Interview with the Past

Old Times

They went back to the room, he passed before wondering where they would fit. Before he could dwell much in it, Sam pressed some buttons and her side of the room was pulled half way up. Under it, a full lounge room with all and a fireplace appeared.

"You believe this will do?" she asked him and he nodded in awe. Sam and Jack moved to the large couch and sat close to each other. Malcolm puts the recording equipment on top of the table and all of the sudden a couple things came out of it surrounding a square area. Sam smiled. Jack just negated with his head.

"Um… this is special recording equipment; it will…" Malcolm started

"It will take a 4 dimension recording of the area. The things that flew away are the marks for the limits of the space to be recorded; everything in between the area will be recorded as it is. Allowing to look like we are real; just like old movies, but with the enhancement that this actually can be reproduced as a hologram giving the viewer the impression that he is present," Sam finished.

"Don't even go there, " Jack interrupted before Malcolm could say something more. "It's one of the doohickeys Sam helped to develop. Just start, please. Dinner will be served soon and we would really like to get this done sooner than later"

"Of course; can you state who you are?"

"I'm Samantha Carter, please call me Sam"

"I'm Jonathan O'Neill, Jack to everybody who wants to live, " he smiled and she slapped him playfully on the arm.

"Let's start from the beginning, then; how long have you met"

"We met a long time ago. Back in 1995"

"We both ended up in the same hospital room for reasons we won't be disclosing. We became friends and two months later we both parted ways."

"According to the file that I got of you your eldest daughter was born in 2005; that would be 10 years later. What happened?"

"With a twist of fate and a mock of destiny, we met again in 1997"

"And according to your marriage license you didn't get married until 2005 either; I take it wasn't love at first sight? " He completed.

"Actually, it kind of was… but as she told you; someone up there was pissed up with us"

"We met again when we both were reassigned to the SGC"

"Ok, so you were reassigned to the same base"

"And he was my Commanding Officer"

"And she was my Second in Command"

"Oh, I see now the twist of fate you mentioned… ouch. How long?"

"Those eight years"

"Eight years, wow… there are rules about having a relationship with your subordinate or boss in the military. Did you start an affair?"

"No," they both said no rush in their voice.

"When did you know you were in love with each other?"

"I knew I had a crush on him after the first week at the hospital, but I kept it to myself since at the time he was still married. Two years later, I had to make myself believe he was good as death in order not to fall in love with him but I failed miserably"

"For me it was somewhat the same I first thought I just developed the hot's for her. I mean, look at her and tell me that's unthinkable; she was funny and beautiful and so young… and I was married and in love with my wife. Then fate intervened again and I was single and she was my second and a look in her direction told me it wasn't just the hot's"

"We just both assumed the other had no interest in the other on that way. Deny to yourself something, it's really easy if you get as much practice as we had. So we didn't do anything"

"People started a rumor they said we had something going on but nothing was founded at the time. We were really just good friends and we both were on denial"

"Then on a mission he got stuck on another planet and I was back on Earth. That was my breaking point; there was no denying how I felt after that. I did everything in my power to bring him back; I even had to be ordered to bed and to eat, I didn't leave base for a couple months. I actually didn't know how much time had passed, I just wanted him back. Once he was back; well, then I had to force myself to deal with the fact that I was deeply in love with him and there was nothing I could do to stop it and there was also no way that I would act on those feelings. I respected him too much to throw his career out of the window"

"See, at that point of time I knew what I was feeling and I felt the same way that she did. I considered letting her know, but I wouldn't dare to risk her career. Also at that point in time, I knew how I felt, she knew how she felt, but there was this huge thing stopping us..."

"You careers?"

"No, the fact that we didn't know how the other felt"

"Then everything became more complicated," they exchanged a grim glance

"We were faced with the other feelings by a mission gone awry around the fourth year"

"How awry, it was?"

