Interview with the Past

Speech and Lunch

"Then it came my moment to talk. I was nervous as hell; you know? They gave me one of those horrendous long and boring speeches; I don't know how they didn't get the hint by that time. I never read one of the speeches they prepared they were … too structured"

"Yes, according to my notes your campaign speeches were one of the things that people liked to most about you"


After Alex concluded she walked away meeting her father half way.

"I'm thrilled too, honey" He whispered to her before letting her go and walk to give his first speech as THE MAN and even that couldn't make him loathe this moment less. God he hated giving speeches.

"Normally, I am a man of very few words" he paused, remembering the last time he started a speech with those same words and smiled. "I can tell you my daughter didn't get the writing skills from me and that said, and for the sake of the people standing I will keep this short; you all know, after all, why you voted me better than I do. You also know what my plan is. Well, there's that and the fact I have to tell a hundred more speeches in a week. I don't know what I'll say in those if a talk for long today.

So, I can start by saying a lot of things which will make you cheer and clap; things which will have the press writing about the incredible speech of the President of the United States. While I am thinking the whole time 'God I can believe you actually voted me'.

You'll see if it wasn't for my wife convincing skills, I wouldn't be here today. She not only told me I was good for this job, she managed to convince me; the most stubborn men in the Galaxy; that I had what is needed, and I took the chance and for some reason unbeknownst to me here I am.

Your decision showed me you believed I could make a change and that, maybe, you see what my wife sees. If you do, please tell me what it is.

Until today I still remember the look on my Air Force instructors when they told me nothing good could come from me and I can tell now they were trying to make me a better man. It took many years and many mistakes until I was found and I became someone good.

I have to be thankful for all it was given to me; for all the problems I had, because those things made me the man you chose. I have to be thankful for my beautiful family which will finally be together as it was supposed to.

I have to be thankful for those men and women fighting for our freedom; I can't say how proud we are of them because I don't know what you think. I can say, however, that my wife, my kids and I; we really appreciate them; we are proud of you. We know what it feels like to be under enemy fire, we know what it feels to lose a friend, and above all, I have to say, we are even prouder of the families because we know what it feels to see your loved one go to a place where you can't protect them; we know how it feels to see them hurt or to lose them. So the families really deserve my respect and yours.

After that I can talk about improving the economy, and make structural changes that will cut the expenses; however, I am only a military man with a vast knowledge of how to make decisions and how to deal with people. So, whatever I can say about the economy or health would have been written for me and I would have to memorize it, and let me tell you I am not good at memorizing.

Now, as a 'politician' I can promise you many things which after a couple months would be deemed as "to never be fulfilled" or I can just tell you one thing.

My wife and I are here to do what it takes and as we all know action speak louder than words. So we are willing to act.

So help us God.

With that said the only thing left is to thank you for your trust; I really hope when this period is over I can look back and say, well that was an horrible speech but I least I didn't lie and all that jazz.

Hey! Don't laugh after all you have been warned about our compulsion of using clichés and you have been hearing me talk for a while now.

So once again, thank you. God bless you and bless not only America but the World."

Once he finished, the Chief of Committee was up again and before that he noticed the thing was over and he was The Man.


"I liked that speech, Jack… I think you didn't say anything that could come back and bite you; you were sincere and to the point," he blushed a little.

"The magazines posted pictures of a mystery woman bidding the farewell to the former President. Was it you?"


"So you made it to the luncheon, then?"

"No. She didn't"


Later, at the Inaugural Luncheon

"Mr. President when do we meet your famous wife?" the first person that's saluted him asked as he was entering the room.

"If her schedule goes as planned, she will be here in a couple hours"

"Where is she anyways?" Another one asked

"Doing something really important which couldn't be postponed"

"Mr. President"

"What do you all think of me getting sit so they can stop clapping their hands off? Then I can go ahead and salute you or you can come here and salute me, and ask whatever you want to ask," he said taking his place at the honor table.

"Jack? Where is she?"

"She is coming Daniel, don't worry"

"She isn't missing anything… you didn't tell me this would be excruciatingly boring"



"But Daniel and you made a wonderful work, avoiding the press about my MIA status"

"Yeah, it did take forever for you to come"

"Well, yes... I took the standard procedure but the length of the injuries and the unknown properties of the medication they gave to me, won me a trip to the medical bay of the Ivanhoe; to check up I wasn't a danger to society. I got there when a scarce ten or twenty minutes left on the Luncheon"

"And scared the crap out of the Security Service"

"Not really, is not that I beamed myself to scare them. I beamed myself in the bathroom of our room so I could have a chance to get changed first"


"Ma'am, you can't be here," one of the security girls of the House said to a woman who had her head in the refrigerator; the woman in question picked something from inside and then slowly turned to face the security girl. The woman; wearing a white female suit with a black blouse, searched on her inner pocket for something and then passed her an id.

"Madame Chairman; I didn't know it was you"

"You couldn't know. The parade already started?"

"Yes, about two hours ago" the girl answered with a puzzled expression.

