Interview with the Past


That night family dinner was louder than all the previous times, added to the Carter-O'Neill young ones, they're the 4 kids of Terran, 2 from Alex and 6 kids, Malcolm assumed were Sasha's.

"Jade, Tessa and Kim, are Allistair kids. Natasha, Michael and Sean are Sasha's," Aila whispered to him pointing to each child with a smile, "I'm not too sure how they managed to have kids at the same time. Jade is a couple weeks older than Tasha and Micheal is months older than Tessa; but Kim and Sean.. They share the same birthday. It's weird… I don't believe it's actually supposed to be that way for twins. But hey! Not that it was on purpose, I hope… Anyways, they are here because Alli talked with Alex and Sash and found out their plans of bringing the kids here... So he sent them too"


"Did I know?" He nodded "You were looking at them, " he crooked his eyebrow, she smiled playfully at him. "Well, everyone of us has higher brain activities, it allows us to see things others don't see quite easily"

"Including me wondering about your nieces and nephews?"

"Yes and the fact they are not as fine as they seem?"


"My parents," she stated

"What do you know?"

"I know that, if I were in their shoes; I wouldn't be completely happy either"



"We believe you have number 7. None of us has it," Pearl said softly to her older sister.

"Oh yes, I believe I do… so today I was…"

Unbeknownst to them, her parents were using their "normal" skills to watch the exchange between them and that; along with the stories from the other kids, brought smiles to their faces.

Next morning, Malcolm couldn't sleep in, even if he did try. The house was more noisy than before and the laughs and antics of the kids were loud even when tried to sound hushed. He groaned and pulled himself down and went for breakfast.

The sight was different from the day before; were all of the kids were excited to get their turns to speak; now, some of them looked down and half way to sleep. His eyes fell on Aila, on her school uniform she looked more like her mother that he noted before.

"Morning Mr Wells," Terran welcomed him; his salutation brought a chain of 'goodmorning's' from all those sitting on the table.

"Morning to all, " he looked around

"Oh, they have a meeting in town they will be joining you as soon as they can," said a girl he hadn't seen before entering the room, she smiled that big Carter smile and he was mesmerized until she added, "I'm Piper by the way"

"When did you get here?" the young ones were excited to see her

"This morning in the 5AM shuttle," she looked into the faces of the young ones. "Geez, what are they feeding you? You all look so big!" At the end of the table, Terran cleared his throat. Piper's eyes went big "Terran?" she ran to hug her brother, then after a second she pushed away, "Wait, what are you doing here? What are all the kids doing here?" she said suspiciously

"What do you think?"

"Oh crap! How are they?"

"Hanging in there"

"Alex, Sash and Alli?"

"They are trying to keep things at bay. I'm hiding…"

"If they can't find you, they can't order you to do it"


"Do what?"Malcolm asked curiously.

"Sorry, Mr. Wells… but at the moment that's not of your concern"

After that, the sound of the kids getting their stuff cleared and leaving was enough to avoid any kind of conversation, and along with the kids both Piper and Terran disappeared from his sight.

He took that first moment of solitude to look around the house, definitely had enough room for everyone, he didn't note before but it was at least a 5 story building. There was a ballroom, the huge dining room, another library that looked quite like a school room filled with all sorts of school supplies and projects, then there was a music room and he was half way to check it when a voice caught him

"We all play something, we could be the next Von Trapp family," Sam smiled

"Except I do sing awfully bad," Jack added, "If you are snooping around then care to join us at the labyrinth?"

"We haven't used that background yet and the day is quite lovely," they waited for him to turn around and get to them before moving. "This way"

Several minutes later, they were seated in the middle of the labyrinth, the middle had yet another fountain and a Greek looking gazebo, a couple of benches and lamp posts adorned the place.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Sam said and Malcolm nodded, he did his thing and the first question he had to ask was related to that morning.

"What's the thing that Terran doesn't want to do?" The question took them half by surprise.

"There are many things which Terran doesn't want to do" was the cryptic response"

"But why is he hiding here?"

"That you have to ask him for his answer, I can say I would hide here too, if I was in his position"

"He's afraid of someone making him do something related to you, isn't he?"

"Mr. Wells, we agreed to talk about our past, what's Terran or any of our kids doing here, is part of our present"

"And we like to keep it that way," Malcolm saw the two jaw clench and he did the same trying to contain his curiosity

"So, if you don't have questions we can tell you a funny memory from back in 2020," Sam offered amicably, he sighed,

"Until, you can come up with some more past related questions"

"Fine, what's your memory from?"