"We finished setting a bomb and we were running out of the place; something went wrong and I got stuck inside the ship trapped by a laser wall"

"And I was at the opposite side"

"Therefore, you were confronted by fate on saving yourself knowing that she would die," Malcolm affirmed.


"Did you leave?" Both shook their heads no

"He didn't leave me, I screamed for him to run, I asked him to save himself and he kept fighting with the controls. I knew that I couldn't watch him die, he had to live"

"And I couldn't leave her to die"

"So for the longest couple of seconds, we just stood staring at each other; with that look... we learned all we had been hiding from the outside and then a power cut affected the area, the moment was broken, the wall was down and we ran for our lives"

"So year four out of eight… now you know about the other feelings; what did you do?"

"We kept it in the room. We chose to work together. It was a no brainier actually"

"Are you telling me, you purposely chose to bury your feelings for each other?" They nodded.

"It was hard for both of us and it was hard on our friends whom wanted us together. Then at year seven we actually tried to settle" Sam said, looking at her hands

"She dated and even got engaged with a cop and I dated an Agent. Thankfully Dad knocked some sense in both of us before passing"

"What did Dad O'Neill say?"

"Actually, it was General Jacob Carter; Sam's dad. He reminded me there were options."

"And he also reminded me good things are worth to fight for"

"And you finally got together?"

"No, but we did start to go out more with Daniel and T, our closest friends and teammates. We started to share more and to know more about each other"

"Like dating with chaperones" Malcolm stated

"Exactly, then we finally got our chance. We talked about it; we moved some connections and we knew they would grant us just a couple of days of freedom to do what we planned"


"They won't let you resign… I'll resign"

"No, Sam, you don't get it? They won't let you resign either"

"I can't go back, Jack, " she whispered to him.

"I can't go back either"

"So what..."

"They offered me… us a solution"

"And why I take that we won't like it?"

"We don't... But it's better than nothing"

"If it is better than nothing, then let's do it"

"You didn't even hear the offer yet"

"I don't care"


"What did you do?"

"After way to many retirements letters rejected; we both got a retirement approved for exactly 4 days"

"You retired?"

"Yes, we moved some connections to figure out a way since all the retirement letters were rejected before. So we got ourselves a window. I wrote my retirement letter… I Brigadier General Jonathan Jack O'Neill blah blah blah and Sam's was something like 'hereby Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter… blah blah blah' I signed and approved hers and passed mine and hers to my CO. He just told me 'you know I've waited this moment for eight long years, it's about time, son' "

"Seven days later I was; for all intents and purposes Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter, Head of Research and Development stationed in Nevada and he was Mayor General Jack O'Neill, stationed at DC as Chief of Home world Security"

"But something changed"

"We got married. There are no regulations against married people working on the same command line"

"Then, why keep the secrecy?"

"We knew people from D.C and they "politely" asked we kept our last names and told us no one should know about our involvement. It was dangerous not only because of the scuttlebutt that being married to my CO would cause, but for the nature of our job. We needed to keep quiet if we didn't want to endanger each other"


Washington D.C

"General Jumper, sir"

"I believe congratulations are in order for you?"

"Yes, sir," they grinned

"General O'Neill; you will be asked to present in two weeks to take over Hammond's command with a promotion to Mayor General. Colonel Carter you will take over Area 51 R&D command as previously intended. I don't know how long I would be able to keep you there and I know you probably want to change your name Colonel, but if you do… you will raise all sorts of questions. You don't need that; so I will ask you to remain as Carter at least for the USAF purposes."

"What if we have children?"

"As I already told the General; if your children are as special as our allies thought they would be; then protect them will become a matter of national security. However; they can't be recognized as O'Neill's kid's, since it will bring too much attention over you two. I know is too much to ask given all you already did for the Earth, but if we don't act like this… we will end up being investigated for favoritism and God knows what else and it's not only your career at stake anymore. Even though we are the ones who won't let you go"

"We understand, sir... We don't like it, but we know it only could happen this way"


"I don't understand why would be a security issue?"