"Great," she said; cutting some vegetables and putting a salad together, "You should sit if you pretend to keep me under watch. I have all the intentions in the world of having a lunch, seeing that I already miss the Inauguration Luncheon which I was supposed to assist to"

"You didn't assist to the Luncheon, Ma'am?"

"Please, it's Sam...uhm, what's your name?"

"Burton… ma'am; what are you doing here?"

"I told you Burton, I am eating lunch"

"I mean there's no other place you should be, ma'am?"

"Yes. I was supposed to be at the Parade but I didn't make it on time as you can see and I haven't had breakfast yet and much less lunch so I believe there's no better place than here right now"

"You work in the house?" she asked after a while, the girl nodded "So I take that you know the Presidential family?"

"Yes General, well not all of them... I met the kids; they do have bizarre names"

"Bizarre? Let's see Alexia Grace meaning defender of grace; then the boy is Terran Osei that means honorable men from earth. Then the twins Sasha Keona and Alistair Matthew it's "

"What kind of names are those for twins, ma'am? I mean they should be something like Alice and Alistair"

"Well, it's kind of clever the way they are named… both sets of names mean the same or almost the same Alistair and Sasha mean men's defender ; Keona means precious gift from God and Matthew means gift of God… so both of them are actually men's defenders and gifts of God"

"I didn't know that"

"No one does," said Jack, entering the room

"Mr. President", Burton said

"Madame Chairman," Jack smiled at her "I had the nagging feeling I could find you here"

"And you were right, Mister President." She smiled at him, "Do you know Burton?"

"I don't think so. Pleasure to meet you Burton"

"It's an honor to meet you, Mr. President"

"It's Jack," he said

"I tried that too, Jack, and it doesn't work; she keeps calling me Ma'am or General"

"I knew someone who used to do that all the time"

"Only at military facilities or under military protocol, sir," she said winking at him

"And to annoy me"

"There's that too"

"Sir, do you mind if I make you a question?" Burton asked, bringing them out of their bubble

"Go ahead"

"I've been reading all the news and saw the kids and now, with your daughter's speech and your speech... I was wondering, when do we get to meet the famous wife?"

"Hey, Sam, how long have you been here?"

"An hour, maybe"

"An hour? And you still want to know who my wife is?" the girl nodded "You've been talking or watching her for an hour, Burton… Sam's my wife… hey, Sam? do I need to tell you you look like crap today? How many hours?"

"No need, and I slept 4 hours, 36 hours ago plus some blackouts; I surely hope to have enough make up to cover the black under my eyes"

"Why? It does look sexy in you… who knows, maybe you can start a raccoon fashion"

"Jack! If you aren't nicer to me, I can always play the I am extremely tired card and then you would end up going alone to tonight ball"

"Burton, you can close your mouth now"

"I... sorry, sir, ma'am … I just.."

"Don't worry, you won't be the only one surprised. But we have to ask you not to say anything. It was bound to be a surprise for today's luncheon or parade, but apparently we are going to move it to the Ball"

"That sound's perfect, ma'am, sir"


"Yes, is perfect for you to introduce the Chairman as your wife at the Commander in Chief's Ball. No one will expect her to be your wife; but they will be astounded knowing that not only the President was a military but that the First Lady is military"

"Well, I don't know how perfect it will be… but is this ball or the next and..."

"We are good at grabbing the bull by the horn"


"Anyways, I'm about to go bid farewell to the former President. Care to join me?"

"Sure, just let me finish this and we can go"

"Then you go and sleep, woman. You need it or you are going to fall asleep tonight"

"Well, I do have two hours before I have to go for a last minute staff meeting"


"What can I say, I didn't mark the appointment"

They walked out of the room and meet the former Presidential Couple and accompanied them to the Tarmac where the Helicopter which was taking them out was waiting. Reporters piled up to take pictures of the farewell, but sadly for them, no one got a clear picture of the First Lady.


"Cassie, my niece and assistant called me as soon as she knew I was Earthbound, and let me know the Vice Chairman had asked for a meeting for that afternoon. The meeting was supposed to be at 5 and the ball was at 6"

"And she already arrived at 3. So after the farewell; I held the press and she went to sleep for a little while. I was still talking with people when she left for the meeting"

"The good thing was that I managed to see the kids first, I almost killed Vala that day though"

"What happened?"

"Well, she got me a make up artist, don't take me wrong the woman was really good at what she did. It was just the way we met. Anyways, it all worked up in the end"


Sam was just getting out of the bathroom where she took a nice warmth shower and was starting to dry herself when she saw the woman in the room.

"Who are you? And what are you doing here?"

"I'm Tina, the make up artist"

"And…" the girl blinked "and what are you doing here?"

"I was told to come here and wait for Sam, and put some make up on her for the night" she said. Sam pinched the bridge of her nose and the door opened again.

"Sam! You look like hell! " Vala said

"I'll take you are the responsible of this?" she said, pointing to the girl

"Yes... She is amazingly good"

"She can be all the amazing she can but I am not getting make up now"

"Why not?"

"Because... I have a meeting to go to now"

"Well, then afterwards" Vala smiled to her

"I'm probably getting dressed at the Pentagon, Vala. So security clearance will be an issue"

"You don't worry, I'll call Cassie and we will find a way"

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