost?" She looked up to Captain Harris, according his badges.

"No, are you?" she smiled, raising a brow

"Ma'am, with all due respect … you can't be here " Mayor Starring told her

"So, now you remember about respect. Nice to see something is still taught to the Officers"

"Do you know that impersonating an officer can be punished, ma'am?" a Mayor Samuelson said to her, Sam looked at her disbelievingly. A quick assessment told her the woman was with SG21 and that was a diplomatic team. The naïve look and the way she stood, told Sam that, the woman, never saw combat up close.

"You seem to keen on prejudices to be part of a Diplomatic team, Mayor. And answering your question, yes, I know full well what impersonating someone could do. The real question is do you?"

"Sam? Everything okay?" came Mitchell voice entering the room; immediately the team went to their salute positions while Sam remained seated in her chair

"Peachy! Just peachy" she said, "SG12 and SG21. I presume?" She said and Mitchell nodded; she sighed "Welcome to babysitting 101 introduction. I'll be joining your teams on this lovely 48hs ride," she said sarcastically

"Sorry, ma'am? I thought General Carter was joining us? According to the mission report he is the one they are waiting for," one young Captain said

"Well, let's play pretend that he is here," she said with a smile "Don't worry, HE knows the drill… can we start now?" Cam looked at Sam and she just nodded with her head. Before the lights went out she saw him shrug

"A month ago, SG-2 schedule trip was to X8P3JL …"


"But they knew who you were; I take reputation precedes you?"

"They learned who I was in the embarkation room; two minutes before we left."


At the embarkation room SG21 and SG12 waited for 'Blondie' and General to appear pointing the start of the 48hs. SG18 joined them for gate keeping purposes while Sam finished doing a last check up of the systems and joined both teams down there. Mitchell said

"Good Luck, SG21, SG12, SG18," and then with a smile added "and SG1," Sam smiled at this and turned to check the gate process.

"What about General Carter? Is he late?"

"Uhm, General Carter is down there," Harriman answered, pointing to Sam who was attaching her SG-1 badge and her name badge to her BDU.

"Sam?" Mitchell voice cut the silence

"Well, more than the ten minutes walk to my room to get the brown wig for me… I have been here the whole time. I guess they jumped to the wrong conclusions." She shrugged; now that her badges were all in place three teams stood firmly "Congratulations, kids," she smiled and members of 3 teams exchanged confused glances.

"Lesson 1?" Mitchell asked "I thought that was ingrained into them already"

"Cam, if this is the ingrained… I really hope this isn't a SNAFU SG-1 mission," she said and went through the wormhole

"What's lesson 1?" Samuelson asked. All personnel in the embarkation room answered her in unison

"Never judge a book by its cover"

"Should I even bother to ask what SNAFU is?" whispered Richards, the only civilian of the team; before she disappeared through she heard someone said the answer and she gasped


"I've served under a Lieutenant Colonel Harris some time ago," Terran said "He told me there was one mission of his career which marked him as an officer. It was his first babysitting mission; he was supposed to lead the Security team to protect a renowned General and at the end he ended up learning a thing or two about being a good Commanding Officer," Jack smiled at this and Sam blushed. "That General was my mom"

"So something did happen?"

"Well, sometimes we actually came closer to believe that SNAFU was a synonym of SG-1"


"SG18 gate keeping duties. SG12 take the back, I'm taking the lead. According to the provided intel, we need to walk 10 clicks before we get to them. Let's get going"

As they walked, Sam knew they needed to check what was going on at the SGC training facility. The two teams were chatting… loudly. They stopped as soon as the edges of civilization appeared. They walked into the city which looked as a modern old Rome and to the main temple like structure which was pointed as the Senate building by SG2. Before they could enter, two guards stopped them.

"Weaponry of any sort is forbidden inside. Leave it here if you want to enter" Sam nodded and unclipped her bag.

"Shouldn't we oppose to this?" Starring asked

"No, you wouldn't be able to bring any weaponry to the Senate at DC either. Just surrender your weapons," Richards said.

Soon everyone unclipped their bags, and zats and gave them to the Guards. A sigh coming from the General made them turn on her direction. Her back, P-90, and zat were already in the hands of the guard. She was passing him a second zat, then she reached her back and took out a knife that was hidden on her belt,then she lifted her leg and out of her boot she took another knife. She opened her bdu jacket and apart from the nice view; she gave the guard 6 suriken's that were placed on the insides of her jacket. She was about to step further in before she remembered and returned to the guard, taking a small blade out of her sports bra and a swiss blade out of her top pocket. She smiled at the guard and he smiled back.

"I guess at least one of you knows its way around the Galaxy,"the guard say to the group.

"I have some experience," the now brunette say before disappearing inside.

The room looked like an amphitheater, the center was clearer and was covered by some sort of translucent ceiling. On the back of the room 24 white eyed humanoids looked their every moment.

"Tau'ri's" one said.

"I'm General ..."

"We asked for Sam Carter, SG-1"

"I am General Samantha 'Sam' Carter," she said confidently.

And that caused the debacle, she saw a couple of guys launching themselves at her. She kicked and hit them; she managed to get a hold of the metal staff one of them was holding. Her attackers were on the floor, all 10 of them knocked out.

"Well done 'Sam Carter'" one said

"I guess all that training with Teal'c and Ish'ta does payed off," she smiled graciously

"But you should consider surrendering yourself" another said, pointing behind her.

She turned around and she regretted the protocol once again. All the 8 members of SG12 and SG21 were being held by two guards each. The only free human was her.

"Only if you let them go"

"Will do, once you have proved yourself"

The last thing SG12 and SG21 heard Sam say was 'oh crap' and then she was being held by two men while other two put some restrains to her hands and the sight of their charge being escorted out of the room

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