"If someone wants to hurt you, Malcolm; really hurt you… who do you think it will go after? You? Or your loved ones?"

"I see, so you are in D.C probably really hard to get to you… but she is in Nevada. People disappear every day from there"

"Exactly and I was stationed at Nevada for a year"


"Congratulations Colonel Carter; you appear to be about three months pregnant now"

"Two months"

"Excuse me?"

"It has to be two months, actually 7 or 8 weeks. That's the only probably date"

"Then you have a big one coming along"


"I got many calls from SGC; they wanted me back, but my pregnancy effectively took me out of gate traveling. Since back then we didn't know much about it"


"Hi, Cameron," She said as soon as she spotted him

"Hey, Sam, it's good to see you."

"Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. We have been up to our ears double-checking the new hyper drive and then the uplink was jammed with the long-range plotting program being transmitted by the Asgard… No need to bore you. How you been? You look good."

"Thanks. Listen, Sam… come back and rejoin SG-1." She laughed at this

"I heard you'd been given command. Congratulations."

"I'm not kidding. You can keep an eye on R & D in your spare time, just like you always have. Besides, Dr. Lee is pouting because you got the post over him."

"Really?" she asked, surprised

"No, I made that up."

"I have my reasons for wanting this job."

"I had my reasons for wanting THIS job. One of them was working with you and please, do not say, "that's nice.""

"We'll still work together."

"It won't be the same. What if the world needs saving?"

"Well, if the world needs saving, I will be there doing what I can."

"What if the world needs saving because I screwed up 'cause you weren't here in the first place?" She looked puzzled at the comment. Mitchell sighed and looked around to see if anyone else overheard.

"How about we pretend I didn't say that?"


"Lieutenant Colonel Carter to the bridge; Lieutenant Colonel Carter, please report immediately to the bridge."

"Sorry, I gotta go."

"Yeah, I'll buy you breakfast when you get back on solid ground."

"You're on. Talk to you soon." As soon as the video was off, she raised and rubbed her back while walking to the bridge. She definitely had a very good reason for this job and most likely to not return to the SGC for a good couple months.


"You stayed at Area 51 until your daughter's birth and after a couple months you were out to Colorado Springs again and you now, half country away; find yourself missing not only your wife but your daughter"

"Yes and the worst part was I couldn't even tell anyone! I did manage to escape to be with her after the birth. However, I didn't manage to be there for the birth"

"Well, we never expected she would be born so soon"


"Come on, Ms O'Neill you have to push now!"

"I don't want to push! I want my damn husband!"

"I see the head, the body is coming, ma'am… push again!" the doctor said

"We tried to reach him, but it was impossible… please, ma'am you have to push," the nurse said

"I hate the US Air Force!"

"Come on ma'am... Just a couple more"

"Congratulations Ms O'Neill, it's a girl! And she is completely healthy for a 7 month birth"

Outside Sam's delivery room

"We are here to transfer patient Samantha Carter"

"There's no Samantha Carter in this hospital, ma'am"

"This is Samantha Carter; she was brought here to give birth?" She said, showing a picture of Sam

"And you are?"

"I am Dr. Carolyn Lam. I am her Doctor"

"This way Dr."

"Carolyn? What are you doing here?"

"We are transferring you to a military hospital"

"They didn't have you on the list… you know why?"

"The only id on my purse was my driver's license; they have my 'civilian' name not my 'military' name"

"I have no idea what are you talking about"

"Dr. Lam, here you have Ms. O'Neill's folder, I mean Ms Carter"

"You can't say anything to anyone, Carolyn"

"So I guess that's the reason why your kid may or may not be a national security issue?"

"She is a national security issue"

"Why do you say that?"

"She has the ATA gene"

"Is he coming?"

"They will give him four days leave starting tomorrow"

"Do you have the name?"

"Yes. Alexia Grace Carter"


"Ok, so you have a kid… what happened next?"

"I think that what happened next was dinner," Aila interrupted them.

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