Interview with the Past

Alex's Speech

The Stars were shining bright that night, after they say good night to Malcolm an hour ago, they sat down on the couch in front of Jack's telescope and they were looking at them silently.

"Thanks," she whispered

"What for?"

"Being there"

"Then welcome and thanks to you too," he said and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Morning found them asleep on the couch.

"There you are! We were looking for you to say goodbye"

"Alex, Hunter," Sam said, rubbing her eyes. Jack stood and tried to somehow arrange his hair. They exchanged goodbye hugs.

"Please, let us know if there's something we can do"

"We will. Take care of the kids."

"Will do"

"By the way; you should go and put yourselves together, Malcolm was having breakfast all ready"


The klaxons started to sound at the SGC. Everyone rushed to their positions until "SG-12" IDC blinked on the screen. The iris opened and soon the four members of SG-18 entered happy to finish the most boring job on the Galaxy; as they moved down SG-12 appeared followed by the blonde General Carter and close behind SG-21

"Welcome back, SG-12, SG-18, SG-21 and SG-1," Mitchell joined the crew in the Gate room. His eyes fell on Sam who looked too pale for his liking. "Post mission check-up everybody and debriefing as soon as you finish"

Sam was leaving the room when he noticed she was not carrying her own bag; with a brow a la Teal'c, he walked briskly to catch her former teammate and stop her by taking hold of her shoulder; she turned and his hand ended in her upper back , "Sam" he said and she hissed, he still knew her well enough to know that she was in pain "What happened?"

"You will find out in a moment," she said and entered the elevator to the Infirmary.


"Hey Malcolm, weird to see you up at this time," Jack said, putting down his coffee mug when Malcolm entered the room

"Yeah, well. I thought if I woke up earlier then we could start earlier and therefore we would be able to wrap it for the day earlier," he said blushing a little. Sam smiled at him from her position by her work table

"Do It only if it you find it comfortable. If it's just for us.. Well, we are pretty used to sleeping late and waking up early," she walked to the pad and pushed the buttons so the lounge was outside again. "Shall we?" He nodded and five minutes later they were all set up.


"Come on, Sam... I know you can do it," he muttered to himself. He tried to contact his wife via their shared link. The only bad thing about it was that the link had ranges for communications too. He knew she was alive but for communications to work they should be at least on the same solar system. "Sam?"

"Sir, are you ready?"

"As ready as I would ever be," He said and left his room.

"Dad? Are you okay?" Alex asked, since Sam wasn't there yet; Alex was walking with him. He nodded. "She's alright, dad. I'm sure"

"Yeah, I know. I just wanted her to be here." He said sadly.

"Me too"


"So, Inauguration Day and you were at the SGC?"

"Well, I got to the SGC on time for getting there for the first part. However, standard protocols forbidden me from going out without passing the medical checkup"


"SG-18. How was it?"

"Well, we don't have much to report, sir. Gate activity was none existent."

"Ok. Dismissed, then. SG-21? How was negotiation?"

"Nonexistent so far, sir"

"Why is that? You expended almost 48 hours there?" Silence took over the room, "Do someone care to explain?"

"We had some issues, sir"

"And? Oh for crying out loud! Did General Carter ordered you not to say anything until she said so?" the table nodded. "How bad was it?"

"We are all in one piece," she said entering the room. Everyone rose and she dismissed them. "SG-21 is scheduled to return sometime next week," She took a seat trying hard not to grimace. The meds given to her were doing their effect, but still was too early to notice. At least her back wasn't bleeding anymore.

"SG-21 and 12 walked me to the Senate building and there; well, they took all the time up until 3 hours ago to do a background check. They fixed me up and after that, we talked for a while before coming back. All of them were treated nicely as their Medical Check up shows"

"Can I ask you to explain the background check, General?" Cam looked at her concerned. The rest of SG-1 would kill him if Sam didn't show up at DC in one piece.

"General Mitchell, by background check I am saying exactly what you think I am saying. If you want to discuss this any further; then they should be dismissed. They have after all endured enough." Mitchell nodded to her

"Dismissed people"

"Now, I came here after the standard medical check-up. Now, if you join me, I need to go to the infirmary and get the rest fixed"

"How bad is it?"

"Well… you can read it yourself," she said, handing him the medical report.


"You weren't there, then? When your husband took the oath?" she nodded no.

