Interview with the Past

The Sullen's Case

"I've interviewed lots of persons before coming here, and I had the pleasure of interviewing White House staff. They told me you were by far the nicest Presidential Couple to work with. However, I also interviewed some of the Security Service members and they told me you were nice, but you made them work every penny they were getting paid," the couple in front of him smiled widely, "But no one dared to tell me why… all of them told me that, if I managed to interview you, I should ask you about it"

"Well, you'll see…when we got to the White House, we still had our training ingrained into us. We still woke up at 5AM and go for runs and most importantly, we never needed someone taking care of us before…"

"And I just had returned from a mission where I was supposed to be the protected one, and it didn't go too well"

"You know it doesn't tell me much"

"Did they tell you what to ask?"

"They all agreed on the Sullen case?"

"Oh, yes"


The Presidential Couple arrived at the White House later that night, they were supposed to be drained after a long inauguration followed by at least 10 presentations in several "inaugural balls". Enjoying the night life they hadn't had in a long time; it took them both most of the night, returning at the White House around 3AM; they finally got lost in the house part of the it and the security service night shift was glad they finally managed to catch a breath.

In the house, the couple reconnected after a long time not seeing each others; then after satisfying the longing they both took a shower and prepared for bed. The couple lay on their new bed for exactly 5 minutes.



"I can't sleep," she mumbled tiredly from her position on his chest

"Me neither," he threw his arm tentatively looking for something "aha!" he brought his cellphone and turned it on, "well it is 4:35" they both groaned

"That means we will be awake in less than an hour," they glared at the watch in silence

"What do you say if we start our run earlier today?" they asked simultaneously and then both laughed and nodded. They turned the lights on and went to change. They slipped away from their room and out of the house. And said good morning to the gate guard when they passed the front gate running.

"Wasn't that the President?" Asked one of the guards, "Weird, he wasn't followed by the SS," the other guard at the booth blanched and called the Security Service office and soon there was (a lot) of movement from inside.


"We kinda' escaped them"

"Escaped them?"

"We left the house without their knowledge"

"Until, I guess the guard let them know"

"Okay, I see the issue there…"

"Well, that wasn't the issue per se… the issue happened as we got to the mall… and we were "attacked" by a rookie assailant"


They ran from the White house towards the mall and as they were halfway throughout the path from the Constitution gardens towards the Vietnam Women's memorial they were confronted by a person.

"Stop! Give me your belongings or I'll shoot you!" they stopped and exchanged a glance

"I only have this cellphone and it is tracking our route; so I won't give it to you," Sam said

"Just give it to me and we all can go happily," the guy was trembling and the pair noticed this easily. Their assessment also told them he wasn't drugged.

"What do you say, Sam? Should I take it or should you?"

"I'll do it. " A couple minutes later the gun was out of the guys grasp; finding himself disarmed he took out a knife and tried to attack Jack. This time, not only the knife was out of his reach, the assailant was lying flat on his back. The couple just looked at the defeated guy in front of them, he didn't try to run, he just lay there helpless. So they helped him sit.

"Why are you doing this? You aren't on drugs and your hands trembled too much to be your daily job" Sam questioned

"It's okay.. We just want to know your history…and we might let you walk this one out."

"You would let me walk out?"

"You didn't steal anything from us," they say; the guy sighed.

"I have a kid; she's only 6 months old and she needs food and kid stuff," he stopped, then sighed again, "my wife; she's a nurse. But one of the hospitals in which she was working went throughout personnel cuts and she was one of them. And not only that went wrong, about two weeks ago I was fired. I searched everywhere for a job; something to avoid this. I didn't tell her that I've lost my job too.. She was so despaired when she lost one of hers that I couldn't bring myself to tell her. I thought I could find one easily, you know? Even frying burgers, or washing dishes would do… but no one wanted me; apparently being underage is not good for finding a job. So, I was walking a week ago and promised to myself that if by today I didn't have a job I would have to start to rob…"

"Extreme situation requires extreme measures," they stated and the guy nodded, surprised with their assessment and lack of judging.

"You said you were underage? And you have a kid?"

"And a wife. She will be 21 on December"

"And she's a nurse already?"

"Yeah!" he said proudly ," she took some advanced classes back at school and got a scholarship in one of the hospitals"

"What's your name son?" Jack asked

"Richard Sullen"

"Well, Mr. Sullen… we might have a proposal for you; will you join us for ... " Sam looked at Jack " what time are you free?"

"I think around 10:30"

"Around 10:30 to discuss the matter?" Sam finished. The guy doubted and then a bunch of grunts was heard in the background

"Mr. President! Are you okay?" Six guys came running to them.

"Of course I am okay, why shouldn't I be?"

"Mr. President?" Richard asked…

"Well, yeah, I guess now you know how to get to our home?" Jack smiled. "Hey guys, by any chance any of you have a couple bills to lend me, we kind of got out of the house without our wallets"

"Uh? What?"

"We will return your money at the house," Sam added with a smile. One of the guys gave Sam a hundred bill and she smiled and passed it to Richard. "This way your wife won't know. Bring her too," she said

"Will you be okay or you need help getting home?" Jack asked

"I'm okay"

"Good, see ya later then!" and with that they ran away again. This time they were surrounded by SS guards.