"Well, it was.."


"Is he in there?" Sam hurriedly asked his secretary

"Ma'am, you can't go in," the woman panicked when Sam neared the Oval Office door

"So, he is there," she smiled wickedly, "Who is inside?"

"No one yet, ma'am, but…" she opened the door and entered " he has a meeting in two minutes" the secretary finished

"Ok," Sam said and smiled at her before closing the door


"It was our real first day, you know.. The Inaugural day passed by quickly… then the second day, they show you things you are supposed to know and all"

"We already had moved half of the appointments due to the Sullen's case.. But we still needed to get them out of the way, so to speak"


"Sam?" he glanced as his wife strode to him, she could be a scary sight in her full dress blues


"Whatcha doing here?"

"Probably the same that you," she sighed before collapsing in the chair he just vacated

"So you have a meeting with some dude you never heard about before?" he asked jokingly

"Actually, maybe not the same thing… I'm hiding"

"Secret Service?" he asked and she nodded

"They don't get I am an Air Force General and I don't need eleven babysitters! All that I do is sit inside the Pentagon or the White House!"

"Or at the SGC or the Hammond or Atlantis or the Ivanhoe or…"

"Whatever, they are not allowed in those… they shouldn't be allowed at the Pentagon either. I can't get out of my office without them following around"

"Yes, it sucks, I know" he puffed, then he frowned, "How did you manage to outrun them?"

"Well, I kind of used the Pentagon fire exit, then grabbed the Indian which was beamed there from the SGC and came here as fast as I could"

"You know they are probably still searching for you?"

"Well, I don't think so. I told Cassie I was going to the bathroom, used the bathroom window to get to the internal patio and then entered another washroom; got out of there… walked to the nearest fire stair and ran down, then located the Indian, called Cassie and told her that, if they asked I returned a while ago and I am still there"

"Oh woman, I like the way you think"

"Thanks," they were about to kiss when the internal phone sounded

"Mr President, your 1500 meeting is here"


"So after our meeting with Mr Sullen, I got out to the Pentagon and I was followed by the SS. Not one or two, but eleven of them. If I breathe, they breathed too. It was annoying"

"So she outsmarted them and returned to the house, letting them believe she was still at her office"

"I went to his office and he was about to start a meeting, which I had clearance to assist"


Jack quickly put himself straight and cursed, he was about to give a good use of his Presidential chair by taking advantage of his wife's lips when the interruption occurred, before they could decide what to do about her in the office; a guy came in. He looked like a cross between Daniel and Sam. No, bad example.. He looked military nerdy… more nerdy than military tough.

"Mr. President"

"Lieutenant Colonel"

"I'm here to inform you about an under the radar program going within the Air Force." Nerdy guy looked at Sam and as she didn't move "Mr President?" he said pointing to her and he didn't move either

"Colonel, I guess you know General Carter… Joint Chief of Staff?... The Chairman of them?" it was really clear when the guy finally got the reference

"Ok, so clearance is sorted then, I am here to inform you about…" he stopped excitedly "The Stargate Program" and while he said it his eyes were bright with pride

"The Stargate Program?" Jack said, "What's that?" he said sounding surprised

"Ma'am, do you want to explain it?"

"No, Colonel, please go ahead. I'm here on a social call," she beamed at him.

"Oh, I see," no he didn't; both thought "The Stargate Program started in 1997, Stargate is a door that connects our world to an insurmountable amount of worlds across the Galaxy. The Air Force has been keeping the world safe since that year"

"No Kidding! Against aliens?" Jack asked, astounded; Sam giggled

"Yes, sir! At the beginning there were Goa'ulds but they don't exist anymore; then the Replicators ; and the Ori's and the Wraith… " the young officer said excited

"Like in out of this world real bad alien guys?" Jack asked amazed

"Yes; sir. However, most of them aren't enemies anymore. Sir. I'm here to deliver you the files and let you know about the Program. Any question that might arise, I am here to answer"

"Okaaay… any question.. .Really?" Jack beamed, "Sam.. I mean, General… do you hear that? I can ask any question I want about mean aliens attacking Earth, how cool is that?"