"Sadly, no. I was being taken care of. I had sustained multiple injuries that needed medical attention"

"What about when your daughter gave her speech?"

"I wasn't there for either. But I did hear them both"


Sam was sitting on an infirmary bed, T.V was on as per her request. Her back to him; he could see her whole torso was covered up by strange looking bandages. The nurse helped her take them off; as soon as they finished, she laid herself on her stomach

"We should keep some of that stuff to check the properties," she instructed and the nurse nodded. When all the green stuff was out of her back; the nurse gasped. "It doesn't hurt anymore," she said, Mitchell went closer and took a look at his friend back which looked like a chess table with a twist. It was covered with new scars.

"Damn! Sam… you have those and then the broken arm and the damaged liver and the broken ribs and you still want to negotiate with them?"

"Yes. They went to this length to confirm I was who I said I was. If we don't negotiate with them, then all this would be for naught"

"This time, we had a special request. We could have someone reading a poem or someone singing, but we got this offer and we found it very hard to refuse. This young girl came to us and told us she wanted to give a speech today, and we couldn't do more than grant it. Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you the President's Daughter, Miss Alexia Grace" Sam couldn't help the proud smile that blossomed on her face.

"Can you put that louder?"

"She is so beautiful and I am so proud of her." She said to her link and she watched as her husband smiled wide on tv.

"She got it from you, are you okay? Will you get here soon?"

"I'll see to get there after I'm done here."

"Cool," Alexia's face took center at the tv screen and they both broke the communication to listen to their daughter.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I know this can seem like a huge breach in protocol; well, it has been since according to it, after the oath has been taken; a final speech is given, then comes the blessing and finally they leave either by car or walking; and it would work if we were talking just about an ordinary man and that…we are not.

I've known this man my whole life. Together with his wife; yes, there is a wife; they have put their life's on harm's way more times I like to know about it, more times than their friends want to count and definitively more times than we will know about.

I can't talk about the man we are here to honor without talking about his wife. Because they aren't two; they are one soul in two bodies, and once you know them you will find one can't exist without the other. So if I talk about them instead of he, comprehend there's not a he anymore and there haven't been a 'he' since the moment he met her.

I know most of you already read about him, to you; let me say not everything you read is true. We read about a man who had a relatively easy life, with a stellar career and an extremely fast way to the top after being recalled to active duty; yes. You have read about a wife, but you are yet to see her; you still are wondering who she might be or if this wife is really true; and I can tell you who she is and I can tell you things you didn't read about him, or her; and most definitively you won't read about them.

Let me tell you what you didn't read; you didn't read about the difficulties or the lack of privileges; you didn't read they were on the line all the time or how hard they fought. They fought against things you wouldn't start to comprehend; they fought side to side; with each other, against each other and against a Government which didn't approve some things they did. I have to thank them for the last one… you should do it too. We wouldn't be here if they weren't able to take the chance to cross the line and hope the decision made was good enough so the punishment wouldn't matter... that much.

After saying that, I can tell their roads were never easy. They were, however, always leading to the same place. These roads, which started as apart as they can, came together and brought us all to this point. During their journey they lost much; we all did, even if you didn't even knew about it until a couple months ago; even with all the hiding; they were able to put it together and keep fighting because they are conscious that; there's simply not another way. There's one wise man who tells to whoever wants to hear and I'll quote him "Even if to you they don't seem like much; they are warriors and they will always be warriors. Their whole life will consist of giving everything they have to protect those who aren't," and let me tell you, that's a universal fact.

With this I am telling you that you can rest assured, if they only put a miserable 1% of the fight they put to be not only here but together then this country will flourish.

Those who know them, those whose served with them, under them and above them; those who can say hey! I know those guys! I served in the same command or I worked at the same facility; those, not too few, who can say I trusted them with my life and I am here to tell the history. Those who can say they are my friends; they can be even prouder and reassure you even more than I can.

Even though they protected me my whole life, they kept me hidden; they never doubted whose life should be when it came to theirs or mine because it was something to be expected, something every parent would do; but when a comrade was in danger and it came to them or someone else. Someone else it was; you have no idea the amount of people they saved by doing foolish things; because no matter what the result could be once home. No matter if they risked being kicked out or punished once more; they knew that: a mother or father, a wife or husband, brothers or sisters or kids would get the loved one safe and sound; and that's not how they are is who they are.