"How they reacted to the news?"

"Well, the issue was it actually almost got to the news"


"Good Morning Sam, Jack, kids," a cheerful Daniel joined them at the table where they were currently having a mid morning snack with the kids, "How are you today?"

"Good… Danny?"

"Well… apart of all the news surrounding the Inaugural Day, there was one news this morning which caught the attention of the press. Thankfully, with some damage control made by your incredible Vice President, or at least the charms of my wife... we managed to convince them not to show it on tv"

"What are you talking about Daniel?"

"Well, someone called this morning to let us know that, apparently, the Presidential couple was playing hero on their morning run"

"Well, it wasn't like that"

"Yeah… I was.."

"Sorry to interrupt you, Sirs, Ma'am…. But there's a Richard Sullen at the front gate, he's saying he has an appointment with you?"

"Yes, Kate… could you bring them here," Jack asked

"Something else you might need?"

"Kate, have you seen if Cassie is here already?"

"I'm here," said Cassie. Kate nodded and left, while Cassie greeted everyone and minutes later Richard Sullen joined them.

"Hi, I'm Daniel"

"Richard Sullen. This is my wife, Vanessa"

"Jack," he waved from his spot at the head of the table

"I'm Sam, so this is your lovely child?" she said, caressing the baby's face, Richard nodded and finally Cassie introduced herself

"Hi, I'm Cassie"

"Kids… can you go outside to play?"

"Well, Richard… I don't know if you want to hear our proposal first, then think about it and chat with Vanessa or if you would prefer to hear it at once"

"At once," they both said, a bit embarrassed by the situation.

"Well then, our proposal is the following: Join the military… we don't care the branch. But it will allow you too take care of your family properly," Jack said

"But.." He tried to interrupt, Sam raised her hand to stop him.

"There's more," she said. "We both know that going to boot camp will cut your incomes and now, you can't manage without it; since you have to pay for the baby stuff and the rent"

"So, we want your wife and daughter to do some house sitting for us"

"Oh! That's why you wanted me here," said Cassie. At the Sullen's surprised she explained herself, "See, Sam and Jack; both have houses here and in Colorado. We managed to keep the Colorado houses rented. But there's the matter of the two houses in here… I think it's a wonderful idea!" she said

"I don't get it," Vanessa muttered embarrassed.

"Well, Cassie will be taking care of one of the houses, we still need to find someone who can live on the second one" Jack said simply

"This is so you" Daniel said rolling his eyes. "And they say I'm the soft one"

"You can talk to Cassie about location and all; both houses are fully furnished and both have a baby's room, since you know we have kids and we won't make you pay rent. Just the regular house expenses, you know, electricity and such"

"We want you to have a second chance"


"Because everyone deserves one," Daniel said

"Just think, this throughout and let us know your answer" Jack finished. "Now, if you excuse me… I have a meeting to attend" Jack stood and kissed Sam in the forehead before leaving

"Well, will you have something to eat with me?" Sam added and soon the Sullen's where sitting and eating with the First Lady and the Vice President.


"Apparently, the guy who filmed the event called the White House for some more information, as I was stuck on meetings, Daniel took the call and saved the whole thing"

"Vala charms helped him; she convinced the journalist it was something that shouldn't get to the press. Since could endanger us"

"What about the Sullen guy?"

"Well, we got at the House and did some background checks on him and his wife, and the results told us of a young couple in desperate need of a second chance, so we gave them one"

"We offered him a pass to a military career"

"But why?"

"See, we are here because someone believed we deserved a second chance"

"Did you get one?"

"Yes," they both answered firmly, Jack waved his hand to let Sam start.

"Second chances… " she sighed, "I have had more than one second chance at different situations; but the one that I will remember forever is the chance to get reacquainted with my dad. We got a very strangled relationship and then I learned he was about to die. A series of events led us to the Tok'ra where he ended up being saved; my kids will never know their grandpa. But I can at least tell them about the great man he became, instead of the bitter man he was before"

"For me, my best second chance is this. My family. I was married before Sam, but something happened and we split. Then she came, and Alex came.. and Terran and all the beautiful kids that I share with my beautiful wife… and that wouldn't happen if the USAF didn't decide to recall me"

"So your biggest second chances are related with the USAF"

"Not only ours, Daniel's, he got a second chance at a career he loved, but no one trusted him into, he got a wife, and then a second wife. Teal'c got his chance to be free and help his brothers to be free too. Then Cassie, she was lost and the lone survivor of her planet, she would have died if we didn't get her to Earth. Vala, found her way out of her intergalactic con job to become one of the good ones"

"There are many people out there who are free thanks to military intervention and yes, I am not in favor of wars but they are needed sometimes"

"So we offered him what it was offered to us... freedom"

"He took it, and he got to be a Senior Enlisted Adviser"

"Nice… so, your escapade was the reason behind the SS naming you the hardest Presidential couple?"

"Well, it wasn't just that escapade…we pulled those kinds of stunts several times"

"Then there was the beaming in and out of buildings, the going to places where they couldn't go, like the SGC or the Ivanhoe.."

"We have to agree with them, we were not an easy couple to track. At least, the kids were always good"

"Speaking of… we should go pick the Grandkids"

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