"My 1500 appointment was to bring me up to speed on the Stargate Program"

"But you were already at full speed" Malcolm affirmed

"Yes," Jack smirked "But the Lieutenant Colonel didn't know about it"


"What do you know about SG-1, Colonel?" Sam asked, walking to sit next to Jack and closer to the officer


"You know, about SG-1? I happened to be appointed at Homeworld security and SGC before; maybe is important if you explain more to the President," she completed

"Yes, SG-1 was our flag team; sir. Until two years ago when the JCS decided they should be moved to other teams and SG-1 should be not used anymore. It was composed of four air force officers. Colonel Maine; Mayor Thompson; Captain Lopez and Captain Smith. They used to go off world, mostly for recon missions and for allies and technology trade"

"So we trade with aliens?" Jack said amazed

"Yes, sir," the officer affirmed fiercely


"Yes, sir?" she smiled at Jack

"Is he telling us that the good ol'times are over?" he sounded a bit disappointed

"Pretty much squashed after the last Ba'al, sir," she affirmed

"Mr. President, you know about Ba'al, sir?"

"We were acquainted"

"Colonel? What can you tell us of the first SG-1?"

"Oh Sam! You are mean," Jack whispered to her, she smiled and said to him via their link "you started it"

"Oh, they are legends… they are all sorts of legends about them, like they all died at least once or that at least two of them got a Goa'uld in them"

"Tok'ra" both said under their breath

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing, son. Do you know them?"

"I knew the original four were a Jaffa, it's an alien race which was used as Goa'uld incubators but currently are free; the archaeologist/linguist that broke the code behind the Stargate, one Doctor Daniel Jackson… then there was a Captain who was part of the time until he got the full bird Colonel promotion, he was also a Doctor, Sam Carter was his name, and then it was a Colonel Jack O'Neill, their leader."

"So Sam, what do you think about this original SG-1?"

"They sound kind of cool"

"Funny, sir. Your Vice President, he is Doctor Daniel Jackson"


"And you are Jack O'Neill."


"And you called the General… Sam and Carter…"


"If the General was a male and you knew someone called Teal'c, I would think you were SG-1"

"Sam, honey," he said, smiling at her and patting softly her thigh. "Can you get that picture from my desk and show it to the Colonel here?" She stood up and walked to the desk and grabbed the picture, it was one of the last pictures of them as the only four members of SG-1. It was on a sandy planet and they all looked very happy.


"You know son, this person is the responsible for saving our world more times than you know about" he said, tapping Sam's position, the Colonel looked at them, then at the picture several times "The Carter guy… he was a woman," Jack added, a couple of minutes went by before he added, "Hey, you know what? You can keep that picture and…"

"Hey Jack?" the other door opened


"Sam, uh… Colonel?"

"I was being briefed on the Stargate Program, Daniel," Jack said amused

"So, he didn't get the memo?" he asked looking at Sam

"You know me and memos, Daniel"

"I didn't mean you; I was talking about the Colonel. Colonel, didn't you get the memo?"

"Mr Vice President, sir. I don't know what memo you are talking about"

"The one that said, "Stargate Meeting canceled. Reasons:

'Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , General Doctor Sam Carter original member of SG-1;

Vice President Dr Daniel Jackson, Original member of SG-1.

President, retired General Jack O'Neill, original member of SG-1'" Daniel quoted from memory

"I… uhm" he flushed red

"It's okay, Colonel. No one knows about it; it is classified," Sam said, taking pity for the poor guy

"You can go now, and I am talking seriously, you can keep that picture and hey you can even brag about knowing three out of four"

"I don't think he can actually brag about it, " Sam said as the blushed Colonel left the room.

"Well, there's all that classified thingy but hey, at least he can brag with other officers with proper clearance?" They were about to start and argument and Daniel, having know them for a lot of time, cleared his throat.

"Daniel, what are you doing here?"


"Well, the meeting was the funny part. The not so fun part was what Daniel told us after"


"I was actually looking for you, Sam; Cassie told me you already headed home. I went up and you weren't there so… "

"You found us, what's the matter?"

"With all the press about you being the former Chairman, Jack and Sam taking your place… Well, the word is the Senate wants to revise your career Sam"

"Oh come on! They did it when they approved me as Chairman"

"Yes, but apparently 'they didn't know that Jack was your husband' and according to them, they have to analyze he didn't help you around"

"Again… I really hate this; some of them already did it when the daughter from hell accused me of sleeping my way up because she wanted Jack"

"I know Sam… that's why I was thinking you should go and grab the bull by the horns"

"Oh no.. I don't like when you think like that space monkey!"

"You don't even know what I am proposing, Jack"

"But I know I won't like it .. I know you as much"

"Well, there's that" Daniel smiled

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