If after those words, you still have any doubt search for those men and women and ask; because they know that, for them, is not a question of just doing it... it's a question of doing freaking awesomely; of taking that extra mile and then some; is a question of analyzing every single humanly possible way and then find the impossible way and pull it out. It's a question of pushing out to take the best of you, is leading you in ways you didn't think it would be possible to be led, is a "let's take that rabbit out of our hats to conquer the wicked witch because we are not in Kansas anymore and there's a Simpsons marathon running today and we need to get home to watch it, campers!" and then after a laugh and a worried glance, give it all because someone had to do it, and better them than someone else, someone less prepared, less damaged.

They did it with their careers; they did it with their life… and my brothers and I am the living proof of what they can do when they put their minds out to do it, we were raised to follow their steps. We are still far from it and they left us an extremely big shoe to fill. As their oldest daughter, I can tell you their life was never easy, I can tell you how was hard on them, not only before they were together. It was even harder when they were; when I was there. Even if I didn't understand what I was seeing the first couple times, I witnessed at firsthand how their hearts broke a little every time they had to take their own roads, I can tell how much they hurt just to keep us going; to protect us and those friends they call family; that we call family, and we can tell you no matter how broken they were they kept it all together because it was the right thing to do; the thing that not only could make a difference but the one that did make a difference.

From them, you can expect secrecy in things that must be secret, expect them fighting for the privacy they are so used to, expect strange solutions and crazy ideas, expect sarcastic remarks and really bad jokes only they would laugh about, expect clichés even if they both claim to hate those; but don't expect them showing their true self because that one is behind years and years of classified files and walls but mostly because how they really are is only for family, expect them not looking twice to things someone would deem important and looking four or ten thousand times to things that may not seem important but at the end they will be … but above all this expect only the best of the best.

I know this is not the end of the road for them, even if they are trying to convince themselves it is, and before I finish I need to thank to Uncle Daniel, I mean, Vice President Dr. Daniel Jackson for convince the Chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies that I was prepared to give this speech; convince him that I needed to say this… you'll see there's not common for an fourteen years old to give this kind of speech but as some of you may already notice, I am my parents daughter, I am as stubborn as they come.

Thank you Vice President, not only for give me the opportunity to say things otherwise would get me grounded until I'm not underage anymore, but specially because you were always there to support them, even when you thought they were crazy enough to settle. Thank you, for all the trouble you got them in and all those times you were the one who came to their rescue.

Citizens of United States of America rest assured you also got a fine man in Vice President Jackson. Even if he wasn't in the Air Force, he fought for us in ways you can only begin to imagine; well, also is under classified files so… I am not embarrassing him any longer.

Dad, I couldn't be prouder of you and I speak for my brothers when I say we are really thrilled with the prospect of finally be living at the same house; citizens of the United States of America, you couldn't choose a better man as your President and I couldn't ask for a better father

Thank You," the girl concluded on tv. Sam's eyes were bright with tears


"Yes, Cam?"

"Isn't that your Alex?"

"Yes, Cam"

"So… why did they say the President Daughter?"

"Because she is?"

"What do you mean by she is? Is she General O'Neill... I mean President O'Neill's daughter?"

"Yup, can you turn around please," she said before starting to get dressed

"But… how?"

"You know… the sperm reaches the ovule and fertilizes it…"

"Ha. Ha. Very funny. But Sam… what about your husband, does he know?" Sam smiled at him

"Yes. He knows"

"And Jack's wife?" Sam smile went even brighter

"Oh.. She knows too"

"And she is okay with it?"

"Yes… Otherwise, there wouldn't be 6 kids"

"All you kids are Jack's?"

"But.. I thought… you said…"

"Cam… we are married… to each other"

"Okay.. Move up.. I think that I need that bed now"


"What did you feel about Alex's speech?"

"Well, I thought it was a lovely speech. I don't know if it was considerate as appropriate for the occasion, but what can I say I am biased" Jack said

"Well, I have to agree with Jack. I don't know if I would use that particular moment to give that particular speech, but she did it, she knew what she faced and she took all the criticism quite well"

"But she had a point, didn't she?"

"Well, yes… That speech can be said at any point of our lives. We still believe in the same things and still behave on the same ways"

"What I can say is that after I heard her… I kind of freaked out. I mean, I had to give one after her!"

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